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TBG's Equinox Seed Giveaway - For Newbies, Aussies & More!

20 September 2017 - 02:43 AM

To celebrate my first Spring Equinox on the forum, I'm doing a mega giveaway of all the seed that I didn't use! There are three giveaways:

- Newbie Giveaway

- Aussie Giveaway      and

- Thankyou Giveaway


First up,



For the newbies of the forum, (of which I was one just a short time ago, and arguably still am), I have prepared FIVE packages of 11 varieties of seed. Each package contains varieties of the following species:

1x Pubescens

1x Frutescens

1x Wild

2x Baccatum

3x Annuum

3x Chinense


There's a good mix to get any beginner going!



- Must be at least one month on the forum

- And Less than 6 months on the forum

If you are just over/under, I'll assess your eligiblility, but no guarantees!

International newbies accepted!


First in Best Dressed! 








This one is to encourage all the Aussies on the forum!

I will be sending out FIVE AUSSIE PACKAGES.

You get to choose up to FIVE VARIETIES from my list of seeds (see below) You will receive between 2-5 seeds of each variety that you request, but stocks are very limited, so get in quick!

I will also be more than happy to do an additional FIVE SAS(B)E PACKAGES - you send it, I load it up!


- Must have an Australian Postal Address

- Your THP account must have been created before 20/9/2017


Get in quick, because there are limited stocks! 






This one is a way of saying thank you to all the folks on the forum who share their advice, tips and tricks, recipes, pictures, seeds, and stories!



You will get to choose UP TO FIVE VARIETIES from my seed list (see below). You will receive between 2-5 seeds of each variety that you request, but stocks are very limited, so get in quick!


- At least ONE MONTH on the forum

- At least 50 Posts BEFORE 20/9/2017

- You are responsible for knowing your country's policies concerning the importing of seeds! No compensation for seeds removed from     transit!


Once again, there is limited stock, so get in quick! First in, best dressed! FIVE PACKAGES TO GIVE AWAY!


And that's the giveaways!

And here is the list of seeds to giveaway, and how many packs each variety can be sent out in. (5+ Means at least five)

E.g. Jalapeno x2 , means I can send out two lots of Jalapeno seeds, with 2-5 seeds in each lot.



7 Pot Gravedigger x1

7 Pot Red x1

Aconcagua x2

Aji Amarillo x1

Aji Fantasy  x5+

Aji Jobito X BBG7 (Choc)  x2

Aji Lemon x2

Aji Margariteno x3

Albanian Red Hot x1

Arrowhead x4

Arseclown Jolokia x1

Bangalore Torpedo x1

BBG7 Mamp (Bleeding Calyx) x2

Bhut Jolokia Red x1

Biber Dolmasi x1

Bishop's Hat x1

Bolsa De Dulce x4

Borg 9 Long x1

Brazilian Starfish x1

Cap Mushroom Red x5+

Caramel Bhut Jolokia x3

Carbonero x5+

Cayenne x3

CGN  22091 x3

Chenzo x1

Cherry x1

Choc 7 Pot x2

Ebony Fire x5+

Elephants Trunk x1

Gochu x1

Habanero Red x5+

Hot Beads x1

Jalapeno x5+

Jimmy Nardello x1

Komodo Dragon x3

Malih-Helow x1

Mini Rocoto x1

Orange Bell x3

Peter Pepper Yellow x2

Podzilla Chocolate x1

Portugal Hot x1

Prik Kariang x1

Prik Kee Nu Suan x1

Pusa Jwala x2

Red/Green Bell x5

Rocoto PI 355812 x1

Rooster Spur x3

Scotch Brain x1

Sugar Rush Peach x1

Super Chilli x3

Sweet Long x3

Sweet Long (Non-Hot) x1

Tabasco x1

Thai Bird x3

Thai Hot x5+

Trinidad Perfume x1

Trinidad Scorpion Butch-T x1

Trinidad Scorpion CARDI x1

Urubu Wild Brazil x1

Venezualean Tiger X SRTSL Yellow x2

White Fatalii x1

Yellow Bell x3

Yellow Cayenne x1



And that's all the varieties available! I apologise if there's any errors in the names, but I think that It's all right...




:party:   :party:   :party:


Pop me a PM indicating which offer you would like, and what varieties. I'll then get back to you and let you know if you're good to go, and if the varieties are available. Then you send your addy, and we'll be good to go!





Any questions, drop them below!



LIMITED STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






B. Goat or MoA Scotch Bonnet?

17 July 2017 - 10:35 PM

So I have these two seedlings, the seeds got mixed up, and one's a Bahamian Goat, and the other's a MoA Scotch Bonnet. But which is which?


Obviously two different species in the pics.

So, if anyone could shed some light, that would be great!

Thanks, TBG

Juvenile Feeding?

17 July 2017 - 04:05 AM

What do you guys give your plants while they're still young? If anything?


I'm talking just after first set of leaves and then for a few weeks.


This is my first time starting from scratch, so wanted a few opinions.


Thanks in advance, TBG



P.S Will accept bribes for best answer  :D :rofl:

TBG's First Chilli Blitz! (2017-18)

03 July 2017 - 03:22 AM

G'day G'day!
Welcome to my very first glog, I hope you like it: ;)
This is my first time growing peppers seriously. Last season was my first; I grew 3 Jalapenos, 3 Habaneros,  a Naga Viper, Thai Hot, Cap Mushroom Red and an Ebony Fire, all bought from the store at various maturities.
And then I found TheHotPepper around March this year, and if my grow last year sparked my interest, THP nuked it! I've been super keen for this season, and now its started!
I started a few seeds of Aji Amarillo for the SHGDTD on the 22nd June, and currently have 2 seedlings, awaiting the third and final to pop.
This year, I'm thinking that I'm attempting to kinda try to limit my grow to roughly three dozen plants (even I'm not convinced), but we'll see what happens.
I don't really have much of a grow list, just a list of varieties that I have at the moment and I'd like to grow. 
So here's something that resembles a Grow List, its not set in stone; I'll end up not growing some on here, and I'll end up growing some that aren't on here.
-- The Grow List --
- Aji Amarillo
- Carolina Reaper
- Naga Viper Purple
- Aji Lemon
- Brazilian Starfish
- Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
- MoA Scotch Bonnet
- Scotch Brain
- Aji Jobito X BBG7 Choc (Shorerider's)
- Choc 7 Pot
- Malih-helow
- Peter Pepper Yellow
- Rocoto
- Bahamian Goat Pepper
- Cayenne X Bhut (Shorerider's)
- Red/Green Bell
- Habanero Mix (Red Savina & Tiger Paw)
- Prik Kee Nu Suan
- Bhut Jolokia Red
- Corno Di Toro Rosso
- Aji Pineapple
- Trinidad Scorpion CARDI
- Jalapeno
- Trinidad Perfume
- Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
- Tabasco
- 7 Pot Jonah Red
- Bishop's Hat
- Cap Mushroom Red
- Sugar Rush Peach
- Yellow Bell
- Goat's Weed
- Rocoto Aji Largo
- Trinidad Scorpion Butch-T
So yeah, that 36 plant limit is very dubious.
But before I go on, I'd like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Blitz527, as well as everyone who got on board the Aussie Seed Train, my grow is substantially due to your generosity!
So THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now its time to get down to business, The Grow!
I started 9 varieties on Saturday (1st July), giving them a chamomile bath and then into the paper towel in the incubator (which only fits 9 varieties)
The Bath Tub:

The Incubator:


So the first batch for this season is:
- Naga Viper Purple
- Scotch Brain
- Aji Jobito X BBG7 Choc 
- Choc 7 Pot
- Carolina Reaper
- Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
- MoA Scotch Bonnet
- Bahamian Goat Pepper
- Bhut Jolokia Red
And not forgetting the Aji Amarillo that have already started.

You'll notice a few other seedlings in the background, they're from seed I kept from last season's grow, but they all got mixed up. So I decided to sow some of the mixed up stuff back in April to make sure that they were all okay and would actually grow. Three of them have purple foliage, so they must be Ebony Fire. The rest are either Jalapeno or Thai Hot. (There's 6 all up)
I've had them slowly growing on a windowsill since April, but I got my growbox set up yesterday (writing this on the 4th July) and chucked them into it. They're looking happier already!
But anyway,
When this lot pops, I'll start the next, and so on and so forth till I declare that I have sufficient Varieties!
Here's to hoping for a great season and a great glog, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I will!!!
Thanks for stopping by, I'm looking forward  to sharing my progress with you, I'm aiming for at least weekly.
4/7/17 EDIT: Replaced the dodgy photo links, and added some info about some seedlings I've already started.

Clear Solo Cups?

27 June 2017 - 02:16 AM

So I seem to be posting in here quite a bit, but heck, isn't that what this forum's about? (Aside from everything else...)


But anyway, would there be anything wrong with using clear solo cups? To grow plants in, not to drink out of lol



Maybe I should start my own thread in here "Blonde Questions With TBG" :rofl:


Anyway, thanks in advance!