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In Topic: Stem burying technique for chilis to improve overall grow/harvest in the end...

02 March 2018 - 12:38 PM

Damn those are some monster plants.

In Topic: First Lacto

09 February 2018 - 11:52 AM

Thanks for the link. Your ferments look great! Just so I am clear on the salt. For the salt on the pepper weight you just add it onto of the peppers undissolved and then add the salt brine on top of that? If so do you just swish it around some to get the salt in the jar dissolved then pop on the air lock?


Yes. Salt will naturally draw moisture out of your peppers or other fermented vegetable. To make sauerkraut, salt is added to sliced cabbage and manually bruised by squeezing and mixing. With sauerkraut you'll often have enough juice that once it's packed into a jar and the liquid from the bowl poured over the top, there won't be a need for additional brine.


So I would recommend putting your weighed veggies in a large bowl sprinkling with your desired percentage of salt. Toss it around to coat evenly and start drawing out moisture. Then pack the veggies and the brine in the bottom of the bowl into a jar. Top with brine of the same salt percentage.


You don't NEED to do this... but it's the only way to make sure that every single batch has the same amount of salt as previous batches.

In Topic: First Lacto

06 February 2018 - 03:33 PM

Started some jalapenos a month ago and they turned out great! Good flavor and still nice and crunchy. I used some of the brine to start a new one with some penos, garlic, onions and carrots. Trying a new type of waterless lid on this one. Completed one on the left. I did a quart and divided them into 2 pints. 


Did a 3% salt brine. On avg how long do y'all let your lactos before you start to eat on them?




I just did this here: http://thehotpepper....h-fermentation/


Finally tasted the peppers today (3 weeks). You should let it go 3-4 weeks, minimum, before moving to the fridge. You can let it go longer before moving to the fridge, but after about 3 months the probiotic lacto-bacteria population will start to decline.


For more repeatable results, weight your veggies add 2-2.5% salt by weight, then top with a brine of equal % salt by weight.


For example, if one batch has 700 grams of peppers and the next batch has 800 grams of peppers, the 3% salt brine won't give you the same saltiness in each batch. It may not be a huge difference, but if you want it the same every single time, weight out your ingredients.


*I learned this AFTER I set up these ferments, but I'll be weighing salt for everything going forward.

In Topic: Hungarian Paprika direct from Hungary

19 January 2018 - 12:30 PM





Please make one of these and report back!

In Topic: austin87 getting funky (with fermentation)

17 January 2018 - 09:11 PM

Update: juice from the first batch of sauerkraut seems to be a very effective starter, even at the small amount of a spoonful. The escabeche (jalapeños, onions, and carrots) bubbled out of the airlock lid (it was the fullest jar) and all of them are showing a cloudy brine and bubbles, all good signs for fermentation!

Now, what to do while I wait around on this stuff for a month...