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Anyone recognize this Aji chile problem? Fungus? Disease? Pest?

02 August 2017 - 11:35 AM

Just want to find out if I should remove the affected pods when I see them or not worry about it.  I've noticed this only on one Aji Amarillo and one Aji Pineapple plant, so far.  Some of the chiles develop these brown or black'ish streaks.  It doesn't behave like BER at all.  The plants themselves are otherwise completely healthy with good foliage.




If left alone, they will usually go full ripe with healthy looking seeds and just have what amounts to a bad spot.  We've had a particularly wet summer and I'm wondering if the Aji variety deal with that worse than other plants.



Why is the 'Farmer's Jalapeņo' cool?

02 August 2017 - 01:13 AM

Because it goes from a little nub to a jalapeño looking thing in a couple of days.


"Meh!" you say.  You've seen much cooler peppers and you can buy those at a supermarket.


Then it starts to rebel against smooth supermarket jalapeño stereotypes:




Same pepper, a week later.  Corked all to heck and about twice the size:




Then it gets even cooler...but you'll have to wait.  This plant just finished fighting off the mother of all aphid infestations, so it's running behind on production.

Slug's 2017 Ghetto Grow Log.

27 June 2017 - 12:51 AM

Just wanted to post some pics and thank some people for helping me get back on my feet in the growing sense after a really bad year.  Someone mistakenly threw out almost my entire seed stock as they were trying to help around my place when I was in hospital last year.  RalphTheChilihead and kentishman did me a solid by sending several varieties my way even though I didn't have much left to trade with them.  Thanks to those two guys and a local friend, I've got a proper grow going this year in spite of everything.  AJ Drew and Wicked Mike supplemented my grocery store habs with proper superhots for a great price, which cheered me up considerably in the meantime.  Really appreciate you guys.  :)


Here's my grow tent.  It's where I start my plants and also what got me a warrant visit from local PD in December, because it lights up on FLIR like a beacon.  Police were highly confused to find there was a legitimate use for these things, especially in a neighborhood where they have bulldozed 3 drug houses in 2 years.




Here's the stuff out front on the sidewalk.  I grow more on the slab out back.  Those aren't bugs on the leaves, just grass/dirt from when they mowed.  White Fatalii in the front is all podded up, but taking forever to fully ripen and the leaves are suffering a bit.  Freakish Chocolate 7-Pot BBG and Yellow 7-Pot with near an inch thick trunk behind it are going ham, blocking view of others in the row.




Very first pods of the season came a month or two ago in form of a Yellow Primo and a Red Frutescens cross of some sort (that on initial assessment, completely owns).  The primo generated pretty large first pods so I have high hopes for that plant.  (This pepper was about 4.5 cm in length, to you civilized people.)




My Trinidad Perfume has foliage as dense as a jungle, but it's all crinkly in spite of plenty of calcium.  Perhaps it doesn't like full sun?  Just can't seem to keep it non-curled or non-wrinkled, but it is stupidly healthy in spite of that and has loaded up with over three dozen pods at the moment.  The whole plant is covered in wads like this.




Oh yeah, did I mention that the Chocolate BBG 7-Pot is an unholy beast of a plant whose first pods of the season are all utterly terrifying and average the size of golf balls?









Clearly predatory in nature...




Hide your kids, hide your wife...




I think I'm safe, for now.  It seems to feed on small mammals, mainly.




If you don't hear from me for a while, it probably figured out how to work the doorknob.  Tell my family I love them.


Here's my 2017 List, most of which I owe to a good local friend and two generous online folks:


7-Pot Yellow

7-Pot Yellow Primo

7-Pot BBG Chocolate

7-Pot BBG Yellow

Aji Amarillo (near 5 feet tall and podding in spite of late start)

Aji Pineapple

Brazilian Starfish

C. Frutescens cross of some sort (Red)

Fatalii Yellow

Fatalii White

Trinidad Perfume

Pink Tiger

Pink Tiger (White Mutation...hopefully)

Sad little Farmer's Jalapenos that seem to suffer in my climate.


(Yeah, you can grow a lot of peppers when nobody for several square blocks grows anything.  Neighbors are like "sure, put crap in front of my place...it looks pretty" and everybody likes watching the progression of pods.)

Hello from Arkansas, and thanks.

23 October 2016 - 07:33 PM

I've lurked these forums for a couple of years and wanted to take a moment to thank the lot of you for all the helpful planting/growing/drying info I've gotten from here in that time.  Never actually joined because I don't have much free time and never felt I had much to contribute.  I lost my plants and my seed bank this year and thought I should definitely say hi before hitting anybody up for some spare seed next season.  I've loved spicy stuff since the habanero was king of pain.  My girlfriend at that time was a Mexican from the Yucatan region, so I got used to having them in virtually everything I ate.  I still eat 2-4 whole as a side with lunch/dinner most days that I have fresh habs or bonnets handy.

I'm a walking counterpoint to the health benefits of spicy food, though.  Two years ago, I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and I just spent this last year enduring a round of chemo and 3 surgeries for a completely unrelated cancer.  Thankfully, that's all gone and done with.  (Not the brain tumor, I get to keep that.)  I know Nigel Carter and TMudder roamed these forums in the past and would like to thank them for their videos if they're still around.  I spent a lot of time laid up watching youtube over the past 8 months and went through all of their old pod videos as well as Paul Tonkin's and that chili beast dude.  Gave me positive things to think about along the lines of what I want to grow or try next year, etc.

I did manage to get some red habs off my plants before they died, but that was the only thing I had ready in June.  Saved seeds off those and made the peppers into a commemorative "Life Sucks" wine.  Everything else was gone when I got back from hospital following one of my surgeries.  I live in a ghetto shoebox apartment complex and the plants got trashed by hoodlums while I was in hospital.  Same neighbor who cleaned that up for me mistakenly threw out my seed bank when they were cleaning out my fridge.  Kinda a bummer on top of a year full of stress, but easily replaced for the most part.  I'm not dead and the Cubs are in the series for the first time in my entire life :dance:, so things are pretty good right now.
Last job terminated me when I got sick, but it was just as well.  If I had worked during treatment; I'd currently be in a massive 6-figures of medical debt even with insurance.  Imagine being stuck with a bill like that right after losing a loved one.  I feel so bad for those folks.  With Medicare, I only wound up owing about a grand and should get back on track soon as I land a job.  In the meantime, I just wanted to toss a quick thanks to the lot of you for all the good chili advice over the years.  Cheers.