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Hydro solution smells... bad ?

29 January 2018 - 07:51 PM

Greetings All.


I recently started another hydro grow in my tent. Here are the details>>


2.5 x 2.5ft tent.

2ft 8 T5 LED (used when plants are small). Then move to a 315W LEC

2 bucket DWC system. One for grow and the other for "maintenance". 6 gallons total liquid volume.

Nutrient chiller. Nutes kept at 68 DegF.

Two air pumps and 4 air stones. 2 stones in each bucket.


I have plenty of circulation and plenty of bubbles.  I've done this before with great success.


Here's the deal.  I started the system up about three weeks ago. At first I just ran 100% tap water through the system. I let this run for a few days.  I then topped of the rez with tap water, adjusted the pH to 6.5, then added General Hydroponics "Maxi" series nutes.  I've never used this product before.  I have always used the  GH Flora series and never had any trouble.


So then after a couple days I was checking the pH (was 6.1) of the solution and I noticed a bubbly foam on top of the solution. That, plus a smell that I've never had in my reservoir. It was a swampy smell. It  smelled something like a sewer. Well obviously that is bad.


I drained the entire system of the solution, then I refilled with tap water. I added about 1/4-1/2 cup of bleach. I used a sponge to wipe down every surface that I could get to with the bleach solution. I let the bleach run through the pumps and through the nutrient chiller for over and hour. Slowly, I rinsed away all of the bleach solution. I 'think' I cleaned it really well.  I used to "brew"... not that that makes be an expert.


I refiled the reservoir, adjusted pH 6.0, and added nutes.  Little more than four days later, the smell is back.... and so is the foam.


I revisited the smell. It doesn't really have a "rotten" smell. It has a swampy nose to it for sure, but it smells more like compost than.... @ss.


So for know I'll let it run for a while to see what happens. The seedling I have in the system doesn't have significant roots yet, so it isn't in contact with the nutes. I can move it anytime.... for now.


Interested in any comments.


Happy Growing,



Reaper flavor.... fruity or floral.... new peppers

05 December 2017 - 09:49 AM

Hey All,


I have a Reaper plant (hydro) that has been a challenge for me for many reason. Wouldn't stop growing; would set fruit (flower drop); and now aphids galore.


I have over two dozen peppers on the plant now, and none of the (except for the newest one) look anything like a Reaper. They are all green at this point too.


I picked one of the oldest and most mature green pepper off of the plant for a taste. Even though it was still green, it was pretty hot (had Jalapenos that were nearly as hot though... in my opinion).


Since these peppers do not look like Reapers, I suspect that the plant that I've been eagerly awaiting to sample Reapers from.... is not a Reaper after all.


The pepper had an intense floral flavor... not sweet like I have read that a Reaper would be. It was hot, but the heat came on slowly. The heat didn't last very long either.


You can see the peppers here (top of the page) http://thehotpepper....tup-hots/page-3


Would also like to know if the "first" peppers on a plant are representative of the peppers to come ?





Aphids... remove leaves or just smash the Bast@rds

29 November 2017 - 09:51 PM

This question is about mechanical control of Aphids (no Neem or soap) Just wondering if anyone takes the time to physically smash those little pests, or do you remove the infested tops.


I personally have a somewhat concerning infestation of the Aphids on a Reaper plant. So far I have been removing the infested leaves/tops, but I can see that this will eventually lead to a plants that has no leaves !  SO I want to know if Aphid control can be accomplished simply by squishing those little (bad words).


Indoor Hydro grow.


Thanks All,



Sad day... Aphids win this time

13 November 2017 - 06:52 PM

My indoor hydro grow has had some success, and some fails.  I had huge plants after only 6-7 weeks, but I could never get them to flower. 


The beginning of the end for my grow was the day my wife brought home a pepper plant that belongs to a co-worker of hers. She (wife) was also nice enough to drop the orphan plant inside of my main grow tent !!.. What a girl !!!


The orphan plant came in to my grow room FULL of Aphids. Once I noticed the aphids I snatched up that plant and threw it outside.  I was too late though and the aphids found a new home in my grow room.


I've been trying to get rid of those little bast@ards for weeks now, and today I gave up. I've been out of town for a few days and when I looked in the tent this afternoon, it was a very sad sight. Aphids everywhere, and white flies too.  So I am giving up on this grow. I can't take this anymore.


What I need a a suggestion for a "bug-bomb", or other method to completely eradicate the pests from my grow room. I have plenty of ventilation to clear the room after the treatment, and I don't have to worry about pets for kids. No food stuffs either.


Any recommendations ???




Sad Jeff. 





Hydro Grow.... never any fruit. Need advise

08 November 2017 - 11:37 PM

My last post was about E-cigs and the effects of Poly on the grow.... I'm changing the question.


I have had four separate grows in Hydro. You can see the current one  None of them have ever produced any fruit.


I can grow plants like crazy. That is easy.  But I can't get mature flowers to produce fruit. I have tried every form of pollination I can find. I have kept the temperatures low. I've tried high humidity and low humidity. I've changed nutes to (basically) a late flower, and I still can't keep the flowers on the plant. 


I'm going insane with this problem. Clearly, I am missing something. The transition from growth to flower to fruit is evading me.  I very close to giving up and going back to soil.


If anyone can help, I would be grateful.


Thanks All,