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what's the oiliest pod you've seen?

04 August 2019 - 03:16 AM

how oily can peppers get?


i've seen them glistening and maybe droplets inside, but last night, i saw a pepper on another level.


i sliced a red bhut in half, and there was a lot of liquid inside. a little pool in each half. i dipped a toothpick into it, and it had the tasty bhut aroma and was very spicy. there was so much liquid that i brought the pepper halves to the garbage and poured them out before chopping them up. it's not like the pepper was completely filled (probably not even a third filled), but several drops fell out. like, visible amount of liquid. i had bhuts from the same plant last year (it's an overwinter), and none were like that.


you guys ever seen that before? i'm kicking myself for not taking pics, but i was hungry and had to throw it on a pizza. also, duh, i should've just drizzled that juice on the pizza.


curious to find out if other pods from the same plant are as juicy. it's got several ripe ones on there now. will take pics if they are.

plant diagnosis? new growth stunted and crinkly

24 July 2019 - 07:34 PM

some plants in my garden don't look right. they're in pro-mix media in root pouches. this season has been kind of whack. lots of rain but also many oppressively hot days.


i've been fertilizing with megacrop (a soluble fert with complete nutrient profile i think).


on some of them, the new growth looks small/curly/crinkly/pointy. the main leaf vein on some of them is squiggly.


i've looked for pests on the bad looking plants and didn't see any. after working in the garden for a while though i've noticed an aphid on my fingers a couple of times. and i've seen a couple of brown marmorated stink bugs. aside from that idk about pests.


i'm not sure if all of these have the same issue or not.


here's my garden:






Garden Layout:

5 rows of 5 (25 total plants in grey root pouches):


back of garden
SB MOA | p. dreadie SB | chocolate SB | scotch brains [4] | fatalii [5]
west indres red | galapagos isabella hab | paper lantern hab [1] | habanada | biquinho [5]
bishop's crown [2] | sugar rush peach [2] | aji lemon drop [3] | aji fantasy yellow [1] | sri lanka kandy red
aleppo [1] | pasilla [1] | thunder mountain longhorn [1] | turkish cayenne | fish
aleppo [4] | pimiento cristal | numex 6-4 [1] | numex big jim | numex sandia
front of garden
next to affected plants, i have a number 1-5 in brackets indicating severity:
1 -- possible issue (maybe not)
3 -- has issue, moderately affected
5 -- obvious issue, strongly affected
the plants i've underlined in the above layout i share pics of here:
aleppo [4]
(front left)
no clue what's up with the foliage
the other aleppo right behind it doesn't look like that.
aji lemon drop [3]
(center of garden)
the new leaves just look weird and crinkly. unless that's normal?
scotch brains [4]
(back right)
see how the new growth at the top looks stunted and weird? here's a closeup:
it's only that topmost cluster though. here's new growth a bit lower down on the same plant:
what the hell is going on with this one, herbicide drift? :(
biquinho [5]
(back right)
similar to the last one
fatalii [5]
(back right)
similar to the last 2 plants. note that this and the last two are all right next to each other clustered at the back right corner of the garden. 
what do you guys think about any of these five plants? thanks!

Chi-Town Hot Sauce Expo 2019 (June 29-30), who's going?

14 March 2019 - 05:12 PM





here's how the tickets are looking right now:




last year, i told myself i'd just buy a ticket at the door because eventbrite charges an extra fee to buy online, but i wonder if this is special earlybird pricing.

for comparison, here's the pricing from last year:






here's last year's thread: http://thehotpepper....hot-sauce-expo/


i was thinking it could be fun for us THPers to meet up! who's going and on which day (sat or sun)?


i'll bump this a few more times as the date draws near. hope to see some of you there  :dance:


favorite peas? (esp. for their tender, tasty shoots)

25 February 2019 - 06:51 PM

hey, about to do a baker creek seed order, and i'm trying to figure out what peas to get.


of course i love the pods (all kinds), but i'm a huge fan of pea tips:




maybe my favorite leafy green, i love ordering it stir fried with garlic at chinese restaurants


never grown peas before


i'm in illinois, near chicago


anyone know if some varieties are better than others for the edible shoots?




or if you don't know but have a general recommendation for a favorite cultivar, that's cool too


thanks, friends

broken branch -- will it heal after lashing?

12 February 2019 - 02:37 AM

lol, cat jumped into this plant while i was doing something in the other room.


major branch broke off. i put a drop of water on the wound and then tied it back together tightly with string.

i did it less than an hour after the injury. maybe even less than half an hour.








will the branch survive? taking bets  :D