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What's eating my pods!?

12 August 2018 - 10:31 AM

I have found about 15 or so pods with holes in them so far, anybody know what's eating them?



Are these eggs good or bad?

12 August 2018 - 10:30 AM

Anybody know what kind of eggs these are? do I leave them or kill them? I know they're not aphid eggs.



What's Your Favorite Indoor Potting Mix?

09 March 2018 - 11:22 AM

Hey all,


    In my quest to find the "perfect" indoor potting mix for me to use while indoors until pot out in late May/early June. I have researched many different mixes and still not quite sure what to try with my next batch of plants I'm potting up to #1 pots this weekend. (I have read the soil sticky also) I am currently using Pro-Mix Ultimate Organic with 30% Perlite added (the mix I linked must be the replacement or renamed version, my bags have blue accents vs red and are not on their site anymore). I am not set on using organic, It's just the bag that looked like a good choice last season and I had some left over so I am using that up this season. 


The problem I have with my current mixture is it holds water for way to long. You can see this in my Glog if you are interested and or not following it currently. Even with a fan on them for 17 hours per day, the #1 pots hold just 2oz of water for 10 days before my plants start to wilt. The edema was caused by me watering them a bit too much at pot up, roughly 8oz or 9oz each and they didn't have the root structure in place to use all that water so that was my fault. Now my biggest plants are only about 50 days old at this point, so they dont need much water, but I dont like how the peat based mix like I am using now shrinks so much when it dries. I'd prefer something that doesn't hold water so long. Thinking of going to something with more Coco instead of peat, I know Coco wont shrink like that, but it can hold even more water than peat. Also, as much as most people dis-like MG mixs, I used them years ago and never had any edema issues, what are the real issues or reasons for disliking MG mixs?


All that being said, what is your favorite mix, store bought or homemade?   


(available locally I have the usual stuff from big box stores, plus a local hydro store with Fox Farms, Pro-Mix and a few others)


Has anyone tried Pro-Mix HP? Still has a lot of Peat, but supposed to be great for indoor growing and drainage.


Thank you all in advance for your input. 



How do YOU choose your keepers?

09 February 2018 - 01:40 PM

Hey all,

I'm sitting here potting up my keepers today and I figured I just throw this out there... What do you all look for when choosing which plants to pot up and keep for the season? Wondering if anyone has secret pro-tips to share, haha.

I look for:

- Color and shape/size of the leaves
- Overall size of the plant.

Happy growing! :party:

Caution to Anyone Switching to "Cheap" Blue/Red only LEDs

02 February 2018 - 05:00 PM

Hey All,


    I was surfing YouTube the other night for reviews on some newer pepper varieties, and LED lights, since I want to switch to LED at some point. I came across several videos that tested LED vs T5 fixture grows and "Full Spectrum" LED vs Blue/Red LED fixture (mostly Red) grows.  I know there are plenty of arguments going in every direction for every type of light, just wanted to bring attention to the cheaper versions of the blue/red (blurple) only colored LED fixtures since I see many people on here trying out some of the cheaper ones. It looks to me that full spectrum LED is the best overall, vs only red/blue.


The results were interesting.


Most notably, was the cheaper LED fixtures that were Purple in color (or Blurple, whatever you want to call it) with mostly Red LED's and lower wattage per sq ft, grew weaker plants. The height was similar to the T5 and Full spectrum (White LED) plants, but the stems on the plants grown under the purple colored LED's were softer, had larger node spacing,  and the example plants (tomatoes) actually collapsed under their own weight, while the plants under the Full Spectrum "white" LED continued to grow upward with firm stems. 


I think there is now a wave of Full Spectrum LED fixtures coming into the market that even have a bit of UV and IR light in them, so those are probably a better route to go, even with them being more expensive. 


Here are the sets of videos I found. I just wanted to give anyone considering the cheaper blue/red led fixtures a heads up before wasting their money and time/season. 


  • This set was 4 part series and kind of long, over an hour for all 4 videos, but very informative and explains some basics of lighting before going on to show the grow results. Skip ahead in the videos if you just want to see the grow results. This is the set of videos from the test results mentioned above.
    • Part 1 - 
    • Part 2 - 
    • Part 3 - 
    • Part 4 -