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In Topic: Looking to buy 100-200seeds of carolina reaper - shipping to Israel

Today, 08:28 AM

Yep, I have had good results with AJ's seeds as well. I grew out some Red Savinas from AJ last year, and they were just great. Had really good germination rates too.


That is the best blue cheese stuffing pepper in the world.

In Topic: Looking to buy 100-200seeds of carolina reaper - shipping to Israel

Today, 07:02 AM

If you want to trade, I would love to put a stick pin in Israel.  My daughter and I keep track of International trades the way I kept track of pen pals when I was a kid and they encouraged that in schools.  Just send me a PM.  Would love funky new things you cant get here in the US, but anything is fine.  I am mainly after the pin.

Not home, but fairly sure I have at least that many.  If not, will here in a month or so.  If interested, send me a PM.

In Topic: Hornworm on my pepper

Yesterday, 09:09 PM

eat poop , eat poop , eat poop !  machines !


Hey now, I thought I was the boards resident weirdo.

In Topic: Leaving peppers on the plant after ripening

Yesterday, 08:41 PM

If you are worried about the pods, cut them open before you eat them.  On seeds, I always let them go past ripe.  I let my cayenne dry on the plant and rarely get the black cruds inside them. 

In Topic: Fertilizing affecting shape of pods?

Yesterday, 02:07 PM

You just brought up another question.  Does a single pollen create all the seeds in a pod or just a single seed?  I think maybe just a single seed.  So since they self pollinate, an insect could bring foreign pollen into the mix and the seeds from a single pod could be different?  Notice all the question marks.