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Mr. West

Taking peppers on a plane?
Apr 07 2019 01:22 PM
  • BDBeatz's Photo
    You good, I literally have taken about 3 small flat rate boxes of fresh peppers in my plane carry on before lol along with un opened hot sauces and seeds.
    Apr 08 2019 11:10 AM
  • Hybrid Mode 01's Photo
    Hybrid Mode 01
    Get these motherfukin' peppers...
    Apr 08 2019 07:34 PM
  • Guatemalan Insanity Pepper's Photo
    Guatemalan Insanity Pepper
    When they ask you whats that in your pocket, just explain; It's one of your yellow Pubes... when they look at you like you are being a smartass... Explain it's from your garden, in January, in Minnesnowta
    # Truestory
    Apr 08 2019 09:42 PM