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Update and some problems in the grow tent, need some help.

23 March 2012 - 01:37 PM

Edit: short of anything else, because I know there is a whole lot more info on here than most people would feel like reading, if you could just take a look at the pics and post what you think is wrong with them, and the stuff in bold should mention something related to it usually. Thanks

Hi guys,

I figured I would give an update on the larger set of plants, I have 2 smaller trays of about 80 seedlings total in the shelf, and once I get the care package from Xtreme Growing I plan to plant up those, but I have some questions about the plants in the grow room. and just some background, they are all in 1 gallon pots (except for 1 of them) and I have a 600w HID Digilux MH bulb in there and the lumens are from 20-30,000 towards the sides to about 15-20,000 lumens right under it (I am guessing due to the hood and the "cool tube" reflecting the light from the bulb differently than I would expect).. point being, plenty of light. I also have 1 small 12" fan on all the time in the top left corner blowing air near the opening of the light tube whenever the light is on, I also have a big 18" fan osculating for about 15min once every hour when the light is on.. and then every other 15min when the lights are off.. I also have an inline vent fan that blows all the air out of the tent to recirculate the air a few times while the lights are on, but once every hour I think when the lights are off to keep the humidity down, so the humidity is around 70% usually based on the meter I have(maybe up to 80% sometimes, but not for long), I should check it with my dad's meter too just to make sure.

It seems that no matter what I do, there is always something up with these guys, I have a set of 14 plants that I planted a month earlier than the majority of these, so sometime around mid Dec. which I have been using as a kind of test group. They are growing well, the roots are really packed in there but when I potted up one of the Bulgarian Carrot plants into a 3 gallon bucket just because it had a lot of pods on it and I liked that one lol.. the root ball was good, but not crazy packed and no where close to root bound which was good to know. I will just lay out my issues I am having:

I will post the issue with info on it, and then the question in bold, with a pic under it of what I am talking about. The pics are not great right now because the lights are off, but I will see if I can get some better pics when the lights come on in 2 more hours, and with that said, most of the leaves look much more yellow than they do normally, due to the flash)

1.) While I am on the topic of the Bulgarian Carrot plant that I potted up, it has started to produce a little bit more growth but it's really slow, it's a small plant and I would say it is plenty mature by now, but I have had pods on the plant since... I think 2 months now.. or at least 1.5 months and they are just about fully grown, I figured I would be getting some ripe ones by now, but the plant has just held on to them and they are still green... My guess is that the plant just needs more light for it to really finish off and get those pods ripe.. the plant has about.. 20 fully grown pods and something like 10+ other pods, I don't really know, I haven't counted all of them.. but there are a lot of them.. the plant is still green, and is doing great.. my question being, am I right about it just needing more light? (the not so great looking leaf on the left side of the pic is from a different plant)
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2.) My second issue is that the leaves are.. well they just don't look great, some of them are curling a little, especially towards the top of the plant, but they are green and look healthy (some of them I are not that great, I will address that below) My aji lemons especially are really a PITA because they curl like crazy, even the seedlings that I have in the shelf is curling a little.. what the heck is up?? I had water issues at first because I had just transplanted them and the soil is heavier than before, and the humidity was really high before... but now that the roots are established and the fans I explained up above so the humidity shouldn't be THAT bad.. it really doesn't seem very humid.. 60-70% shouldn't be a problem for a pepper plant I would think..and now the walls of the grow tent are always dry, where before they started building up moisture before the inline fan came on.. but like I said I corrected that.. for nutes, I have about 1/2 the recommended strength that they say of each: bone meal mixed into the bottom of the soil before I put the plant in while transplanting, Blood meal under a thin layer of the soil on the top, so just under the surface, and I also have a little bit of granulated Potash from muriate I think, they were 0-0-60, so I used like 4-5 grains sprinkled on there, which is wayy way lower than any recommended amount, I did the math to make sure the numbers were about even with the other 2 ferts.. and I don't plan on them breaking down very fast anyways because the grains are bigger than the blood meal and stuff.. but anyways I also have a little bit of sulfur pellets to just keep the pH around 6, and I need to check it again tonight after I water but it is usually pretty consistent, if not closer to 6.5pH

as far as watering goes, like I said I had waited about 3 weeks before watering the last time to wait until it dried out, because the 2 waterings I did before that I did within a week right after potting them up.. even though I used only about 1/3 solo cup of water those times, this last time I watered I used 1/2 solo cup of water to close to 3/4 a cup maybe, but almost all of the pots are really lite now and dry.. there are a few that are still heavy but I just won't water those.. and it has been 1 week.. I need to water them today later on when the lights come on.. so I know I am not over watering them, they just start to droop and like I said, the weight of the soil is less than when I transplanted them, (the soil was damp but not wet when I first transplanted them, so now they are really dry)

Here are some pics of the ones I am talking about, first one is Aji Lemon.. and also, the majority of the ones affected are annuums, there are a few chinese ones that are affected but not much.. and most of the superhots are looking great for the most part.
Posted Image

I think a Hottie Hybrid (hab) or Caribbean Red, can't remember

And a chocolate bhut just starting to curl today as of this morning, and the pot on this one is really light, so going to water tonight like I said
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Posted Image

3.) Ok, so the third issue is that some of the lower leaves on them are falling off, a few of them start to turn a little yellow then fall off, but there are even a couple (but not as many) that are still a pretty green and they come off.. maybe when I bump them a little, but they shouldn't be that brittle.. all of the nodes where the leaves have come off have new leaves starting to grow from them, so I'm not really worried about this too much because I think it has more to do with them being tightely packed in there and maybe not enough light getting down there.. but it's still around 5,000 lumens.. so I don't know, any ideas. you can see what I am talking about in the pics above, but here are some pics of the whole tent, with the first one has the older ones in the back.. but actually I just remembered that I pruned all of those lower leaves off about 2 months ago, or a little less (part of the 14 I was kind of testing some things with).. I figured they would have new leaves growing great of of them by now, but they are really really slow to grow.. again I think it might be a mix of the pot size and lack of the huge amount of light the sun puts out....

oh and also a few of the older plants, mainly the ones in the pic below have a few yellow leaves, I might have been messing up the watering a little, but the soil drains really well and packed with roots, so I have to water them every 4-5 days about, and it drys completely out by then, so some of these leaves might be a little yellow still from when I screwed it up, and just haven't fallen off yet.. maybe?

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Here are the annuums that I was talking about, I know they have a little bit of edema, but like I said I corrected the issue, and I only water when the soil is all dried up, but they still are being a PITA.. mainly the Tepins on this side, and the cherry peppers, but they are still growing and some have some pepper pods on them which are doing well..
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Grow tent all together..
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and sorry guys for the huge wright up,(and I don't know why some of these pics are flipped, when they are upright in photobucket, but oh well) but I wanted to get everything covered and reduce the number of people asking questions that I know will be asked if I leave it out.. and I would like to see what is going on, I have some ideas, but I want to see what everyone else thinks about it.. so if you guys could take a little time to at least go through one of the issues that would be very much appreciated, thanks (next year I will be sure to make a glog so I don't need huge posts like this one lol)


and just for kicks here are pics of the shelves with the seedlings, the top shelf has another 40 seedlings that I just planted, and some chocolate scorps on the right side that I planted a week after everything else.. and about 35 or so tomato plants as extras for the ones my mom planted back in January lol which are now flowering and a few have tomatoes on them.. and the bottom shelf are the seedling I planted I think about a month ago and will be putting them in party cups sometime soon.. the damn chocolate bhuts didn't come up, out of the 6 seeds I put in there.. I had about 2 in each cell, and did it 3 times over when they didn't come up.. so I don't know, the others were a pain to, maybe they will come up in a few weeks.. if not oh well, I already have 3 bigger ones in the tent.
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"NEED" Chocolate Trinidad Scorps.. - All set thanks!

04 March 2012 - 01:02 AM

Ok, well I was going to try to wait till people had some pods come up this summer before trying to get some seeds, but I can't stop thinking about them, and I really would like to start some seeds with my next and final batch of peppers that I will be starting this week...

I can pay for them, I really only need 10 seeds at the most, or I can trade some of the seeds I have left, I don't have too to many but I can throw in a few of each or something, but we can work something out.

I know how rare these seeds are, but I know there are some out there that might have a couple lying around that need a good home to grow up! :D

If someone could help me out that would be awesome, I don't think I will be able to stop thinking about these until I eventually get my hands on them haha..

Thanks.. now I can go to sleep with wishful thinking :pray:

Another sick plant, but I can't think of what it could be??

09 February 2012 - 11:36 PM

This is one of the few TS "Butch T" plants I have growing now, I planted a bunch more, but I only have a few this size right now, so if this is something I can get rid of them great.. the plant has been growing like this for the last few weeks, I just figured it was severe edema at first, but I didn't see any bumps or anything.. and I haven't watered it in a while.. at least not enough to give it edema..and all my other plants are doing much better, so bottom line, not edema

none of the other plants next to it seem to be affected so I don't think it is a fungus.. at least nothing that can be passed on by contact, and I was waiting a week or so to see if it affected the new leaves, and it is.. so now it's time to figure out what is wrong with it so I can hopefully fix it..

The texture of the leaves are dry, its like they are just dieing.. but it still keeps growing.. it's not even really slowing it down much, it's about the same size as the other TS I have right next to it.. just ugly and I think once they get a little bigger and start to take off. this will affect it's growth more severely.

Thanks as always!

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Next steps for growing my peppers, some questions.

02 February 2012 - 11:55 PM

This warm weather the last few days has got me all excited for the spring (although it is cold again, but the weather has had it's effect on me lol) I have mapped out the garden where I will be expanding it to allow all the new peppers and my mom's tomatoes this year, I will essentially be doubling it from 16'x20' to.. a shape like a tapered off square kind of, but the overall space will be a little larger than a 40'x44' area.

I plan on getting a bunch of worms and worm casings from a local area that is absolutely loaded with them, and a few truckloads of manure, so that is all set, but we have a wood stove to keep the house warm, and we usually dump the ashes and rest of the coals into the woods/wet swamp edge area, but I was wondering if there would be any benefits to putting it into the garden, I will be tilling the garden between now and planting time probably a half a dozen times so it would all be mixed it.. but would it have any negative effects? I would think it would if anything filter water.. but I don't think it would mater too much either way other than adding a small amount of volume to the dirt...?

Also I have my grow tent setup in the basement which is usually 65 degrees ambient temp (outside the tent) and I am trying my best to keep the electricity bill down as low as possible and I have an electric heater to pop on to keep a steady temp.. I set it to 73 now, so it doesn't have to go on as much.. when the lights are on at night, then temp under the lights is about 80 degrees or so (at the base of the plants where the soil is) and during their dark cycle.. it is 73.. I noticed that when the lights are off, the plants wilt which is actually why I had over watered them last time because I had checked them when the lights were off and went to go water them when the lights had just turned on, so they didn't perk up yet..

so my question is, is 73 for the dark phase ok? I'm not worried about them getting crazy growth, they are growing fast enough now lol, the larger ones are flowering now like crazy, but I would think 73 is ok since it definitely gets colder than that at night during the summer.. so is everything fine with that? I would think a little wilting is normal while the "sun" is down. correct? I figure when it gets closer to putting them outside I will just take the heater off and let it drop down to 65-70 during the dark cycle and go from there.

There might have been a few other questions that I had thought of before, but these will do for now.


Tomato Plants way too early, needs so advice.

30 January 2012 - 09:24 PM

Hi, so I am all set for my pepper plants now, but my mom got excited and planted her tomato seeds the same time I planted my 2nd set of pepper plants (it was about 3 weeks ago....) so now there are some that are about 10" or so, and some that were shocked because she was having trouble handling the seeds and put about 3-4 per Jiffy pellet so when we transplanted those, the roots were damaged and they are slow to recover but they are recovering. My mom usually doesn't plant until march in an outdoor mini greenhouse that we had, and since last winter, the greenhouse was torn up from a storm, she just bought all her tomato plants from the local nursery.. but with me growing all my pepper plants inside and early this year with a grow room/HID lights ect.. I got her some seeds to try.

So needless to say, we defiantly jumped the gun on the tomatoes, but since I would like to keep them alive, and I should be able to figure out room for them to grow (I bought her another mini greenhouse for Christmas this year to replace the one that was destroyed, it is about 6x4' I think and I can stick that in the basement next to my grow tent) what can I do to help these things go... by now the larger ones would be in the ground, but since that is definitely not possible yet, how should we go about growing them in containers until we can get them outside.. I have plenty of 1 gallon pots which I would like to keep them in until they go in the ground, and there are about... 35 plants I think that are in party cups.

As I said the larger ones were doing great, but just started curling a little and stuff.. I think I have a partial pic of them.. but not of how they look now (they just started wilting today for the most part) and I haven't watered them in a little while because my pepper plants were getting edema and it is pretty humid in there, but I just watered them to see if that would help at all.

Ok well I don't have a picture right now but I will get one tomorrow after classes but until then, if anyone can give me some advice on how to grow these tomato plants until it gets warm enough, large ones are about 10-12", smaller ones are only about 4-5"