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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!


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#1440610 PaulG 2017

Posted by PaulG on Today, 09:25 PM

All I can say is "wow!". Those plants are some of the healthiest I've seen in many years. So much flowering going on! Love the greenhouse too! Mines just a skeleton fight now. Need to replace the fabric. Grow on!

Always something to do, right, PG?

I think the VermiFire / Happy Frog soil mix
with light feedings of AK fish fertilizer has
something to do with it! Thanks for the
posivity, Guru!

#1440545 PaulG 2017

Posted by PaulG on Today, 06:08 PM

Welcome to a little more crowded greenhouse.  Big F5#1 next to left door jamb:


This was covered with fast moving flood waters from usually tranquil Willow Creek.  

No damage - it serves as a run-off absorber / wetland in Winter and early Spring:
(included by accident - part of my walking trail every day - sorry)


A pair of 4th generation JA Red Habaneros from WalkGood / Devv.  

Everything Scott says about them is absolutely true!:



Top of F5#2:

Top of Habanero next to F5#2:

2nd generation Peruvian Red Rocotos:

Looking down on back half of greenhouse from above my head:

Back shelf.  Now that plants are moving outside, I am removing leaves

with any kind of gash, lesion, look tired and yellow-y, or whatever.

Probably being overcautious after last year's BLS scare, but I'm taking

no chances:


I have noticed removing the big, old, tired lower leaves causes the new,

upper leaves to size up a bit.  Maybe just my imagination!

#1440530 PaulG 2017

Posted by PaulG on Today, 05:52 PM

Energizer plant?

You've discovered my secret, Scott     :eek:      :shocked:     

  :rolleyes:    Oh, well, cat's out of the bag now,   :shh:

#1440459 Peter S - 2017 grow

Posted by PaulG on Today, 02:24 PM

Man, you have got it going, friend!  Really dialed in

system, great results, can't wait to see this grow develop!

#1440458 OCD 2017!!!

Posted by PaulG on Today, 02:21 PM

Developing nicely, Charles!  Keep it going strong, my friend!

#1440455 Tridents Bonnet Set - Season 4

Posted by PaulG on Today, 02:20 PM

Geez   :eek:   John, you are taking growing peppers   :shocked:  to a new level!


Are you prefabing those units for distribution to THP members?

#1440453 Joyner's 2017 Minimalist Pepper Party

Posted by PaulG on Today, 02:10 PM

Glad to see things rolling along there, Chris!


Good vibes your way, my friend!

#1440451 Devv-2017-Having a good time in the dirt

Posted by PaulG on Today, 02:07 PM

Way to go, Scott - everything looking great.


Awesome forecast - good luck getting some

rain without severe thunderstorms!

#1440450 Stickman's 2017 Minimalist Glog

Posted by PaulG on Today, 02:03 PM

:clap:  You are going to have some bushy monsters, Rick!


Finally a chance to catch up on your grow log - as always

impressed by the methodical manner in which you approach

your gardening.

#1440447 Stetto's First Winter Grow ('16-'17)

Posted by PaulG on Today, 01:56 PM

Finally rocotos. 16 days.

:woohoo:  :woohoo:

A local farmer popped in this morning to get his taxes done, I gifted him one of the PaulG Peruvians. He's pretty excited about it.


That's awesome, Eric!  Spread the Aji love, brother!

#1440446 Essegi 2017: at bare minimum

Posted by PaulG on Today, 01:46 PM

I had never been here. To be honest that time i wasn't interested in the summint (even if it's of maximum historic importance) but on the path.

I've chosen path 109 (4,6km for 1150m of ascension just the path itself) for expert hikers (due to a chain and some really steep off trail traits) that has been quite brutal to walk...
Descent was through path 106 called "direttissima" that means "very direct" that for sure was much less direct than ascension, but still not trivial at all, and less interesting aside some chamoises:
Well, i wanted some hard training and that without doubt delivered. Cool path, not dangerous or of difficult orientation (though GPS came handful a couple of times) but really demanding and fun.

Makes me yearn to get out in the mountains!  Great pic, Giancarlo, and kudos   :clap:

for getting into the advanced hiking class.

#1440440 PaulG 2017

Posted by PaulG on Today, 01:26 PM

You've certainly got your growing methods dialed in for your conditions Paul. Keep up the good work!

Spasibo, Comrade!  (Спасибо if you speak Russian)    :hi:    :seeya:

Paul mate my gasp is flabbered (Haha, Sim  :rofl: ) lol your whole grow is so tuned in and a education, as others have said that grown down plant is a absolute beast, which is a credit to your growing skills.
Love the orange manzanos, beautiful looking plants.
You seem to have it all covered and will harvest big yiields in my opinion and rightly so.
Brilliant gardening and one of my favourite blogs. Nicely done so far.

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Sim, your too kind, my friend   :oops:   I'm very happy that you
find some useful information in it.  Much of that comes from
others' contribution to the pages, thank you all.  In fairness,
I owe any success I might be having to the knowledge gained
by participating in THP forum over the past five years.
Continued success this season to you, as well, Sim...

Thought this to be a good illustration of the effects of a few
weeks fan on the developing plants (once transplanted onto
cups and have a couple pair of true leaves.) Hook emerged Jan. 9th:

#1440149 PaulG 2017

Posted by PaulG on Yesterday, 08:22 PM

Very nice Paul, that growdown plant is huge! That and the Red Carribean is going to be a monster ;)

Hey, Scott, thanks Buddy!

I'm not sure if it will be the chosen plant. The middle
plant seems a tad bushier and has more flowers - good
thing choice time is a long ways away.

Impressed. 'Nuff sed.

It's all good, brother!

#1439931 Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques

Posted by PaulG on Yesterday, 03:19 PM

Gassy!! Nice to see you brother ... !!

+1 Trippa!  Good to see your name on the forum, Brother!


Really beautiful coloration on those. Pretty interesting cross. Following


Great to have you along, Michael, especially knowing

your interest with crosses.  I'm have a strong hunch

they cross with Bhut Jolokias pretty readily.

#1439508 LAND OF THE GIANTS 2017 - Biggest Bonnet Competition

Posted by PaulG on 25 March 2017 - 08:25 PM



You are way ahead of mine, which germinated February 15th thru the 18th.


I will post some pics tomorrow.




Here they are at ~ five weeks old:



Super nice, they look like plastic models they're so perfect!