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I know I ran across something on a forum somewhere within this realm, where there was a genetic % of results for each year of grow-out for a cross.  It was a hand-written note deal but split out the percentages of what you would expect year after year over eight years to bring a cross to stability.

I remember that post a thinking it was the same as what I've used in the past, see pic  at bottom of my post. It comes from this article,Tomato Gene Basics,which elaborates on "crossing".






Edit: OOOPPPSSS! Late to the party!

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In Topic: Eating mysterious peppers and my own words. (A rant on crossed seeds)

Yesterday, 09:13 PM

About the only thing you can do is live and learn, and grow from isolated seeds next time.

+1 Bike...


My father often said if was a wasted day if you didn't learn something new. What did I learn today?>The Meaning of Dysgeusia. Thanks Bike for your help!!

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