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#1546801 Help me identify pepper, please

Posted by Edmick on Today, 06:03 PM

Not a pepper. The stem looks fuzzy in the picture too like maybe a potato leaf tomato variety...? Do you have any seeds leftover by any chance that we can see?

#1546797 Sideshow Gardens Grow Log.

Posted by Edmick on Today, 05:38 PM

I gave up my Korean gochu this year to grow these. Gochugaru is easy for me to get locally. Good Aleppo powder is not. Most of what you can find is grown in Turkey atm. Plus i use way more Korean pepper flakes than i can grow. I would need 20 plants or more and that aint happening.


I may mix some of this with another middle eastern pepper powder too. One of the thin wall bell types probably that has just a touch of heat.

A lot of what you see in stores that's labeled "Aleppo" isn't true Aleppo either. Like you said, a lot of it comes from turkey which may or may not be Aleppo but more than likely it's urfa biber or something similar. A dead giveaway is if you see Aleppo with different heat levels. Like hot Aleppo, medium Aleppo, mild Aleppo.. True Aleppo from Syria has a pretty consistent heat level because it is a landrace with very little genetic variation but because of it's popularity in the culinary world and the limited export coming from Syria, people are trying to capitalize on the name by selling other varieties under the Aleppo name. I guess when there's no real governing body keeping track of this stuff, it's easy to do and very profitable.

#1546787 Sideshow Gardens Grow Log.

Posted by Edmick on Today, 04:50 PM

Soon as mine hit 2 sets of true leave they took off fast. Didnt take too long to get them either.

Wow they look great! Thats awesome. I've sent my aleppo seeds to people all over the globe so far and it's cool seeing seed that you produced being grown all over the country and the world. I'm a nerd though and I think that stuff is interesting. Lol

#1546782 Sideshow Gardens Grow Log.

Posted by Edmick on Today, 04:31 PM

I sampled Ed's Aleppo powder. Its SUPER tasty!!! I have 4 of the plants going too. Germination rate was excellent and the plants dont seem overly demanding.

I'm glad they're working out for you. I was concerned because it was my first time harvesting for seed. My germination rates were really high and fast. They're probably the most vigorous plants I have growing. To be expected from an annum though I guess. They seem to be very heat tolerant too and really took off once the weather got hot. I had days in excess of 100 degrees and didn't have any blossom drop or anything. Very easy and forgiving variety to grow.

#1546777 Bhuter's 2018 Glog

Posted by Edmick on Today, 04:12 PM

You're absolutely right! It was too late once I saw the first sign. It slowed me down at least a month. I should look into an eye loupe. 🧐

This is the one I use. Got it from happyhydro.com. A really really small company. I like it cuz it has the LED lights on it. I paid like $15 for it. You can find it for cheaper but the owner is a super cool guy and I like supporting the little guy. I clipped a lanyard to it and use it all the time. I have a couple thousand plants right now and can't afford an infestation so it's helped me tremendously since I bought it.

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#1546758 Indoor Hydroponic Chocolate Bhutlah - Chocolate Reaper

Posted by Edmick on Today, 03:39 PM

Nice. Good luck with your grow!

#1546741 Sideshow Gardens Grow Log.

Posted by Edmick on Today, 02:57 PM

Looking pretty good! I've never tried the Aleppo. I've heard I'm missing out.

They are pretty good. Nothing to really write home about when fresh in my opinion but they're best when dried in flake form. Very nice complex flavor. Kinda fell in love with this variety a couple years back and decided to isolate all my plants for seed stock. This is the true "landrace" variety from Syria. I can send you some seeds if you're interested in growing them for next year.

#1546721 Bhuter's 2018 Glog

Posted by Edmick on Today, 02:08 PM

Mites are a bitch. Usually don't even notice theres a problem til it's totally infested. At least that was the case for me. Maybe I just didn't pay close enough attention. Now I check all my plants with an eye loupe every couple days to catch anything in the earliest stages.

#1546708 Sideshow Gardens Grow Log.

Posted by Edmick on Today, 01:37 PM

Maybe a bit of some over fertilization going on with the new leaves, but it is still alive and kicking.

They're still adjusting to the recent addition of cal mag into their nutrient schedule. The leaves have been starting out like this then forming normally as they mature. I'm assuming from the flush of nitrogen they got when the calcium hit them. *Assuming*

#1546701 Sideshow Gardens Grow Log.

Posted by Edmick on Today, 01:27 PM

One of my favorite varieties to use in the kitchen. Aleppo grown from seed stock from my pods last year. Seems to be doing pretty well.

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#1546688 Bhuter's 2018 Glog

Posted by Edmick on Today, 12:48 PM

Hey on the subject of those purples, I assume your plants aren't outdoors yet but has anyone noticed in previous seasons that bugs seem to like them more? My plants are outdoors full time now and the pests seem to gravitate towards the purples more for some reason.

#1546683 Bhuter's 2018 Glog

Posted by Edmick on Today, 12:28 PM

I've heard people say that cilantro tastes soapy? Is it like that or is it a different taste?

My wife can't stand cilantro. She would rather starve than eat it. And raw onions. She loves them cooked though. Weirdo

#1546673 D3monic Pepper Company Hot Sauce Review

Posted by Edmick on Today, 11:53 AM

It needs to be red king crab! From the waters of bora bora!

#1546539 D3monic Pepper Company Hot Sauce Review

Posted by Edmick on Today, 12:12 AM

Used this sauce on some fried fish tonight. Very tasty!

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#1546528 Sliced ketchup

Posted by Edmick on Yesterday, 11:09 PM

It all makes sense now dragonsfire. The shroud has been lifted..