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Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Black Friday => Cyber Monday Sale!

21 November 2016 - 04:26 PM




Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Black Friday? Small Business Saturday? Cyber Monday? I figured I'd hit them all at once. 

I recently discovered that I have small stash of 5 oz bottles of Purple Label at my warehouse. At first I thought I'd put them on sale for this weekend's shopping craze, but then I decided it would be more fun to give them away for free instead. 

So from Midnight on Thursday 11/24/16 through Monday, 11/28/16 until Midnight, every order received at Lucky Dog Hot Sauce regardless of size will receive a FREE 5 oz bottle of Purple Label! 

Order $30 or more and I'll throw in two FREE 5 oz bottles of Purple Label. Order $60 or more and you'll get 3 FREE 5 oz bottles of Purple Label! 

Ordering a spectacular 11-color Dia del Perro tank top, t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt? You'll get a FREE 5 oz bottle of Purple Label too! 

This award-winning hickory-smoked jalapeño hot sauce won a Golden Chile in 2014 for Mild at Zestfest in Texas. It's the perfect compliment to steak, cheese & crackers, pork chops, grilled chicken, and especially leftover turkey sandwiches! 

So get your orders in this weekend (including Friday & Monday all day!) and get your FREE Purple Label with no additional shipping charges. 

Love & Hot Sauce, and a very happy Thanksgiving to you all. 


Buzzfeed's "32 Hot sauces You Must Try Before You Die"

06 October 2016 - 02:12 PM


Dia del Perro got some love! :woohoo:

Dog Day sale! $ave on Lucky Dog!

27 August 2016 - 09:29 AM

Yes, it was yesterday, but I forgot to post this here - but I am running the sale through Monday at 11:59 PM PT!

Simply enter DogDay at checkout and it'll knock 20% off of your entire cart!

It also stacks with existing site discounts - order a 4-pack of Year of the Dog? 20% off of the discounted price!

Love & hot sauce


Cultmoo reviews Year of the Dog

12 August 2016 - 08:35 PM

Warning: NSFW language & alcohol consumption,

Er, I mean "bonus", not warning. :rofl:


Happy Friday!

Cultmoo - a zany bunch of guys who do product reviews while sometimes drinking heavily. Be forewarned: they talk like a bunch of dudes who drink beer and review hot sauce, thus NSFW language.

They also do such classic bits as "will it sausage?" (a must-watch, in my opinion) and various food challenges, but they take their product reviews very seriously. They pull no punches, and they're loyal only to their viewers.

What did they think of Year of the Dog? Check it out and see!

Love & hot sauce


Attention Hot Sauce companies - scumbag alert

22 July 2016 - 03:54 PM

As some of you may have heard, Dana A Romero has filed for bankruptcy protection.

In this case he's (allegedly) protecting himself for (allegedly) ripping off all of the booth money from the Houston Hot Sauce Festival and (allegedly) using that $ to take his family on trips to exotic places like Disneyworld.

Mr Romero also (allegedly) embezzled money from the Louisiana Hot Sauce Festival for two straight years, claiming substantial losses and (allegedly) pocketing the difference between the profits and the losses he (allegedly) reported.

As a direct result, the HOU hot sauce expo has been canceled this year, leaving all those who paid for it losing $. Many of these are small businesses who can ill afford such a loss. It's shameful that Mr Romero (allegedly) stole this money, and then rather than defend himself he (not allegedly) fired for bankruptcy protection, essentially flipping the middle finger to those he (allegedly) stole from.

For those who don't know, Mr Romero is also the creator of the "World Hot Sauce Awards", and apparently sees no issue in hosting those still, despite the ongoing litany of alleged abuses.

Mr Romero has been quick to change the World Hot Sauce Awards website to denounce his association with any festival (where previously those associations were the chief marketing bullet point and measure of credibility.)

I would therefore strongly caution anyone considering entering this sham of an award, to consider whether this cancer on the hot sauce industry is deserving of your hard-earned money for an award that is reportedly not recognized as having any credibility in the industry by anyone.

Bear in mind, both head judges quit after the 1st year (and currently want nothing to do with the organizer or his shady awards).

And I relate this to everyone as a 1st place winner and divisional champion from the 1st year - knowing full well that in doing so, I help to destroy the credibility of an award that I possess. Selfishly, that is in part why I've said little publicly to date - after all, I invested in the awards entry, and hate to see my investment / 1st place / division win be for naught. But sometimes enough is enough. I don't give a crap about that trophy, and will be throwing it in the garbage where it belongs.

Full disclosure. I've not supported this award since that 1st year, in large part because Mr. Romero publicly attempted to belittle a peer in the hot sauce industry for daring to ask a question about improper storage of refrigerate-only samples that were left unrefrigerated. When I had that vendor's back in the comments, I was sent nasty private messages by Mr Romero, and subsequently "banned" from the awards for "disrespecting them". Further Mr Romero reneged on the $400 booth that I had fairly won by winning the divisional prize.

And nothing alleged about this part: in private messages, Mr Romero was hostile, childish, and vindictive, and displayed an attitude like he had earned some sort of high standing in the hot sauce world - he went so far as to try to tell me I was also "banned from the Golden Chiles", which the organizers of Zestfest found bizarre since he's entirely unaffiliated.

So please be warned: The "World Hot Sauce Awards" are currently soliciting vendors for entries. The organizer has (allegedly) stolen from dozens of well respected vendors and is (allegedly) responsible for ruining 2 separate events, the LA Hot Sauce Festival & the long running Houston Hot Sauce Festival. The bankruptcy filing is active and can be found online.

Do not give this person of questionable integrity your $ for an award no one respects.

As a business owner, I ordinarily don't dwell on the negative, but this man has (allegedly) hurt a lot of my friends in the industry - and I won't sit back and say nothing while he continues (allegedly) hurting people.

Love & hot sauce