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Free Seed Giveaway

30 March 2016 - 06:01 PM

Aji Pineapple

Bahamian Goat

"Not" MoA Scotch Bonnet (a slightly off-pheno but very tasty orangish-yellow Bonnet)

Red Savina Habanero

Trinidad Perfume

7 Pot Jonah


I have more seeds for these than I will ever plant myself, so I am offering them free to any THP members who would like to grow them. All seeds are open pollinated, and were taken from fresh pods in 2015. All I ask is an SASBE/SASE so I can mail the seeds to you. PM me or respond here if interested.

Hello from Las Vegas

14 February 2015 - 11:53 PM

Hi all. So I am very much a noob in the chili pepper world, although I have enjoyed spicy food for many years. I found this site about a month ago and I have just been lurking and soaking up the knowledge since then. THP seems like a really great community, so I thought I should just go ahead and join already. :) Anyway, this year is my first attempt at growing chili peppers. I kind of jumped in with both feet and planted 21 different types of seeds about a week and a half ago. Today, my very first seedling hooked.  :party: It is a Black Fatalii (seed was from pepperlover.com), and so the adventure begins.


I have never named a plant before, but since this is my very first seedling, I am going to make an exception and call this one Valentina, since she was born on Valentine's Day :lol:


As a bonus, my Pink Tiger seeds arrived from Italy today (thanks Mojo Pepper!). Hoping that at least a few of my tigers will have stripes... :)