yield Yield?

I haven't gotten the best yield out of my reapers, but I am hoping that was just bad luck and I will have better luck this year.
All of my habs, including chocolate habs that are in question, have always been very productive.
For sheer quantity, I have heard you can't go wrong with dorset naga and naga morich.
I had a reaper in a small hydro setup which I abused by letting it dry out a few times on accident and the plant still put out about 75 pods each wave. The plant was about 5 feet tall and plenty bushy. It also shared the ~5gallon maybe 7 gallon (small plastic storage bin) with two other plants, a scorpion and a jalapeno. all three did just fine until the painters unplugged my air supply and I lost one, but since the roots were intertwined, losing one meant losing all three in this setup.
I also put a reaper in the ground (single plant raised bed) and it put out about 50-65 pods each wave.
I think I had about 3 or 4 waves last year with the wonderful So Cal weather. Gave lots of pods away and even let a bunch rot because I already had a huge surplus.
pics (not with pods, well some green pods if you look closely, just the plant and their environment)

and the one in the ground. Pic taken around half way through the season.