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Sad day... Aphids win this time

13 November 2017 - 06:52 PM

My indoor hydro grow has had some success, and some fails.  I had huge plants after only 6-7 weeks, but I could never get them to flower. 


The beginning of the end for my grow was the day my wife brought home a pepper plant that belongs to a co-worker of hers. She (wife) was also nice enough to drop the orphan plant inside of my main grow tent !!.. What a girl !!!


The orphan plant came in to my grow room FULL of Aphids. Once I noticed the aphids I snatched up that plant and threw it outside.  I was too late though and the aphids found a new home in my grow room.


I've been trying to get rid of those little bast@ards for weeks now, and today I gave up. I've been out of town for a few days and when I looked in the tent this afternoon, it was a very sad sight. Aphids everywhere, and white flies too.  So I am giving up on this grow. I can't take this anymore.


What I need a a suggestion for a "bug-bomb", or other method to completely eradicate the pests from my grow room. I have plenty of ventilation to clear the room after the treatment, and I don't have to worry about pets for kids. No food stuffs either.


Any recommendations ???




Sad Jeff. 





Hydro Grow.... never any fruit. Need advise

08 November 2017 - 11:37 PM

My last post was about E-cigs and the effects of Poly on the grow.... I'm changing the question.


I have had four separate grows in Hydro. You can see the current one  None of them have ever produced any fruit.


I can grow plants like crazy. That is easy.  But I can't get mature flowers to produce fruit. I have tried every form of pollination I can find. I have kept the temperatures low. I've tried high humidity and low humidity. I've changed nutes to (basically) a late flower, and I still can't keep the flowers on the plant. 


I'm going insane with this problem. Clearly, I am missing something. The transition from growth to flower to fruit is evading me.  I very close to giving up and going back to soil.


If anyone can help, I would be grateful.


Thanks All,



E-cigs in the grow room... Propylene Glycol and Gycerin. No Fruit

08 November 2017 - 11:17 PM

I found a science fair project from Joel F. It was from 2003-4. Here is the link http://www.all-scien...?print=small-12 . Anyway, good on him for the work ! Hope he is an engineer by now !


His project may not have anything to do with my question... but what do I know.


I have been struggling with my indoor grow, and getting my plants to produce quality flowers so that I can have peppers. The flowers are growing, but they are also dropping consistently.


This is a hydro grow, and not my first. Every time I grow hydro, I never get any fruit. I have tried cutting back the nutes, keeping the temps low, hand pollinating, etc.  No matter what I do I can't get the flowers to produce fruit.


So I sat back and wondered what it was about my internal environment that was different than the outdoor environment. The only two things I come up with are... the nutes, and that I smoke E-cigs in my grow room.


The question is..... does anyway have either experience with E-cigs in the grow room, or................... Sh!t I don't know.  Anything would be helpful.


Thanks All,



Failed Pepper Projects... Yours ??

23 October 2017 - 12:21 AM

Mine have been numerous.  What about your's ?


For me....


Outdoors >>

I've had the Sun completely murder my newly germinated seedlings (BzzzZAP !!)... Literally turned them to ash under the baking sunlight (so not ash... just gray, lifeless plants)... Two days !

Kept a Burlap sun-screen over the peppers for too long into the season... growth was FAIL over the season.

Watered WAY too much.... limited growth and pale leaves (did this for more than one season by the way... and especially on my tomato plants )... and I'm allowed to keep growing ??

Didn't give the plants enough fertilizer in the "new soil" (big box soil)(this year).... damn !

Plant spacing was too close... hoping for high density. Plants didn't get enough sun. All suffered.


Indoors>> (315W LEC)

Planted too close together.... High growth plants shaded slow growth plants. Noob.

Nutes were WAY to high (RDWC Hydro) for the intense light of the 315W LEC (this year....new to indoor growing).

Changing lighting (from T5, to LED to 315W LEC) caused HUGE shock to the plants... all of them.

Controlling the in-tent temperatures... FAIL !... while I vented the heat, I sucked out all of the humidity. Does this matter ??? I don't know...... yet.

Biggest FAIL of this year was bringing a Chi-Chien plant that had been outside all summer and doing very well, inside to "over-winter" it without quarantine.... I brought SH!Tloads Aphids into my grow room! Still dealing with those little F^uckers.


There are more FAILS,.. many, many more ..... I think I have a FAIL or two every single day  :dance:


Anyway, Happy Growing,









Moving a plant from Soil to Hydro.... roots

03 October 2017 - 04:24 PM

I have two Tasmanian Habanero plants in three gallon fiber pots that have been indoors their entire life. They are in big-box "organic potting mix". I will say that I have not treated them very well. What I mean is that they have been inside of my grow tent from germination until now, but I never spent much time on them.  They have never looked very good (see the pic).


Attached File  Tasmanian 2.jpg   87.33KB   22 downloads


I want to move one of those plants into a RDWC system that I have running. SO the question is " What is the best way to wash the roots and clean the plant before I add it into RDWC system ?"


I have established plants in this RDWC system already.  If a cannot reliably remove pathogens from the roots of the new plant, I am hesitant to add the new plants to the system.


Let me know what you think.


Happy Growing,