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#1613684 2018 Southern Hemisphere Grow Down-Under

Posted by YAMracer754 on Yesterday, 12:19 AM

All my Citos are in the freezer, will dry and powder them later.

Here's a couple ferment variations for ya bro.. Mango and cito ; as well as cito straight w/3.5%. Also check the bourbon/tequila weeks soaked oak toasted oak chips brine7ca648dd2843db6c84fc392eb722b17a.jpgbc56c7112db2afbd5875711710cd1b84.jpg

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#1613683 Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques

Posted by YAMracer754 on Yesterday, 12:16 AM

F7 flowers producing pollen:
attachicon.gif 152A821D-C915-495C-999F-6BFAC07545CF.jpeg

attachicon.gif 70AE6BB9-6A28-4035-9618-E3097AD9CDF0.jpeg

Mmm love dem babaes

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#1613682 Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques

Posted by YAMracer754 on Yesterday, 12:14 AM

These are the most vigorous, tolerant peppers
I have grown. They seem to shrug off most
environmental curve balls, and look amazing
doing it! [emoji41]

+1 that brother! They the toughest pep plants I have seen!

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#1605133 Raspberry Chocolate Cacao ferment

Posted by YAMracer754 on 13 January 2019 - 03:37 PM

I finally got my random fruit ferment going on a whim! Did a mash of a +/-lb or so of choc habs, some of them lightly smoked before freezing with pecan, a 12oz pack of frozen raspberries, and a good portion of the almond/dk chocolate snacking chocolate. Also used a couple Tbs of active brine from Tabasco ferment. Not sure at this point if I should add anything else to it.. Used 1/2qt amount of 3% pink salt brine too. Made an overloaded quart and a pint jar. I do have some dried mango... Raspberry mango chocolate cacao sauce lol!


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#1603448 Ferments sauces purees and homogeneity

Posted by YAMracer754 on 06 January 2019 - 12:37 PM

What is the process that combines liquids and puree in sauces and pepper ferments? Is it the cooking that does this and length of time part of the equation? I've never paid attention to this until recently as I lots of times add a smidge of xanthan gum to combine the ferments at the end, but how is homogeneity achieved in this process, even when making other types of sauces or liquids where this is a problem? Is emulsifying the answer? All my cooked sauces have never had a problem, no separation, even without xanthan gum and 4:1 even 4:2 sauce:vinegar.. But they were cooked and blended at high rpm. Haven't tried it on ferment yet without xanthan gum

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#1603447 Ferments don't require cooking?

Posted by YAMracer754 on 06 January 2019 - 12:25 PM

That's the way I've been doing my non refer ferments and I'm glad you contributed this because I was aware of all the changes/effects from cooking and vinegar on the ferments but it's good to share that so others that may not be aware now know :)
Only difference I've been doing is kitchenaid food mill before cooking due to fear of the seeds and skin affecting the flavor before I cook.
Will try your way next time to find out how it changes it. I've blended seeds and skins to a puree before too and enjoy the consistency sometimes but too many seeds can affect the brightness of the sauce big time I noticed..

All this talk about nasties but some other considerations:
Cooking fermented mashes alters consistency.
Cooking fermented mashes alters taste. 
Cooking fermented mashes (and jacking acidity) can kill probiotics (not that I think a ton of us are here for health reasons [emoji14] )
Personally I:
- cook my ferments (lately I've been going 12 minutes in a Instant Pot pressure cooker to save time and water loss in lieu of simmering)
- put em through a food mill
- add any post cook adjuncts
- throw in fridge for a day
- taste and adjust salt, ph and flavor if needed
- bring to boil and hot pack

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#1602850 Pepper People are the Best

Posted by YAMracer754 on 03 January 2019 - 10:10 PM

Spicy sauerkraut FTW! Yeah man this forum is the best.. What are the rippled textured red sexy girls? Peppers that is...lol

I may make a sauce SS, you got any good recipes for me to try?

I will powderize some, sauce some and then freeze the rest. I may try canning a couple of half pints. Got to thinking about making some spicy sauerkraut.

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Posted by YAMracer754 on 03 January 2019 - 09:58 PM

Thanks man! Yeah if you look closely on some which the pics don't quite provide but I did them every which way a few at a time to kind 9f do a running experiment sort of thing.. Although I will say my pureed, seeds removed as well as my pureed seeds blended ferments had an easier time avoiding kahm than did the food processor ferments, and the submerged below the brine method with solo cup lid ferment gates also had minimal kahm but it formed as a thin film on the top of brine and decomposed fell to the bottom.

Your stuff is looking good. In my procedure, I blend everything before fermenting. The microgreens are fairly easy to grow and do not take very long and the flavor of what they are is very pronounced. I did another ferment with some mixed microgreens that will get posted soon.

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I have more but you get the idea. This will be all encompassing experiment for at least my tastes and flavors especially since I've done some with and without innards/seeds blended and/or removed. Loving the ferments though, more than I ever thought I even could! So complex, I have a yellow sauce that is straight yellow devil peppers fermented and smells like as well as tastes of tropical fruit!! ca543b6776dce0785f808c2e03eef26e.jpg5169a115b7f2dd068a5769d20f8aaa06.jpgf0c31152be9d534f56e1f57077c60494.jpge866c7566e0ab2a565651674a43a3970.jpg892375184ae337c69520f248dd00a196.jpg60ee2c1ecf18d936aa3b6eeb91624ad1.jpg

Also noticed that after enough time the peppers in a ferment can actually break down to the point where they turn to a puree/slurry on their own with just prior chopping and a shake every now and again..


Posted by YAMracer754 on 03 January 2019 - 09:55 PM

I know right! It's hell.. Plus I got no room for NEW sauces and condiments which is my favorite sanctum of fun when it comes too food. My deep freezer would tell me "please upgrade!" as well :(

Yam, you need a bigger fridge [emoji16]

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Posted by YAMracer754 on 03 January 2019 - 02:26 PM

Love it! You got the same dates as me within a week! 9/27 and 9/18 here on quite a few early ones.. Have been processing a few here and there too, using xanthan to help suspend the ferment brine with the cleaned out and concentrated puree vis a vis kitchenaid food strainer parts on food grinder attachments ran several times. No seeds and nice and BRIGHT! :)

Most of my ferments for sauce have been going since August and September so I have started to process them for use now. Also trying fermenting my microgreens along with fermented pepper mash for a greenish sauce, that might be very interesting. Anyways, I started with my radish microgreens......

attachicon.gif 2AB69C5C-0ED0-4C0E-84C4-0A20DEB8AE68.jpeg

Mixed it about 50% with a mixed pepper mash(Yellow Brazilian Starfish & Orange Pepperoncini), blended it up and put it in a jar to ferment.

attachicon.gif 17063E29-2161-487B-9FD8-4D519769E36B.jpeg

attachicon.gif 82BBD365-F59D-48B4-AECC-96B9C037A250.jpeg

I then took what was left of that batch of mash and threw it into the Instant Pot Ace to cook and then blend real smooth. There is not a hint of seed left when I use this blender. I then throw in my final ingredient(s) and buzz it another 30 seconds and then bottle it. ph was 2.8

attachicon.gif 0A46BC78-0BE0-4201-9B11-8D3DD4D83F64.jpeg

attachicon.gif 9EC26876-16D5-48FF-B8A3-AD15BC21DF1C.jpeg

I will add that I made every one of my pepper ferments with the exact same ratio of ingredients with the only difference being the type of peppers. This way I get the distinct flavor of each pepper. And all are based on a sriracha style of sauce.

2nd to Last one is a multiple strains ghost, purple radishes, onion, garlic ferment too(4mos) I've also been experimenting with tequila and bourbon soaked-rinsed-soaked again and adding that after primary and more for aging and I've been able to taste the same all red glory mix fermented sauce each week after oaking and it's getting better and better!
Your stuff looks awrsome, interested to hear more about the radish micros! 846ccf7cf85ae73f34c49f83ed494ff0.jpg83a3989ec7e82a6fd0adc05a0bf28328.jpg1efa7de3774785decd0712674665a9a6.jpgce613456cf340726e5ea362fd326571f.jpg38bd80182fc654d1969b9f671bd13997.jpg

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#1600503 The official 2018/2019 mega seed train

Posted by YAMracer754 on 25 December 2018 - 11:04 AM

Is my name removed because I finished both trains? Merry Christmas everyone!

1. Jeff contonio
2. pshngo [emoji2402]
3. Texas hot peppers [emoji2402]
4. Edmick [emoji2402]
5. nmlarson [emoji2402](unavailable till further notice)
6. Cmj [emoji2402]
7. FGpepperguy[emoji2402]
8. BD beatz [emoji2402][emoji2403][emoji736]
10. Don’t panic [emoji2403][emoji2402][emoji736]
11. Walchit [emoji2403]
12. Jackson13 [emoji2403]
13. Jeff contonio

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#1599767 The official 2018/2019 mega seed train

Posted by YAMracer754 on 21 December 2018 - 04:56 PM

A train is 9505 5066 8171 8355 0152 57,will be moving tmw morn, expected delivery date is 12/24. Thanks again pepper party people!

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#1599319 The official 2018/2019 mega seed train

Posted by YAMracer754 on 19 December 2018 - 02:58 PM

A- train has been delivered

Yes, all is well with A train. This has been a great experience! Train will be back at the rail station tomorrow or Friday at the latest and I will update with tracking :) I got plenty more contributions to add to the train!

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#1598951 Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques

Posted by YAMracer754 on 17 December 2018 - 04:30 PM

attachicon.gif 3B3A7A49-A734-4131-B014-F47C550AB85A.jpeg

Man you're a trooper! No break for you huh?! Already back breaking bread popping some more seeds huh?! I'm taking a quick breather to get everything in order, cleaned up as far as the grow room, and all the supplies, and also trying to do more on the processing/kitchen/creations part of the pepper game for the short interim in not growing anything :) not sure when I'll pop some beans-maybe February? Can't remember when I started popping em last year..

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#1594852 Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques

Posted by YAMracer754 on 24 November 2018 - 01:50 AM

Except with purple foliage [emoji6]. There are pix of them
In the early stages of this thread. The point for me
would be to start a more careful grow of the F2 with
more plants than one and see how it grows out. My
guess is not really too diifferent. Just something fun to
think about, I suppose.

Damn I will have to look deeper in this thread and take a look at these yellow bmj colored pods with pdn coloring! There was a bios science term that describes this phenomenon with hybrid creations but I cant think of it at the moment.. How's the flavor of those pods vs the parental lineage of the two? I'm interested to see what my same named brotha from anotha mother named Tristen turns out too!
Holiday Cheers!

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