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Jedisushi06 2019 grow. The pepper strikes back.

13 January 2019 - 04:53 PM

Getting seeds ready to soak this week today and attempting to bring back some old school 7 pot strains from the late Silver Surfer on here and planting my own crosses and growing out seeds from the late Jack Chapman AKA Jack Superhot.  Hoping to have a better season then last year.  The heat was brutal and my plants struggled to produce.  Debating on growing some wild strains too.  I also need to plant AJi types by march.  


5 way cross JC

Destroyah MC

Wrecking ball x 7 pot brown 4 way cross JC

Billy Boy Douglah Chocolate SS

Peach ? x Reaper EC

Yellow mix, could be yellow brain, yellow 7 pot, or yellow billy boy douglah SS

Yellow dystopia WL

Red Brain Strain SS

HP50 Gum Red MC

HP50 Gum Chocolate MC

Red Douglah Billy Boy SS

Original Red 7 pot Judy

7 Pot Primo Red TP

7  Pot Primo Chocolate TP

Gnarly BBM Chocolate TP

Borg 9 x Chocolate Bhutlah Sm  Serpent pheno JC

Brain Strain Chocolate RSMC

Mystery mix SS

7 Pot Yellow SS

Red Umorok Ghost

Chocolate Umorok Ghost

7 Pot Jonah Red JC

7 Pot Barrackpore Chocolate JC

Carolina Reaper Red

Yellow Brain Stain SS

Red Douglah Offspring Judy

Peach Bhut x Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion Charles Souza

Assam Bhut Red

Brown Moruga Scorpion Judy

Red Morgua X chocolate barrackpore Chocolate Pods MCJC

Black Naga

Yellow Naga

Beth Boyd Orange Scotch Bonnet

Freeport Orange Scotch Bonnet

Yellow Scorpion

Chocolate Scorpion







Rhubarb Aji jam

28 June 2018 - 08:41 PM

2-1/2 pounds of fresh or frozen chopped rhubarb
15 Frozen Aji Melocoton peppers chopped in food chopper
2 cups cane sugar
Juice and zest from two oranges
1 cinnamon stick
1 vanilla bean split in half
1/2 cup h2o

Bring to a boil and reduce heat to medium low and cook 45 mins to 1 hour till thick.
Process in 6 sterilized 8 oz canning jars
Enjoy [emoji4]

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Jedisushi06 2018 grow

20 January 2018 - 03:49 PM

Planted on 1/14/18


Red Primo

Mustard Bhut

Bhutlah Scorpion Chocolate

Assam Bhut Jolokia Red

Bad Brains Yellow

Black Naga

Douglah SR

Wrecking Ball X 7 Pot Brown

Vader jigsaw

Bhutlah Orange

Peach bhut

Bengal Naga

Pale Bhut

Chocolate Primo

Olive Bhut

Space Ghost ( Vader Jigsaw x Mustard Bhut )

Red Ghost

Shabu Shabu

Gnarly BBM

Chocolate Borg 9 X Jigsaw Red

Umorok Chocolate Bhut

Orange Bhut

Vader's Cahhck   ( Vader Jigsaw x Mustard Bhut ) 

King Naga

Giant Bhut Jolokia

Naga E-Strain

Naga Morich Bangladesh

Bhut Red

Yellow Naga

White Bhut PL

Naga Raja Morich

Chocolate Clamshell

Orange Bhut Jolokia

Yellow Bhut Jolokia

Peach Bhut PL

Chocolate Reaper Scorpion

Weaver White Bhut

Peach Bhut

Caramel Bhut JW

Red Bhut Jolokia PL

Wrecking Ball x BBG7  May have crossed with a chocolate BBG7, Red BBG7, or my BBG7 x HP50

Large Red Ghost

Mustard Bhut 2

Billy Boy Douglah Red 

7 pot wes cross  Red pod with tail.  Very tasty and hot.

Peach Bhut x Jay's peach ghost scorpion

Shabu Shabu 2

Red Bhut Jolokia Dulac

Destroyah ( MRM x 7 pot brown X Carolina Reaper red )

Jack Chap crazy Chocolate Pod  ( Satan Moruga x Chocolate Brakkapore X Moruga x Butch T X Reaper ) Hottest pepper iv'e ever tasted.

BBG7 x Hp50 Chocolate

Mustard Reaper X

Borg 9 yellow

Jack's Chocolate f3

Brown Moruga PL

FHFM Red Moruga

Yellow Jonah Brains

Caramel Moruga

BTR x Moruga Peach Pods

BBG7 x Jack's chocolate

Yellew Jonah Brains 2

BBG7 x Hp50 Chocolate 2

Chocolate Bhut x Red Scorpion

Jay's chocolate scorpion

BBG7 x Hp50 Red

Yellow Brain Strain Cappy

Red Brain Strain Cappy

Yellow Jonah

Brakkapore x Jay's ghost scorpion Red pods

Caramel Brain Strain

Scotch Brain Yellow

Douglah X 7 Pot Brown Chocolate pods

Mourga UV with tails red pods

Peach Habalokia

Chocolate Moruga

Douglah X

BBG7 x Douglah

BBM x Reaper

Borg 9 Red x chocolate bhutlah SM

MRM X 7 Pot Brown Yellow pods

Clockwork Orange ( Moruga X primo x reaper )

Reaper x peach ? EC

Douglah x Chocolate Scorpion

Chocolate Borg 9

Yellow Scorpion

Bonda Me Jaques

Billy Boy Douglah Yellow

jamaican hot chocolate

Mustard Moruga Brains

Ugly Red Ghost

Chocolate Scorpion

Phallic peach

Borg 9 red

Umorok Red Ghost 

Reaperuga EC

Yoda Space Ghost


BBG7 x Reaper

Chocolate Moruga Brain

Bhut Jolokia Indian Carbon


How to smoke salt?

24 July 2016 - 01:35 PM

anyone out there making smoked salt?  I plan on giving this a go next month when i get a green egg on loan.  I'm guessing i'll puree fresh pods with chunky pink salt i have then lay out on a tray to smoke.  

Superhot fermented Sriracha sauce

23 May 2016 - 02:08 PM

Measured out one pound if mixed red super hots i grew last season and chop them up fine in my blender and mixed in 10 teaspoons of pink salt and let them ferment in a mason jar with an airlock lid for two weeks.  Pulled them out yesterday and blended up apple vinegar, honey, juice and zest of one large orange and added salt and half a onion.  Blended till smooth and cooked it outside on my portable electric burner.  Make sure you stir it while it cooks it has a tendency to bubble and make a mess.  Came out volcanic hot.   Added maybe half a cup of vinegar.


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it only made about 4 bottles so you can imagine how hot it is.