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#1621082 StettoGro '19: In For a Dime

Posted by stettoman on Today, 11:25 AM

I'm having trouble with the P'de N X Ma J white pheno seeds, they remain dormant after a replant over a week ago. I have a violet F7 that is the cutest little purple thing! I'm going to make sure I planted all that you sent (nursery is in a bit of chaos this time of grow) before I ask if you have more...

I dug up the pouches and found plenty of both white & violet, commencing a soak now. I do remember you saying to plant them all....

#1621046 Karoo 2018/19 Glog African Adventure

Posted by stettoman on Today, 09:27 AM

That's my pride and joy . I planted every single one by hand and shovel. I dug a well and installed drip irrigation . All about 5 years ago . Now it's my sanctuary where I do my early morning walk with the dogs and a cup of coffee. I never sell pomegranates , but they do make great gifts , especially for people who used to eat them as kids and now can't find them.


I will send a few more pics soon.


Jacques, I have never seen a pomegranate grove....I knew they must exist, the damned things don't just fall from the grocer shelves, now do they...


In awe over here....

#1621043 Mattys first ever Glog "Into the fire" 2019 season

Posted by stettoman on Today, 09:21 AM

Anybody growing peppers on this thread?




...jes' askin'. Thought I'd stumbled into an AA rejeck group.....

#1621041 StettoGro '19: In For a Dime

Posted by stettoman on Today, 09:13 AM

That made me laugh, Eric  :rofl:



I would separate those from the rest of

the seedlings if you can, Eric. It's not

worth taking a chance on infecting the

rest of your crop.  If it really is no big

deal, they will still be okay. If it is a problem

for real, then the other plants will be safe.


I doubt BLS, but its is certainly possible.


If the true leaves are healthy, then I

wouldn't do anything drastic at this

point other than isolate them..


I hate this kind of @^!@#$$*


Yeah, I dunno, Paul. The true leaves are fine as they emerge. Still pretty small though. The cotys, well, obviously another story. I did separate them from the others, still have that luxury at this stage.


I'm having trouble with the P'de N X Ma J white pheno seeds, they remain dormant after a replant over a week ago. I have a violet F7 that is the cutest little purple thing! I'm going to make sure I planted all that you sent (nursery is in a bit of chaos this time of grow) before I ask if you have more...



Hey Stetto,  The AA Dolma you shared with me have popped 4/5 so far at currently 4-1/2 days since planting.  The one that popped yesterday is open already and looks great - see below.  No sign of mange or any issues.   FYI - I did do an H2O2 soak on everything before planting which could effect pathogens, but I only treated at 0.75% for oxygenation purposes, not at the higher concentration I'd use if I were specifically trying to kill germs.


By the way, from what you shared with me the Ecuador Roc's went 8/8, Dreadies 6/6, and Turbo's Pube's 7/8, all from earlier plantings.  The rest are at the 4-1/2 day mark, with Atake at 3/3 already and I'm waiting on Big JIm's and Aleppo to show hooks.


Just super impressed with how well your seeds have performed.  Much appreciated!


EDIT: So I guess what I'm saying is maybe and hopefully it's not bacterial, but perhaps just some funky and temporary environmental response...?



'Dog! I'm having the same luck with everything but the Big Jims and Aleppos (and my Jimmy Nardellos, which I don't think I sent you). This was my first planting with heirloom seed from a harvest, and it was fantastic! BTW, the PDreadie seed I sent you was from either a pouch of seed from Greenchilemonster or seed I harvested from an SFRB of perfect pods I received from Windchicken hizzeff. Mine germinated well, at about 75%, but the little darlins are so waifish coming out of the ground that I fear for their survival...I've never had the best of luck growing the PDreadie brand.


I'm still waiting on an XL Brown to surface, and I planted all you sent. I did get one Mini Brown to hatch, so I'm giddy about it...


I soaked in chamomile, and gave all my seed a good heat mat assisted bath for 36 +/- hours before going to coir and Root Riot pod. I almost used peroxide until my Darlin' Bride found my tea stash. This is the highest % germ I've had the pleasure of, Big Jim/Jimmy Nardello/Aleppo/Pimenta de Neyde X Ma Jacque/XL Brown aside...

#1620880 SKULLBIKERS 2019 Container and Kratky GLOG

Posted by stettoman on Yesterday, 02:32 PM

It does seem like something is working. After reading on here for a couple of years how hard it was to grow Rocotos and how slow they grow I am beginning to wonder. I have a few now that I have put the bamboo stakes in to tie the branches up but they are closing in on the 3 ft tall zone already and nothing will go into the greenhouse for 3 or 4 weeks yet. Its gonna get interesting. There are pods on 2 of them so anyone wondering if peppers will fruit under Menards cheapest shoplights ......... YES THEY WILL.


Yepper, my Rocoto OWs flowered profusely all winter, two of them setting fruit. Gotta love how they want all that airspace, ain't it?


That rootmop are insane for a plant so small, compliments to Dad...

#1620853 StettoGro '19: In For a Dime

Posted by stettoman on Yesterday, 11:04 AM

My Antep Aci Dolmas have MANGE!!!


They're all looking like this, cotys browning up and getting a tad wrinkly...


AAD Mange1.jpg


The lighting sucks, and the resolution ain't great, I know.


AAD Mange2.jpg


At least what true leaves are coming look to be healthier. But this affects every Aci Dolma, and out of almost 80 sprouts, ONLY the Aci Dolmas. My suspicion is a seed-borne disease, but not (so far) contagious...


AAD Mange3.jpg


It's disheartening, but they did germinate 100%, and I have a few of the original seeds that Frank sent me last season, in case these do fail. But. As long as the true leaves look good, they will be treated just like the normal children....


Can't be BLS this early in the game, can it? a Turkish-specific BLS?


...Oh well, kiddies, stay tuned!!







#1620825 StettoGro '19: In For a Dime

Posted by stettoman on Yesterday, 07:52 AM

Allright, Eric, sounds like you are rolling now!

Are the sprouted Peruvians Aji Amarillos or Rocotos?

I have 100% germ on those Peruvian Rocotos you mailed.

I think the Chinese got it wrong: it's not the Year of the Pig, it's the Year of the PUBE!!

#1620598 StettoGro '19: In For a Dime

Posted by stettoman on 17 March 2019 - 09:31 AM

Looking good Eric!
My Nardello's were slow to pop this year, really slow. So in my infinite wisdom, I thought I needed to plant more...well they all finally did pop and now I have like 40 :shh: :shocked:

Boy, they're sure taking their sweet time here, Scott! But I had another Papa Dreadie and two PaulG Peruvians pop overnight, so I'll just wait these Anuums out, patience or no....

#1620261 StettoGro '19: In For a Dime

Posted by stettoman on 15 March 2019 - 12:32 PM

SdwVvH5.jpgi failed at removing a helmet head on Peru Bitdumi   :mope:
but, i noticed an extra sprout in that cell this morning and no helmet  :dance:


I've found a few helmets too, and though I have in the past done what I could to save them, my germ rate is outrageous this season, so I'm letting them go or just snipping them out. I did lose a Pimenta de Neyde X Ma Jacques to helmethead though, and only this morning caught site of that coveted replacement hook. I'm golden!

Seems like things are going reasonably well for you and if the season were longer there'd be plenty of time to wait, but that's just not the case for most of us.  My last round of rocotos is a few days behind yours, but I'm going to deal with the stragglers now myself. The XL Brown is among only a few that haven't sprouted yet (I planted 4 seeds 11 days ago) and I'm dropping the last few remaining seeds I have now - just put them down to soak this AM.  Most of my rocotos pop between days 8 and 12 and everything that's from my own seeds is up already.  Maybe the XL Brown just takes longer, but I'd rather have to cull a few if I have too many than end up way late with them.  Just one plant and I should have all the seed I'll need again this fall. No point in hanging onto the last few at this point!
Glad to see the Antake and AA Dolma are up. Hope that Aleppo gets with it as well.

You keep me abreast of your XL Brown, I really wanted at least one to pop! I do have a Mini Brown, that's cool!

The Aleppos I got last year I dried for powder, but the Moruga Welder noted on the seed pouch he sent that they're stupendous filled w/cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. I have a desire for that this year....

#1620047 StettoGro '19: In For a Dime

Posted by stettoman on 14 March 2019 - 01:25 PM

...then it dawns on me: It's only been 16 days.

I should know better, shame, shame, shame...

#1620011 StettoGro '19: In For a Dime

Posted by stettoman on 14 March 2019 - 10:44 AM

A week two update, a few pics won't kill anyone, right?


New sprouts in bleu...



Big Apple Red Rocoto--3 XXX

Mini Brown Rocoto--3 X

De Seda Yellow/Orange Rocoto--3 XX

Costa Rica Red Rocoto--3 XXX

XL Brown Rocoto--3

Gelbe Riesen Yellow Rocoto--3 XX

Gelbe Riesen Var--3 XX

Arequipa Giant Red Rocoto--3 XXX


Guatemalan Insanity Pepper

Ecuadoran Sweet Rocoto--2

Pineapple Rocoto--2



Peruvian Red Rocoto--2



Giant Yellow Rocoto--3 XX

Turbo Pube--3 XX

Ecuador Red Rocoto---3 XXX

Aji Largo Rocoto--3 XXX

Large Red Rocoto--1 X




Aji Arnaucho--2 XX

Papa Dreadie SB--3 X



Pimenta de Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques Violet F6--3 X

Pimenta de Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques White F6--3



Pepper Guru

Sri Lanka Chilli Red Growdown --2 XX

Sri Lanka Chilli Red Off-Pheno (?)--1



Jimmy Nardello--3


Moruga Welder


Antake--2 XX

Antep Aci Dolma--3 XXX


Tradewinds Fruit

Big Jim--6

Sante Fe Grande--2 XX


Costco (yup, seeds from store peppers)

Red Bell (for the Darlin' Bride and her stir-fry)--6 XXXXXX



This early in the game it's all so innocent, unassuming, isn't it....By mid-July I will hardly recognize these guys...




I'm always in awe of the differences...That PdeNXMaJacque is just precious, ain't it? Of course the Papa D speaks for itself, and I'm kinda hoping that one of my Sri Lanka Chillis is a hybrid, but I'll certainly love it no matter how normal it winds up...




I do have a few other varieties that haven't popped, like the Jimmy Nardellos and the Allepos, but these Big Jims really disappoint. I went ahead and found some seed from the original vender pack and replanted, we'll see how many of those sprout. I replanted the Nardellos and Allepos as well.




And the Rocotos, what a season for Rocotos, eh? The only original planting that hasn't popped at all are the XL Brown. I did replant with the few I had left, let's cross our fingers, shall we?




So far, so far. We have what the alarmists are calling a "bomb cyclone" going on outside, which from my front door looks exactly like a strong windy day. These weather people really need to think about consequences when ginning up panic....My pepper plants don't know a thing, and I'm going to keep it that way.








#1619861 Growdown Throwdown 2019 Sri Lanka - Chilli Red!

Posted by stettoman on 13 March 2019 - 06:19 PM

Does any of that make sense? :D

Yeah, but that would suck!

#1619836 2019 - The Farm

Posted by stettoman on 13 March 2019 - 04:10 PM

Jeez Louize Trent, this has to be the busiest glog on the interweb! Every time I come back I've missed pages of you!!


We're a few weeks behind you, flooding-wise. Though I'm on high ground here, The superfarmers along the Red River are looking to have a doozy of a Spring. It isn't how much snow accumulates, it's how fast that snow melts without interim freezing. We're having one of those "melt-at-once" kind of thaws coming...


Humanizing your crop....is this a tried and true practice? My daughter liked to name every critter (including the bugs) that graced the back yard. It only caused great wailing and gnashing of teeth when it was either Stripes the Chipmunk or my chokecherry harvest a few years ago...Took my 12 year old two weeks to talk to me again...

#1619831 First Timer, First Glog

Posted by stettoman on 13 March 2019 - 03:48 PM

Im not really sure. I was going to wait until the majority of them have six leaves, but Im thinking I should do it sooner.


Don't worry too much about your Chinense "stalling". When they go they will go great gobs.

#1619830 Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques

Posted by stettoman on 13 March 2019 - 03:44 PM



Even at the cotyledon stage these buggers are gorgeous, Paul! I'll be ecstatic to get half your production!


At what point do we stop enumerating 'F's?