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Indeed. We're eating all we can stand and I'm running two 8-tray, 1000 watt Nesco 1018 Gardenmasters full time and making purees in the food processor to freeze for my girl dog.
I may have to convert my freezigerator back to a freezer for a while.

Sounds like you are about ready to move up to a Harvestright Home Freeze Dryer. We work ours pretty hard, just finished a 15 lb batch of rhubarb yesterday, now its available to use for the next 20 — 25 years. You could make some astronaut snacks for your pups!

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Non of the Kratky transfers have taken, all shriveling up. Should have transfered the Kratky tubs outside and continued, lesson learned. What a waste :(

Not sure what everyone else does but when I move a Kratky to dirt I keep it fairly wet and fed for a couple of weeks till the roots become accustomed to the change.