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In Topic: Crispee's Datil Pepper St. Augustine Style Hot Sauce Review!

14 March 2018 - 12:10 AM

I'm guessing fusilli


I thought about something more exotic (didn’t know if we’re talking homemade or not…), but then thought, ‘Why not just spaghetti?’ as that’s what most people always have on hand – the classic! Capellini/Angel hair is oh so nice though and is kind of more my fav since you can really load a fork up with it and its general mouth-feel is just satisfying.


I’m going against myself being a long time fettuccine fan, but if it turns out to be something like tagliatelli then I’ll be really impressed!


So spaghetti is my guess (Spaghetti alla Crispee-Carbonara perhaps? ;) ). 


The sauce looks and sounds great (I've yet to try anything Datil related myself), so thanks for the review Edmick!


In Topic: Pickled "Everything"

20 January 2018 - 05:19 AM

Some 'Put Some South in Your Mouth' pickled favorites – 




Dilly beans


Pickled watermelon rind


And one of my absolute favorite pickled foods is without a doubt, Pickled Herring! I’ve never made it or had the opportunity to have fresh locally made batches some people can get where fishing is big business in their area and everything is fresh and abundant – only the jarred kind from the grocery. I’m sure there are far better brands, but the ones I can get and love are the ‘Blue Hill Bay’ in wine sauce (the ‘Vita’ brand is OK, but not as good IMO). I also like the kind in sour cream, but the wine sauce is just so delicious!


Another favorite of mine are those pickled (marinated) mushrooms one can usually find at the olive bars of many nicer end grocery stores or markets. The flavor and texture combination… awesome! 


(Some odd mentions I’ve yet to try and which sound very interesting are things like pickled grapes (muscadines perhaps too!?), avocado, and blueberries… I’ve yet to try lemons either)

In Topic: Painapple

09 December 2017 - 08:46 PM

Painapple is one of D3’s (D3monic) crosses, so you’d want to get in contact with him as to seed questions. Its origins are an Aji pineapple x Butch T yellow scorpion. 


Here is the main thread dedicated to his crosses:




And here is one specifically about the Aji Painapple:









In Topic: edit: favorite chile LOOKS ONLY EDITION

26 November 2017 - 01:01 AM

Well, before you edited your post to just be favorite look, I’ll comment on the ‘what comes to mind when I think of a chile pepper’-


Annuums seem to dominate for me when I think of ‘chile pepper’s’ (seeing all the dried red ristras a neighbor had when I was younger was probably the genesis of that and what I associate with chile peppers). So, I’d have to agree with Capsaicin Fiend that a red Thai or something like Chile de Arbol is what comes to my mind most. The long slender pods I just find aesthetically pleasing and what truly captures the whole ‘chile pepper’/ hot look.


The Fresno is another… it’s just so classic; the pictorial definition of a chile pepper to me.


As far as just looks, I agree with you on the JRGS (or JPGS) -  wicked, gnarly and just cool looking! A perfectly 4-lobed peachy Bahamian Goat with that snowy white interior is another one of my favorites as far as looks go. If it has a stinger, then that’s just a bonus!


Since Hogleg mentioned artful looking peppers... I can’t then leave out mention of the CGN 21500 – that’s the first pepper that truly wowed me when I first saw one in person! So beautiful! (same with the similar looking Cheiro Roxa) 

In Topic: Komodo Dragon - How does this happen?

23 November 2017 - 07:37 PM

As far as the hottest claims, I think it was actually more along the line of hottest ‘commercially’ available being grown and sold fresh to the public in stores (at that time at least – they now sell reapers in the same Tesco stores). There are certainly hotter peppers from the UK being grown that aren’t sold in stores though like the Lucy, Katie, Borg 9 and Bubblegum.


(For anyone who might be unfamiliar or to just bring it back to memory - https://www.theguard...r-komodo-dragon )


I’d definitely be interested in any first-hand reports as well as I have some seeds I’ve yet to grow out. The seeds were sent to me from the UK just a week or so (drying time) after they were made available for sale in the public markets. I guess I didn’t end up growing them out because my initial enthusiasm soon dwindled after more and more people started reporting they were either bhut level heat or were just a hab level heat. (Those seem to be the main comparisons – some people seem to get a Naga/bhut level and some a more habanero level. I know quite a few growers in the UK were upset due to the initial heat claims and they coming to the conclusion after trying them that it’s basically ‘just another Naga’ but renamed by playing the 'name game' to cash in on it.) Since I live in an apartment and can’t just grow tons of varieties, I shelved them and kept putting them off till ‘next grow’. I have read that they have excellent flavor though! I should just go ahead and grow them out next season to see what the deal is.