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Walchit 2019

04 January 2019 - 12:47 PM

Guess I will attempt to make a list for you guys this time around lol

White hot peppers

. Leviathan gnarly
. Skunk chocolate
. White hot lime
. Scotch bonnet whpII
. Ghost giant chocolate
. Bbg7 pumpkin
. Orange ribbon
. Primo x lemon drop
. Scotch bonnet
. Bhut Jolokia solid gold
. Bad Brains
. Big Mustard Mama
. Ghost White W strain
. Freeport Orange SB
. Swamp Thing
. Ghost peach WM
. Ghost x YBS
. Sugar Rush Peach

Cone 9

. Brazilian starfish
. Cream fatalii
. Corbaci sweet
. Sugar rush orange
. Tepin x lemon drop
. 7pot white 2013


. Death spiral
. Major pain x yaki blue
. Tabasco x bbg7
. Tiger BB
. Deda de moca

Lucky Luke

. Naganero x devils
tongue yellow
. Mojo brainstrain.
. Choc hab x peach
tiger's tooth
. Lord Voldermort


. 7pot Cinder
. Bahamian Goat
. Brown Rocoto


. Amish hot finger
. Numex suave orange

Pepper Guru

. Yellow Brainstrain
. Sri Lanka Chili red


. El Scorpanero f4
Yellow cool shape
. Khang Starr Lemon

Paul G

. F6 and f4 pdn x bmj

Bd beatz

. Bahamian Goat
. Yellow 7pot

Peter S

. Sherwoods carbonero


. Carolina Reaper
. Petit Marsellais

Black Fatalii

. Bahamian Goat
. Tekne Dolmasi

Jeff Contonio

. Little Bastard
. Judy's Peach Scorpion
. Cali Reaper
. Florissa's Peach Reaper
. Yellow Reaper

Don't Panic

. Pdn x 7pot Carmel

Texas Hot Peppers

. Bih x Sugar Rush
. Bonda Mahala
. Bert the Chili
. Peach Bonnet Scorpion X
. Sugar Rush Cream
. Chocolate Brainstrain
. Bleeding Heart Yellow
. Choco Kokoo
. Brainstrain x reaper
. Bbg Apocalypse

Aj Drew

. Brazilian Starfish

Love Peppers

. Aji white lightning.
bolt F2


. Bahamian Goat


. Bahamian Goat
. P. Dreadie SS


. Habanero Peach


. Reaper x Brainstrain F3

I have not even looked at the seeds I saved last year yet lol. More to come. If you grew anything I posted and it sucked or didn't produce very well let me know and I can free up some room lol

Ferment advice?

29 December 2018 - 09:53 AM

My wife got me weights and silicon fermenter lids for Christmas.

I want to use some frozen Jpgs and peaches in a sauce.

Can I put frozen or canned peaches into a ferment?

Are there any ingredients that I shouldn't ferment?

I could always ferment the other ingredients and add the peaches before bottling.

I'm also willing to try out any recipes for other fermented sauces if you guys know of any.

Thanks! I'm wanting to make sure I do this right.

Homemade mustard HFH

06 November 2018 - 09:01 AM

Been looking at some recipes, and wondering if I can hot fill and hold in woozy bottles if the ph is right.

Also interested in how you guys would go about making the sauce. I want it to be a spicy mustard with a touch of honey.

I'm about to go and find some mustard seed this morning

What do you guys do with unripe pods?

14 October 2018 - 02:34 PM

Its 40° and raining, is it worth my time to pick as many pods as I can before it freezes today?

Plants are loaded down with nicer pods than I've had all season, so I feel like its a waste to leave them in the garden to rot

Grinders & Stretch Death Nectar

12 October 2018 - 07:43 AM

Got this bottle at the Lettuce concert last night in Kansas City. The 4th ingredient is capsicum. I have a feeling it will destroy me.

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Edit: sorry I guess I took sideways pictures