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    Joe Delaney
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    Minneapolis, MN
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    gardening, food, wine, travel, foreign languages

Food Stuff

  • Favorite Hot Pepper
    Mako akokɔsrade
  • Favorite Hot Sauce
    Surinamese pikasaus
  • Favorite BBQ Food
  • Favorite BBQ Sauce
    my own secret recipe
  • Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food

Growing Stuff

  • Grow List
    C. annuum , Golden cayenne
    C. annuum , Pasilla Bajio-Chilaca
    C. annuum , Ramiro red
    C. baccatum , Aji amarillo
    C. baccatum , Aji Santa Cruz
    C. baccatum , Bishops crown
    C. baccatum , Guarmal - Ecuador
    C. chinense , 7 pod
    C. chinense , 7 pod brain strain
    C. chinense , 7 Pod Douglah Brown
    C. chinense , 7 pod infinity
    C. chinense , Aji dulce
    C. chinense , Aji umba/oemba
    C. chinense , Bhut jolokia
    C. chinense , Black scorpion tongue
    C. chinense , Congo black
    C. chinense , Dorset Naga
    C. chinense , Fatalii yellow
    C. chinense , Kpakpo shito
    C. chinense , Madame Jeanette
    C. chinense , Mako akokɔsrade
    C. chinense , Mako kokoo
    C. chinense , Naga morich
    C. chinense , Purple bhut jolokia
    C. chinense , Trinidad beans
    C. chinense , Trinidad Douglah brown
    C. chinense , Trinidad scorpion yellow
    C. frutescens , Malagueta, PI 497984
    C. frutescens , Tabasco
    C. pubescens , Giant Red rocoto - Milan
    C. pubescens , Manzano
    C. pubescens , Red rocoto
    C. pubescens , Rocoto Bolivian Enormous
    C. pubescens , Rocoto Inca
    C. pubescens , Rocoto large yellow, Pisac, Peru
    C. pubescens , Rocoto red
  • Seeds Available For Trade
    Capsicum annuum Aji dulce - Panama
    Capsicum annuum Fish Pepper
    Capsicum annuum Golden Cayenne
    Capsicum annuum Guinea Green Pepper
    Capsicum annuum Hong-gochu
    Capsicum annuum Pasilla Bajio
    Capsicum annuum Pequin
    Capsicum annuum Ramiro red
    Capsicum annuum Sheepnose Pimento
    Capsicum baccatum Aji Amarillo
    Capsicum baccatum Aji Chirel
    Capsicum baccatum Aji Santa Cruz
    Capsicum baccatum Bishop's Hat
    Capsicum baccatum Guarmal Ecuador
    Capsicum chinense 7 Pod
    Capsicum chinense 7 Pot Primo
    Capsicum chinense Aji chombo
    Capsicum chinense Aji Dulce
    Capsicum chinense Aji Jovito
    Capsicum chinense Aji llanero
    Capsicum chinense Aji Margariteņo
    Capsicum chinense Aji Umba
    Capsicum chinense Aribibi Gusano
    Capsicum chinense Bhut Jolokia, Yellow
    Capsicum chinense Congo Black
    Capsicum chinense Dorset Naga
    Capsicum chinense Fatalii
    Capsicum chinense Madame Jeanette
    Capsicum chinense Mako akokosrade
    Capsicum chinense Mako kokoo
    Capsicum chinense Naga Morich
    Capsicum chinense Scotch Bonnet, Red
    Capsicum chinense Scotch Bonnet, Yellow
    Capsicum chinense Trinidad 7 pod brain strain yellow
    Capsicum chinense Trinidad 7 pod yellow
    Capsicum chinense Trinidad beans
    Capsicum chinense Trinidad Brown Douglah 7 Pot
    Capsicum chinense Kpakpo shito
    Capsicum frutescens Aji Chuncho
    Capsicum frutescens Aji pinga de perro
    Capsicum frutescens Tabasco
    Capsicum pubescens Red Rocoto
    Capsicum sp Bhut Jolokia
    Capsicum sp Bhut Jolokia Indian Carbon
    Capsicum sp Purple bhut jolokia
  • Seeds Wanted
    Other varieties that are really unique, flavorful and/or obscure -- heirlooms, especially landraces, are the best. Still looking for authentic Ethiopian 'berebere'. C. chinense is my favorite species, and varieties that are highly aromatic are what I'm after lately, e.g. Atarodo (C05599), Amazon Chile Roma, Cahombo, Chupetinha, St. Lucia red seasoning, Tobago Scotch bonnet sweet, etc.

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