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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!


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#1500000 Walchit's Glog 2017

Posted by Edmick on Yesterday, 03:09 PM

You wont be needing that tabasco buddy. lol

#1499896 Marble Cascabel?

Posted by Edmick on Yesterday, 01:29 AM

I believe this is the pic in question

That would be the one. Interesting picture but questionable, nonetheless. Would love to see what these actually grow out to be.

#1499828 Marble Cascabel?

Posted by Edmick on 19 October 2017 - 05:53 PM



p.s.   If it grows true I want seeds  :lol:

I'll probably just end up throwing these away unless someone wants them. I'm already up to my eyeballs in seeds to grow next season.

#1499820 Strange looking "habanero"

Posted by Edmick on 19 October 2017 - 05:11 PM

It's a Jamaican himconfused pepper. Very common. capsicum hmmmm.

#1499816 Marble Cascabel?

Posted by Edmick on 19 October 2017 - 04:51 PM

It's just very odd that there's only one picture of it. The exact same picture that was used when I bought the seeds 8+ years ago. I learned my lesson a long time ago with ebay seeds. 

#1499811 Hello all.

Posted by Edmick on 19 October 2017 - 04:20 PM


#1499810 Marble Cascabel?

Posted by Edmick on 19 October 2017 - 04:17 PM

So I was going through my seeds and found some old marble cascabels from years ago. I doubt the seeds are even good anymore but when I do an internet search for the variety, only a couple results come up and they're all the same picture of a marble colored cascabels. I also found them under the name granite cascabel but with the exact same picture. Is this a legit variety or just some "diseased" pepper that someone is trying to pass off as legit?

#1499611 Indoor Peppers

Posted by Edmick on 18 October 2017 - 08:52 PM

So I am trying out growing two pepper plants indoors over this fall and winter. I have a peach ghost and a naga brains red.  The seeds are originally from White Hot Peppers and were gifted to me a few months ago. So the picture below is my peach ghost. It was planted directly into the soil. I used Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. Some on the thread of that soil said it was to hot for younger plants with nutrients, but this peach ghost and the naga brains seem to love it. .  I just put it under a T8 grow light from Home Depot when I wake up, and turn off the light before going to bed. Only concern is the plant not having a strong body and stems with no wind.


I don't think fox farms is too hot for your plants. I've used it many many times without an issue. If you're worried about the stems not being strong enough then the best thing to do is put a fan on it. The fan also helps keep fungal gnats away.  

#1499603 Puckerbutt Pepper Co & Hot Ones' The Last Dab (Video)

Posted by Edmick on 18 October 2017 - 08:22 PM

This sauce is odd. I've seen people freak out way more on lesser sauces. Has anyone else noticed this? Good video by the way.

#1499596 Most flavorful peppers?

Posted by Edmick on 18 October 2017 - 08:06 PM

I like aji lemon drops dipped in ranch.

#1499580 Excuse me- been out for while- Thai throwdown anybody?

Posted by Edmick on 18 October 2017 - 06:42 PM


Pay attention on how to prepare the first 3 herbs used in the stock and make shrimp stock from scratch. Buy whole shrimp with head on. Clean the shrimp but use the shells and heads for the stock.


Its all in the stock and how you prep the stock with lemon grass, lime leaves and galangal. Fresh chilis are great also. Most of the rest is kinda upto you. A little tamarind paste and lime vs all lime juice....chili paste vs Tom Yum paste ect ect. I use a Tom Yum paste and a tiny bit of coconut powder or cream but i like a hint of the "creamy kha style". Just omit the cream part if you don't like it.

That video looks pretty spot on to how we like it. The one we had was coconut milk instead on condensed milk. We'll definitely give this recipe a try. Thanks!

#1499554 Which Habanero Is The "Best"?

Posted by Edmick on 18 October 2017 - 04:35 PM

I would with Bahamian goat or scotch bonnet.

#1499549 Powder blend idea

Posted by Edmick on 18 October 2017 - 03:56 PM

I like dehydrated purple onion. Adds a nice color too.

#1499546 Signup for the 2018 mega seed train!

Posted by Edmick on 18 October 2017 - 03:40 PM

Just got my flat rate bubble mailers in the mail today. I'm not sure if it's already been mentioned, but sometimes the post office doesn't have them in stock so everyone on the list should check soon or order them online through usps. They're totally free to have them shipped to you.

#1499540 Pepper seedlings wilting :(

Posted by Edmick on 18 October 2017 - 03:02 PM

I start all my pepper seeds in peat discs and a propagation mat with a hood. But first, I make sure to sterilize the dome and tray with dilute bleach solution and I also rehydrate the peat with boiling water. Once that cools I sow the seeds and wait for the magic to happen. As soon as seeds sprout I pull them and get them into nursery pots with good quality soil and put them under lights. Take it easy on the watering after you remove them too cuz they really don't need much. Propagation mats work amazing but they can be a breeding ground for all sorts of bad stuff if you don't take the necessary precautions. Doing all those things, I haven't had any damping off in years.