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Yesterday, 06:01 PM

Aussie bloke here looking to grow Japs for the first time. Hoping to get some tips and tricks.


He's talking about Jalapeño peppers!



Japs (short for "jalapeños")
The jalapeño is an official state pepper of Texas. The abbreviated name for the jalapeño is not "jal" or "hal" (as it would be pronounced) or even "hap," but it's "jap" (as in "Jap" for "Japanese"). The abbreviation has existed since at least the 1980s


Um, we prefer the term "Japanese people" and they're awful slow to grow, 9 months in the best conditions. ;)
But, um... welcome!




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Yesterday, 05:07 PM


In Topic: Pepper ID please.

Yesterday, 04:17 PM

I believe it's a moon pepper, it's dark on one side and light on the other. Usually found near Copernicus B crater.




In Topic: Peppers from store bought seeds?

19 March 2018 - 03:55 PM

Slight change to below...

Try either way, direct sow or dried and sprout later, what do yo have to loose?  Best of luck!

Try both ways, direct sow and dried later, What do you have to lose with all those seeds from one pod?

In Topic: A four species cross posibilty???

18 March 2018 - 10:51 AM

This has been discussed.. I know you're new but a little research using the Search box in the top right of pages always your 1st stop.

Crossing Pubescens with Baccatum by using Eximium as bridge?