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In Topic: Is this a viable grow setup?

Yesterday, 10:40 PM

150W LED should be fine in that tent you have.  Maybe drop the lights lower and closer to the plants.  Watch out for those plants in the dome though.  They'll be cooked by tomorrow !


UK is getting into the winter cycle so you should have some nice cool air to feed into the tent.  Use a fan and an open window or something inexpensive. Be creative !!  Otherwise, don't worry about it too much  :P


Your peppers should do fine as long as you give them plenty of love..... and light, and nutes at the right time, room to grow ( up-size the pots as they get bigger). 


Last thought from me is that if you stick with the 150W LED, perhaps you should concentrate on ONE plant.... directly under your LED.  You can experiment with having a a tent full of other plants, but focus on the ONE plant in the center. 150W isn't a very powerful light, so you shouldn't expect to have your tent full of amazing plants. You could place some other types of plants that require less light around the focus plant, and you could have nice results.


Good luck to you !


Happy Growing !



In Topic: DWC Bhut and Reaper... pH dropping very fast

Yesterday, 10:05 PM

Hey OoNickoC, Not sure what your asking. Flushing a system with R/O and measuring the pH of the runoff is a technique used with soil or soil-less systems. In my case, I am running DWC and I have no soil.


HOWEVER, I have wondered about the influence of the clay pebble substrate (Hydroton) on the system. From everything that I have read, the Hydroton is completely inert. That is not so say the the Hydroton will not hold ions, but it is not supposed to affect the pH of the system.


I don't know for sure.


Happy Growing,





In Topic: Karoo 2017/2018 glog

Yesterday, 09:52 PM

Impressive :drooling:    If I'm correct, you are getting into your "summer" in the next months. I don't know where you are exactly... somewhere in South Africa  :P


Anyway, I looked up some weather info on Johannesburg SA. The summer time high temps don't get much above 80 degF (26degC).


You said you will use a shade cloth.  Can you tell me why ?  Are you in a different climate that Johannesburg ?


Just curious and interested !





In Topic: DWC Bhut and Reaper... pH dropping very fast

18 September 2017 - 10:52 AM

How often are you changing water? Adding ph adjustments all the time will throw your nutrient solutions out of wack. I have the opsite problem. Mine always floats way up so I'm always adding phosphoric and or sulfuric acids to bring it down. After a few days the tds reads fine but in all actually I'm reading lots of sulfer and phosphorus and not much fertilizer. How long do you wait to test after adding? Mine will drop way down but after a hour or so it will stabilize to the actual ph. I use part well water that's extremely high in calcium bicarbonate hence the opsite problem that you have. I would recommend upping your tap water to better buffer the wild swing that too much ro will give you. I shoot for ph 5.5-6.5 with tds of 550-650. Peppers are pretty forgiving as long as you don't run the tds way high.


Hey Biggy.  These buckets of nutes are under two weeks old. I'll be changing every two weeks.


I don't wait very long after adding the pH UP before measuring... maybe two minutes. That's plenty of time for the ions to move around.


Our tap water is runs 3-400 ppm bicarbonate (so 1/3 tap 2/3 RO gives 100-133 ppm CO3). I measure 1100 ppm with a TDS meter so that makes the nutes somewhere around 1000 ppm. I've been using the General Hydroponics guidelines for "early growth". Maybe try a little lower on the next mix to see if that helps at all.


Thanks for the reply,



In Topic: DWC Bhut and Reaper... pH dropping very fast

17 September 2017 - 09:09 PM

I'd check ph at the same time each day. In my aquarium the ph drifts drastically  at lights out, During the day, I inject CO2,  that drives ph down. At night the PH goes up from the plants



D3monic.... I can't disagree with measuring at the same time every day. Make sense.


But I am seeing that the pH is dropping consistently. I add pH DOWN every day, and then again every day after that.


I'm hoping that sooner or later the pH will stabilize ... but hoping isn't knowing.


On a side note, I used to keep live plant aquariums (1996 to 2010ish. I had two 55 gallon tanks with T-8 grow lights. It was fantastic !  I had one plant that I loved more than any because of its color. It was a Hygrophila. Don't know the exact species but it would produce the most fantastic Fuchsia and Purple new growth. I had more than 50 fish per tank. I do miss changing the water over week or so ( or NO.... I don't  :party: )... I still love aquariums !


Thanks for the reply and Happy Growing !