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In Topic: Happy Thanksgiving from NH

Today, 04:59 PM

Welcome to THP.  Love the description of your indoor grow.  I have had a dedicated grow room for some time because I use HID lighting.  The grow room is vented and the heat in other rooms is undesirable.  But looking into LEDs this year hoping to grow threw out the house.  Figuring they will replace regular lighting so it will off set the electric bill a bit.  That and I think growing threw out the house will help fight back the depression of winter time.  Bring the outside inside n all.

Also love that your grow is not just peppers.  We grow a huge amount of what we eat.  Offsets the grocery bill a great deal.

In Topic: pepperlover.com

Today, 04:54 PM

 I have a concern about my MOA Scotch Bonnet seeds. They are not as yellow as the others, kinda gray and two are even black. Is this normal?


Have excellent experience with Pepper Lover.  Have had the occasional black seed from just about any place I order.  If your experience with her is as mine have been, the seed count without the black seeds is higher than advertised.  Just toss the black seeds.  Usually they aren't dangerous at all.  But from reading I understand there are a few things that can ride on seeds and damage your garden.


Not sure about grey.  Post photos.  But I am sure that if you are not happy with them she will replace them.  Have never had any problems with Pepper Lover and have ordered several times.

In Topic: Help! They're dying...

Today, 02:27 PM

If we are talking transplanting from being in the ground, I always get the same results.  Today, if I save a special plant from the garden I do like Capcom did to his chocolate primo.  Cutting way back also helps keep the pests from entering the grow room.  It seems really harsh, but the goal is to save the root bundle more than anything else.  With a good root bundle, you are miles ahead of starting from seed again in the spring.

In Topic: Tabasco Scorpion

Today, 02:19 PM

Hotpepper making me jealous and hungry.  Lived in Brooklyn for a bit.  The one thing I missed was that you could get any food you could imagine.  Here in central Kentucky people look at you weird if you ask for a frigging knish.

In Topic: Pest ID: What are these?

Today, 02:09 PM

What Edmick said.  Fantastic pictures by the way.  If indoors, sticky traps hanging around the plants are great.  They might not look like it, but they fly.  Sticky traps made for them have a scent that attracts them away from the plants and onto the trap where they get stuck.  Takes a while, but then you can get what is left with a spray bottle of various soap concoctions that smother the little bastards.


Outdoors they havent been much of a problem for me because there is so much else for them to feed on.  The problem starts when I bring plants indoors for the winter and then they multiply and have nothing else to eat.  I rarely bring things indoors now because they present so much of a problem for the younger plants.

Here is a link that might help:  https://www.planetna...thrips-control/