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Growing in Louisiana

31 July 2016 - 01:27 AM

Hello all! You can call me Chris, Seymore, or Peppers. I guess it's time I gave an introduction. I was given some Scotch Bonnet plants back in the 90's and kept that strain going till 2008. They were much smaller than what I'm growing now and we're really pungent and aromatic. There was not a fruity taste to them but none the less I was blown away the first time I tried them. I lost my seed stock during a move from New Orleans to Lafayette. After that and me starting a job that kept away weeks at a time I haven't grown any peppers in 8 years. Due to a change in the job and torrential rains I got a chance to grow again. We had severe flooding in my area and every time it rained half my back yard was flooded. So I decided to bring in some dirt. I figured while I was at it I should get some mushroom compost mix and make a garden. It kind of snow balled from there.

I came across this THP while searching for Scotch Bonnet seeds. I had no idea there was going to be so many different strains and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to read all the different topics. It's nice to come across a group of people that are so passionate about things they love. It's a gift to have something in ones life that ignites that inthusiasum. I've noticed from reading posts most people on here are very inthusiastic individuals and have many other interests and hobbies. All walks of life it seems and from different parts of the world too yet they find themselves here on the pepper.

So I ended up getting some seeds from Midwest Chileheads, the Hippy Seed Company, and some seedlings from Refining Fire Chiles. I had 100% germination rate on the seeds from Midwest Chileheads and seedlings are doing fabulous. I have MOA's started from seed and seedlings that took well and are really producing. I have a Trenton Farmers Market Scotch bonnet that appears to be suffering from a calcium deficiency but is producing many pods none the less. Those are my plants that are my highest interest right now as well as a the Aji Jobito which I started from the seeds I bough from the Hippy Seed Company. Those had a 40 % germination rate. I also have some Foodarama , Foodarama Red, Chocolate, Jamaican Long, Red MOA, and Jamaican Scotch Bonnet seeds I haven't started yet. If anyone has any suggestions on something I don't have is love to hear about it.

There were such great reviews about the Aji Jobito I had to give them a try. Another great result of this site was coming across the Aji Jobito and the wonderful story of it and it's origin into the hands of the memebers of THP. I really felt the excitement in everyone reading those threads when everyone had sent money and was waiting on the seeds to show up and the suspense of what was going on over there in Venezuela. Good stuff right there. Another and recent find I came across was the Papa Dreadie Memorial Grow. I was blown away. The story of Erin's life and where it took him to come up with what sounds like the Papa of all Scotch Bonnets. How appropriate and romantic. I applaud everybody involved in this group supporting each other's passions highlighting someone's great achievements.

I look foreword to coming across more stories like these and meeting the people of THP. Feel free to check out my profile and other interests.