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In Topic: What pest or condition does this look like.

19 November 2017 - 09:57 PM

Wow.... those are some nice macro shots of the flies !!  I don't know what they are other than.... flies  ;)


Are you growing indoors or outdoors ?  If outdoors, have you had a lot of rain lately ? 


It looks like a fungus has found a home on the bottom of the leaves.  Probably from the leaves being too wet for a period of time. That fungus can cause the damage you see.


As for the flies, maybe they just stopped by for a drink of water ?  I really don't know. I don't see a lot of mechanical damage on the leaves.  A fly that large should cause a lot of damage if it was feeding on the leaves.  You could keep an eye out for the larvae though... maybe the flies are planting their own seed on your plants.


Just my thoughts,







In Topic: Hot Pepper Space

19 November 2017 - 09:19 PM

PepperMan16... Welcome !


Are you growing indoors ?  If you have them outdoors then just keep them far enough apart to let the sun hit all of the leaves.  Life is good in that case !   Indoors under a grow light is a different story.


If you are growing indoors under a grow light, then the issue of spacing becomes an important consideration. When the plants mature, they can get very big and bushy. I have indoor plants that have canopies that are close to 2ft x 2ft.  So two plants in a grow room would have to be 4ft. apart if you want to get the most out of the plants.


Since you have pots, you're already in a good spot. Just move them apart as they get bigger, or trim them as others have already said. You don't have to have huge plants to get peppers. If you look to have lots and lots of peppers, then you'll need to have a lot of space to let them grow.... and really good lighting.


Good Luck and Happy Growing !





In Topic: Habanero plant stunted and leaves curling up

19 November 2017 - 08:23 PM

Seggaeman, :welcome:


Looks like you have something that likes to chomp your leaves, but it doesn't look to me that this is the main problem.  I can't tell from the leaves (pictures) what the problem is.


What kind of soil are you using ?  Native soil with amendments ?  From the pictures it looks to me that the soil should have enough nutrients, so adding ferts shouldn't be necessary. This is not absolute though.


How bout temperatures ?  How has the weather been lately ?  


Peppers don't need a lot of fertilizer, and they take a long time to grow. Adding too much nitrogen to the soil can cause the curling leaves. But then again there are many things that will cause the eaves to curl.


Whatever you try to do to address your problem, just keep in mind that any change you make can take a while (weeks?) before you see a change. Try one thing and let that run for a while.


If I were in your shoes and had your plant, I would cut way back on watering for a while. Let the plant beg you for water (don't kill it of course).  I am suspecting that your roots are too wet, or are not developed.  Peppers do not like to have wet soil and from the pictures it looks like your soil can hold TONS of water...especially down deep.


My opinion is just that... MY opinion  :liar:  LOL


Good Luck,





In Topic: New Setup... Hots

19 November 2017 - 07:56 PM

Update.  Today I found at least 6 tiny peppers growing on the Reaper plant !!!  Today is a very, very happy day indeed :dance:  


For a while I thought I would have to start this project over since I was running out of grow space (vertical). But after cutting back the nitrogen I think the plant stopped growing upward, and started growing peppers instead.  I had also changed the light cycle and the temperature (which killed the humidity), so in the end I can't say what I did to force the plants to flower and produce. I suspect it was the nutes.... too much nitrogen for too long. From what other have commented on, I'm certain that the light cycle had nothing at all to do with the transition to fruiting, but I can't say so absolutely since I don't have data.


I have at least 150-200 flowers on this plant. Most are at the very early stages of development, and many dozen are fully open now. Pollen galore  :party:


I'll update once more when I get ripe peppers, or if SHTF.  Changing nutes again today after all !!!


Happy Jeff !!!





In Topic: E-cigs in the grow room... Propylene Glycol and Gycerin. No Fruit

18 November 2017 - 10:22 PM

I think thinking of e-cigs here might be a stretch...

I am surprised you didn't mention the likely biggest difference to outdoors: Your LIGHT.

What lights are you using, and at how many light hours per day?
Also..what nutes are you giving? Although I think nutes are less likely the reason.

I grew peppers in semi-hydro (hempies) with perlite/vermiculite, in soil, coco, indoors and outdoors...and I never had them not fruiting.
So something very essential must be off with your grow.


Flexy, as to the E-Cigs, it was more an inquiry than a hypothesis.  I know that the E-Cig juice loves to stick onto my poly storage bins that i have in the grow room so I assume that it will stick to anything statically charged.


For lighting I am using 315W LEC lamps. For the full details see http://thehotpepper....new-setup-hots/


Lights were on 18 and off 6. I recently changed to a 14 on and 10 off.  I also cut the nutes (nitrogen) down quite a lot. Nutes are General Hydroponics Flora series. 


As for what is "off" in my grow, that is what I'm trying to isolate.


Thanks for the reply !!