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Devv-2018-Loving life in the dirt

13 January 2018 - 08:55 PM

Here we go again! ;)


This year will be a mix of in the dirt and container growing. Mostly in the dirt. I have some OW's going, 5 are cut back, 6 are pubes that still spend time outdoors as the weather allows. I have pH issues in the dirt, working on that, and hoping for some better results this season. One thing the wife and I decided is to NOT grow into the fall again. I was pulling plants the same weekend I started my seeds. I'm using 4 2 bulb T8's with 6,500K bulbs, and 1 4 bulb T5 with I believe 6,500K bulbs.


So here's the list:


Planted 12-3-17

~Aji Amarillo
~Aji Dulce

~P. Dreadie's-Windchicken
 JA Habs
~Aji Oro
~pdn-bonda w PaulG
~pdn-bonda p PaulG
~pumpkin bb6-Morugawelder
~pumpkin bubblegum Bhuter
~orangegum tigermamp Bhuter
~7-pot cinder Bhuter
~pimente-neyde Bhuter
~Big Black mama-OCD Chilihead
~Brainstrain-Reaper OCD Chilihead


Planted 12-30-2017


~Jalapeno-Zapotec, Orange, Farmers.
~Bell-Yellow, Red.
Hot Hatch
~Antep Aci Dolma
~Big Jim
~Large Orange Thai
~Aji Limo Rojo
Jimmy Nardello


Planted 1-1-2018


~Yellow Brainstrain- Pepperguru


The ~ indicates we have lift off.


I planted extra early to beat the heat, hoping for pods before the temps go crazy. I may have to buy more lights...LOL


Pics sometime tomorrow ;)



Devv-2017-Having a good time in the dirt

01 January 2017 - 07:25 PM

Another season has come and gone. Time to start a new one!


Although I did already a few weeks ago :shh: . After last years dismal (late) start I jumped in a bit early to insure I could have viable plants come dirt day. I can always cut them back, if I need to. I have to compile a list yet, but I'm growing the full spectrum. Sweets, to supers, based upon what we will actually use. Most of my list is to make LB happy; I'm really glad to see her infuse peppers in more and more dishes. Can't beat that when the wife takes interest ;)




Not the best pic; but the shelf is being sketchy, and I don't need all the babies bouncing off the floor.


Good luck to all this season :party:

Devv's 2015 - 16, Life is good!

21 December 2014 - 05:31 PM

Well here we go again!


I just got finished planting seeds for 70 plants. Scaling back a bit this year; last year was a lot of work! That and I have to do more than garden this season ;)


My apologies as I can't remember shit where I got all the seeds from. Some were harvested from pods some I saved, and some were sent to me. I can say this 99% originated from the most generous THP members!


Without further ado, here's the 2015 list:


Red 7 Pot Lava: Mikey

Black Thai        : Mikey

Yellow Jonah  : Mikey

Jack’s Choc Superhot: Mikey

Red Bhutlah   : Mikey

Tepin x Lemmon drop

Pimenta Lisa : Stefan

Brazilian Starfish



Billy Biker


Jimmy Nardello

Bishops Crown

Sweet Hungarian Paprika

Bahamian Goat

Urfa Biber

Jelly Bean White Hab


Nagabrain F4

Numex Jalamundo

Cream Fatalii

Isabella Island Hab: Jim

Cherry Bomb: Jim



JA Habs

White Bhut




Ma Wiri wiri: Jim

Pepperdew: Jim

Pimenta De Padron: Jim

Wild tepin: Jim


Six secrets from Stefan

Orange Primo: Mikey

Choc Bhutlah

Scotch Bonnet x Indian Red

Red Lava: Mikey

White Hab

Naga King: Rick

BOC: Rick


I leaned more towards peppers my wife can eat. After all she helped me quite a bit, I might as well grow some for her ;)


Last season was a challenge regarding what was what. I eventually figured them out, but was not happy with the confusion. And yeah, I'm easily confused.


Here's a pic of the 70 starters:




Trying something different, the Jiffy's are numbered and will be entered into a spreadsheet. As they pop, they will go into the solo cups with permanent marker to label them.


This year I'm starting things in the converted hunting room (man cave?). LB wanted the extra bedroom back ;)  The room is part of the shop; 24x8 and insulated. It's been rather nasty for the last 4 or 5 days, damp and temps below 52°, but it was 68° in there a few minutes ago. Also I'm trying a heating mat to help with germination, which was abysmal IMHO last year.


Anyone who knows how I fly, knows I like to grow in the dirt. I have a few in containers from last season, but they just don't do as well.


I put a ton (literally) of work into the soil since the start of last season.


I feel soil preparation is the key to success:






I tilled in over 24 yards of RCW and 10 yards of shredded leaves after pulling the plants in the fall.




I then planted Crimson Clover and Rye as a cover crop, this pic is from 2 weeks ago..




The area I planted the cover crop in is 2,300 to 2,500 square feet. Half is framed for sunshade. A must in the 100% summer sun the garden gets. There's some Comfrey of the left ;)






Dec. 6th I tilled in the whole shootin' match. I waited too long. But I do like it when it darkens up. This is what it looks like after 2 2" deep passes. If you wait too long the roots form a sod, this makes for a bad day of tilling. I got this far and decided to call it. Shiner time!

Once I'm sure most is dead and wont come back when I water crop 2 goes in.




On 12-10

The grass on top has dried, and rain is forecast through Sunday (yeah right), so I tilled again. It brought up the grass from below and now the garden looks like last Sunday. I went a couple of notches deeper this time to break up more of the roots. I spread rye seed and watered for 45 minutes. It should come up quickly as the weather is warm for a week or more. 50's-70's.




This is the garden today, the second cover crop is just coming up. And I have to prep an area for onions, which hit the dirt January 15th. The rest gets tilled in at the end of the month.


I fly out of here tomorrow afternoon, and won't be back until a week from now. So I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!


Server Hiccup?

31 May 2014 - 05:55 PM

Sure seems like we lost about 17 hours of data :mope:


5-31-14 around 5 pm Central


SQL mishap?

Devv's 2014- Stick a fork in me, I'm done....

14 December 2013 - 10:44 AM

Time for the 2014 start...


Many of these plants were made possible by the generous people of the THP sending me seeds and pods Thanks!


I'm looking forward to warmer weather and dirt day!


I have a bunch of seeds started, and plants at all the stages.


Here's the grow bench, a T8 x4 on top and T5 x4 on the bottom, as you can see it's loaded.




Top rack:



Bottom rack:



I like starting the seeds in Jiffy Pellets, as soon as they stand up I trim the mesh off and plant them 1/2" proud in a pot, or in this case a cup.


Red Rocotto the lonely Pube..



A few plants living under the T5, I'm super impressed with this light!


Choc Hab




Bhut x Y7 x Choc Bhut Douglah-Spicegeist





Bhut x Y7 F2-Spicegeist



Yellow Cardi- Jamie




Choc Scorp-Ramon



Peach Bhut- Annie





Going to do some tilling will post more later