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In Topic: The 12th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS!

19 February 2019 - 10:55 AM

Congrats mortals.

In Topic: Hot Sauce Snob

22 January 2019 - 09:36 PM

I make sauces, but before that, i ate sauces.  I still do, but it's hard to find something i can get behind.

Frank's Red Hot was my go to in the 80s, i had outgrown Tabasco in my early teens and until the 90s there wasn't much of a hot sauce market so choices were limited.

Now that i am experienced in gardening and cooking (not just sauce but in commercial kitchens), my pallet has changed.

I pretty much write off any sauces that have:

  • extracts
  • thickeners
  • sugar
  • preservatives
  • colorings
  • a filler vegetable like tomatoes or carrots as the second ingredient
  • a $5 or less price tag

I consider them basic and impure.

My other issue is since i've been into super hots since 2015, nothing is as hot as it claims to be on the bottle.  That's my fault, but still, when something says XXX HOT and the hottest pepper that is listed is habanero...WTF???


Maybe i'm the odd man out here, which i'm fine with, but does anyone else share my views?





Hmmm, I guess he's OK with water. Hahhhh!

In Topic: Secret Satan 2018

14 January 2019 - 08:52 PM

And "Pure Evil". Well, Salsa Lady sent me a vile of that when we traded sauces once upon a time. She tried my sauces first and stated that my "Original" was possibly too spicy. So I thought, well the stuff she sent can't be that spicy. I made a delicious steak and doused a few bites with her "Pure Evil". It lit me up to high heaven. And I thought...what the hell does she mean that my sauce is too spicy? Holy crap that is hot. It doesn't have any flavor but if you want to light a dish up it's got all the fixens for it. You would use it like this. A few drops in a soup or chili to bring the heat level up. Just use it sparingly. Which is why it comes in a small vile. Like one of those horror movies when you need to get a vile of antidote to the lab in order to stop the Zombie apocalypse.


All in all it was great and sweet for her to send me these sauces. Thank you kindly.

In Topic: Secret Satan 2018

14 January 2019 - 08:44 PM

How's that el fuego?


It's decent. Forgive the term ahead of time folks because I know it just outrages people but, it's like a "gourmet" version of Tabasco. I'm no fan of Tabasco to begin with. So.... But the flavors seem fresh enough. It's really not bad at all and I can see some uses for it. But there are so many better sauces in my arsenal that it would be at the back of the line.

In Topic: Secret Satan 2018

14 January 2019 - 08:40 PM

The sauce ingredients included Water and I didn't want you to prejudge without tasting. :lol: The Pure Evil capsaicin drops aren't extract, it's made from pure refined capsaicin powder.
Hope you have fun with all of `em. :cheers:


Hahh. I'm no bigot. Particularly toward water. In fact, I'm personally...roughly 50% to 70% in favor of water depending on how much whiskey was involved upon considering the question. My sauce making techniques simply do not include water.