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The Hot Pepper

Merry Christmas Scovie and Chile Juju!
Dec 25 2018 04:21 PM
  • The Hot Pepper's Photo
    The Hot Pepper
    YES I made a status just for you!!!!!! We miss CJ here. Have a great Christmas!
    Dec 25 2018 04:22 PM
  • Scoville DeVille's Photo
    Scoville DeVille
    Thanks THP! She saw this and said you're sweet. She said I may need to teach her how to sign back in here. Translation: we may never hear from her again. LOL! You're a great dude THP and this is quite a place you have here. ❤️
    Dec 25 2018 09:35 PM
  • Voodoo 6's Photo
    Voodoo 6
    Indeed! Thank You for creating this site. I bow down in your excellence.
    Dec 25 2018 11:20 PM