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25 March 2018 - 01:11 AM

okay, so i stumbled upon this gif the other day and was inspired by it to use this amazing delicious spicy tuna i just received in a care package all the way from Australia to make something similar... 

As there was no description, just the gif... i figured the final sauce was more a matter of personal preference or what you had on hand anyway  ;)


Here is the gif that was the inspiration behind the following dish...
























was absolutely delicious  :drooling:


thanks @Shorerider 


you rock mate  :metal:



G.I.P. 2018 I can't make up my mind Glog

16 January 2018 - 08:22 PM

This first post will be my placeholder and contain my starting list.
this list will change as the season progresses
This year i planted the seeds i had the least of first (a few i only had 1 or two seeds of ). Then i planted most of the others i wanted to grow.
Some of these seeds were old and i don't even know if they will germinate, others were from last year and should be 90+% germ rates.
well here it is 
2018 starting seedlist;

bright orange translucent long Hab
Jamaican Scotch Bonnet long ISO
Bloody Riot Orange
Swiss Chocolate
Scotch Brain
Trini Scorp Peach
Swamp Thing (yellow Pheno)
West Indies Red Hab (Huge pheno)
Pimenta Puma x Reaper (Dark Foliage)
BOC x Aji Pineapple
Star of Turkey
BIH x Sugar Rush
Cream Fatalii
Tab x Bbg7
Aji Margariteno
Scotch Bonnet ISO 
Purple Chupetinnho
Biquinho Amarela
Bhut Orange-Cross WHP
Bleeding Heart BBG (yellow)

Gator Jigsaw
Mustard Mutant cross
Orange Yaky
Aribibi Gusano
Aribibi Gusano x Pink Tiger
Aji Jobito x BBG7 (chocolate)

Aji Jobito x Bbg7 (yellow)
Major Pain x Yaki Blue

Purple Tiger (Variegated)
Space Chili Super Nova
Hatch Pepper (Minnesnowtaheim)
Red Sweet Footlong
Yellow Jalapeno
Orange Jalapeno
Calabrese mazzetti
Thunder Mountain Longhorn
Biber Dolmasi
Black Hungarian
Orange Thai
Yellow Penis Pepper
Wiri Wiri Round
Chiltepin Amarillo
Guatemalan Chiltepin
Serrano Tampiqueno x Bulgarian Carrot (Orange Serrano)

Aji Fantasy ORANGE
Dedo de Moca
Dedo de Moca Amarillo
Brazilian Starfish
Brazillion Starfish ORANGE
Sugar Rush Cream
Sugar Rush Peach
Sugar Rush Peach (Long)
Sugar Rush Peach (Round/Bell)
Sugar Rush Cream (Long)
Sugar Rush RED
Aji White Lightning
Aji Pacay

C. rhomboideum
C. lanceolatum
C. Galopagoense
PURPLE flowered C. chacoense
Congo Chacoense
CAP 501 C. chacoense
CAP 1446 C. chacoense
CAP 1530 C. eximium
C. Eximium
CGN25102 C. eximium
C. eximium x C. pubescens (F2) SG ?
Rocopica (C. cardenassi x C. pubescens)
PI 653748
BLUE mystery C. praetermissum

Donne Sali 
Kanthari Malaku White
Guyana Tragedy
Zanahoria Triangalo

mini rocoto
Rocoto PI355812
Ecuadorian sweet rocoto
Pineapple Rocoto
Peru Bitdumi
Peru Bitdumi Yellow
Long Yellow Sausage Pube
Hogleg small Orange Pube



there will be at least 30 more plants added to this list when i remember to go out into the overwintered plant room with a pen and paper so i can write them all down.







I will try to do regular updates more frequently than previous years Glogs 


thanks for stopping by to check it out :)






22 October 2017 - 09:56 PM

Fire freeze sale !


we are supposed to get below 32 this coming Thursday night, so i went and picked most of whats ripe

I have enough here for several mixed SFRB 




Anyone looking for a variety box at this time?..
Just picked these this afternoon Sunday 10-22-17
This is a great opportunity to sample several kinds of peppers before you grow them, and collect some seeds at the same time :)
There are some uncommon peppers as well as some more common ones available.
A little bit of everything from mild to superhot
I can get a SFRB shipped out with tomorrows mail Monday 10-23-17 or Tuesday 10-24-17
Random selection from the following below, or pick what you want and I will accommodate requests for more or less of specific types where available.
 I cannot say just how many will be in the box as it depends on which peppers you would like, but your box will be FULL.
shipping to lower 48 only please
I am asking $14  Paypal for a mixed SFRB, shipping and tracking # is included in the price. 
(will also throw in pepper powder samples)
Aji Fantasy yellow
Pimenta Puma x Reaper (PEACH Pheno)
Peachgum smooth
Serrano tampiqueno x Bulgarian carrot (Orange Serrano)
Pimenta Puma
Aji Jobito
Trini Scorp Peach
Orange Bbg7 x (PdN x Bhut RED)
Bonnet x Bell
Cream Fatalii
Grenada Seasoning
Trinidad Cherry Yellow x Pimenta Puma
Aji Finlandia
Scotch Brain
Yaki Blue
Aji Mango (long pheno)
 Berry Amarillo
JRGS x Bbg7 
Orangegum Tiger MAMP
Aji Omnicolor
if you are interested in purchasing a box of peppers please PM me directly.
if you have any questions please ask them here.
thank you,

 * Edit  Bonnet x Bell, Cream Fatalii, Aji Jobito, Grenada Seasoning, Trini Scorp Peach, no longer available.

Berry Amarillo,JRGS x Bbg7, OrangegumTiger MAMP, and Aji Omnicolor added


G.I.P.'s 2017 "oh HAIL no" Glog

21 June 2017 - 10:48 AM

This is currently a placeholder for what i will attempt to piece together as a Glog for this year 


I took hardly any pics of my seedlings, :(  and when the weather was finally warm enough at night for my plants to go outside;  They got shredded by hail, nearly drown in rains for days straight, tore up by winds. :mope:


Long story shortened, my season has had a rough start and most of my plants don't look so good  :neutral:


So, although my plants are not nearly as nice as many others who have Glogs i have been following.

I will attempt to keep a log of this years grow anyway :)




Pics to follow soon...












10 March 2017 - 02:57 PM

Brunch Omelet 



Broccoli, Havarti, and white Cheddar omelet. Stuffed and smothered in creamy MN Wild Rice soup(leftover from throwdown :) )


2gGGNaT.jpgBite Pic


so tasty!  :drooling:

Quite possibly the best omelet I've had so far this year.