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KAOS Glog - 2018

03 June 2018 - 02:40 AM

Welcome to my 2018 season.


Some more variety this year and really just growing favorites and some hopefully unusual chillies (for NZ anyway)

Also trying a new germination technique so it's all eggs one basket. I've trialed it and it works, but ya never know ...


Also aiming for two crosses this year

7 Pot Gravedigger x Carolina Reaper → Carolina Grave Reaper

Pimenta de Neyde x King Naga → Raven Naga


Grow list


7 Pot Bubblegum

7 Pot Gravedigger

7 Pot Primo

Aji Amarillo

Aji Jobito

Aji Peruvian

Berry Amarillo

Big Black Mama

Big Red Mama

Brain X

Brazilian Starfish

Cap Mushroom Red

Carolina Reaper

Chocolate Bhutlah

Chocolate Reaper

Devils Brain

Devils Heart

Dorset Naga

Guatemalan Red

King Naga

MOA Scotch Bonnet

Pimenta de Neyde

Purple Pumpkin

Tekne Dolmasi

Two Tone Torture

Urubu Wild

Yaki Blue

Yellow Brain Strain


Special liquid mix into coco coir pots. Seeds on top and into custom germination unit at 27 - 28.5C









Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

21 May 2018 - 01:41 PM

Thought I'd have a run at one of these bad boys.


Seed is germinating at the moment, but weirdness is taking over ... any ideas and is this normal ???



2018 - Help KAOS decide

03 May 2018 - 02:12 PM

Ok so I've put together a list of what I'm planning to grow this year and trying to limit it to 24 varieties


Tekne Dolmasi 1k

Brazilian Starfish 20k

Berry Amarillo 20k

Urubu Wild 50k

Aji Amarillo 50k

Guatemalan Red 80k

Aji Cito 100k

MOA Scotch Bonnet 300k

Purple Pumpkin 400k

Bhut Jolokia Yellow 700k

Bhut Jolokia Orange 700k

King Naga 800k

7 Pot Bubblegum 900k

Peach Scorpion 900k

Dorset Naga 900k

Bhut Jolokia Red 1000k

Chocolate Scorpion 1200k

Yellow Brain Strain 1200k

Pot Gravedigger 1400k

7 Pot Primo Red 1400k

Chocolate Reaper 1500k

Brain X 1500k

Choc Bhutlah 1500k

Carolina Reaper 1600k


I've also got these as options ... what would you swap out ?


Goats Horn

Yellow Devils Tongue

Albanian Red Hot

Piquin Peru

Aji Peruvia

Red Devils Tongue

Devil's Heart

Purple Piquin

Devil's Brain

Cap Mushroom Red

Aji Jobito

Albanian Red Hot

Long Sweet Pepper

Red Moruga Scorpion

Choc Ghost

Red Brain Strain

Reaper X Ghost

Carolina Reaper


BBG7 MAMP Bleeding

Ebony Fire

Giant Red Pepper

Pimenta De Nyada


Choc Brain Strain

Aji Amarillo

Black Olive

Ebony Fire

Big Congo Red

Red Borg 9

Brain X Hot

Brain X Small



2018 Southern Hemisphere Grow Down-Under

16 April 2018 - 05:28 PM

Hi All
It's getting to that stage where we need to plan the next growdown.
I can supply the Aji Cito seeds, but will need to get them posted pretty quick so get voting
I also have no issue if we go with something else, but will need to order in good time as it takes ages to get to NZ
If you vote 'Something Else' post a suggested variety
Poll closes Friday 27th April

General Rules

  • Seeds to be started on or after start date
  • Germinate and grow as many as you want
  • All grow styles and techniques welcome
  • Only one plant can count towards your entry
  • Nominate your growdown plant at first weigh in
  • Weigh each harvest, and post picture of pods on scales here
  • Heaviest total weight of pods in one year from start will be the winner
  • Honour system - If you cheat the Aphid Gods will know


What is this wrikled red ?

17 January 2018 - 01:58 AM

Labelled as a Reaper, but size wise a bit bigger. Hot as sin though.