chinense Yellow King Naga aka Yellow fever !

Hi Guy's

They say " Every day's a school day "

Yesterday I learnt that a chilli pepper known as "Yellow fever" is in fact a natural colour variation of the King Naga and not a cross as I had assumed from its very different shape/pheno type.

A bit like the Black Naga in fact is a Black variation of the King Naga but simply referred to as Black Naga rather than Black King Naga and likewise the Mustard Naga in fact being Mustard King Naga but simply referred to as Mustard.

I'm assuming the Black came from the Red and the Yellow and Mustard from the Black Variation/mutation ?? 🤔

I also realise I do not know much about natural colour mutations in chillies example those above recessive, dominate etc and how they work.

Can anyone advise a nice "simple" 🤪 web resource to explain? Please...........

I would be interested in more history of the King Naga I understand its a relatively new strain / variety from Bangladesh ? But mostly developed further in the USA.