free You want free seeds? You want clones of the best selections I have? You want me to make a specific cross for you? Check the box!

Culls are always up for grabs till they die. Just hit me up before the culls have died.

This fellow is getting a jalapeno named after him for free

If you like purple, black, white, and green all on a #1 stunner then click below to see
VSRP outstanding selections being made

For those still following, I will make anyone the exact cross they ask for provided they provide the plants/cuttings/pollen, flowers, etc.

I'm more than happy to give out free seeds, culls, etc.
Please feel free to text the word pepper/chili/etc. so I know what kind of call it is before you call as I do screen my calls.

Eric Knight
6000 Watkins Road
Wendell, NC

I do require a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) for any free offerings

For those over the pond, I need a self-addressed envelope along with a comic book featuring a female heroine for my granchildren. I'm trying to expose them to German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc. so literally any language will work.

For those willing to make a
tax-deductible donation to Disabled American Veterans, if you list me as an honoree and I receive the letter from DAV confirming your donation then you will receive crosses only available to those that donate to DAV.

Please send letters with the words, "Now" or "later" on the envelope. All envelopes will be turned into later envelopes when I run out of seeds from the previous season. Later offers will always be more spectacular than the previous generation, but understand that the magic can hide for the first generation, backcross, etc. so it is required that 2 generations be sown to see just a portion of the magic hidden in the cross.

Lastly, I do ask for fruit be sent back from your favorite selections so I can pool those fruits together from around the entire USA to help select for crosses that will perform excellent around the entire USA. Everyone's grow thus becomes a part of the selection process.

I will then sow those seeds en masse and make interline crosses, backcrosses, etc. between those lines and the parental generations involved in the cross.

It is always a work in progress with me as I understand how mendelian genetics works to a certain degree as well as to how quantitative genetics works.

Thank you for your time and please take me up on the free seeds "Now" while they last with the understanding that your seed choice may be turned into a "Later" when the "Now" seeds are gone.

You can always simply send two envelopes as well to get both the "Now and Later" offerings or two "Later" offerings.
Take care,
Walk in chili peace,
For all my relations,
Eric Knight
919 522 9969