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#1592960 Removing seeds from placenta after dry/mostly dry

Posted by alkhall on 11 November 2018 - 07:07 PM

I always just roll the placenta around between my fingers, and the seeds just fall off.


Of course, I usually do that after they have naturally air dried over the winter.

#1592280 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 08 November 2018 - 04:16 PM

Been meaning to tell you that you are an impressive grower of peppers.  Your Glog as been a please to follow.


Thanks, but there are many others on this forum who put my meager efforts to shame.

#1592279 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 08 November 2018 - 04:14 PM

Spreadsheet of pick count from main raised bed.


Does not include the growbags, or the hundred-odd pods I either sold or gave away.



#1592065 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 07 November 2018 - 04:53 PM

OK, last pick of the main raised bed, still have a lot of Ecuadoran Hot Lemon Cayenne in the mini bed to pick. Anyway, most are not ripe but have enough color to finish ripening on the windowsill.



Left-to-right BBMX, Apocalypse Chocolate, JRGS, Brown Large Scorpion cross, (CPR, Nagalah Beast, and one Bhutlah BBG7), Big Caramel Mama in the tub.





155 pods.

#1591540 How do you like your chili?

Posted by alkhall on 04 November 2018 - 06:48 PM

Ground chuck, chili powder, diced onion, diced bell pepper, crushed tomato, powdered garlic, hot pepper powder, fresh sliced mushrooms, sliced or chunked pepperoni, kidney beans.

#1591484 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 04 November 2018 - 01:45 PM

Might be the last pick of the year.


First row - BBMX


Second, third, fourth rows - Red Primo


Fifth row, left-to-right - Red Primo, CPR.







First row - Death Spiral


Second row, left-to-right - Death Spiral, Bhutlah, BBMX


Third and fourth rows - Big Caramel Mama


Fifth row - Brown Large Scorpion cross.







102 pods.


#1589565 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 25 October 2018 - 03:25 PM

How many pods do you consume a day? It would take me a decade to finish all of these delicious pods.


Of the super hots; none. I will take a small bite to sample the flavor and heat, but I do not eat whole fresh pods. I do use powdered dried superhots in salsa or sauces.


Of the milder varieties; it depends on what else I am having. Sometimes I slice Jalapenos into a salad or onto a pizza, or mince some Cayenne and add to chili or scrambled eggs, or eat whole Jalapenos with a burger or sandwich.

#1589345 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 24 October 2018 - 04:00 PM

Ecuadoran Hot Lemon Cayenne:









526 pods.

#1589024 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 22 October 2018 - 03:58 PM

Big Caramel Mama:












158 pods.

#1588764 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 21 October 2018 - 12:46 PM

Brown large Scorpion cross:







Left tray - NagaBrain Chocolate #2


Right tray, first and second rows - Brown Large Scorpion cross, third through sixth rows - Bhutlah BBG7 Chocolate:








188 pods

#1588445 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 20 October 2018 - 09:21 AM







Left tray - Chocolate Reaper.


Right tray, first and second rows - Chocolate Reaper.


Fourth through sixth rows - Apocalypse Chocolate:







221 pods.

#1588424 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 20 October 2018 - 07:08 AM

I wish I could store in jars for the quality sake but it would be so many jars it would be a down payment on a computer or something not to mention how heavy, where do you store them? Been making some flakes myself, smoked and fermented ones too. Also made an easy smoked and fermented dried paste that turned out like pepper fruit leather. Check it out! Got the idea from this site https://fromseedtota...ppers.html?m=1: Sent from my XT1565 using Tapatalk


I store my Mason jars in my basement.


I probably have about 40-50 between pint, quart and 1/2 gallon Mason jars from last year.


With this years grow, I have about four dozen pint and 12 oz. Mason jars of pepper flakes so far. I need to go buy another dozen or two today to keep going.

#1588374 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 19 October 2018 - 05:47 PM

I've seen all these sights look all too familiar as was my season and I haven't even done final harvest! Interested to see or hear how you process your lot in which ways to bounce ideas with. I have a true boatload of reapers I gotta do something with.. Good job man!! I just reread the post and I see that's off many different plants, thought it was one plant-did you haul quite a bit more throughout the season? Sent from my XT1565 using Tapatalk



I dehydrate them, then store them in Mason jars or make flakes in my blender.


This year, I am making flakes out of all the pods.


I have a spreadsheet with counts of each variety in the raised bed I will post when I have finished.

#1588218 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 18 October 2018 - 05:57 PM

Two trays of NagaBrain Chocolate #1:





Left tray, first, second rows -Chocolate NagaBrain #1


Third row, left-to-right -Chocolate NagaBrain #1, Wrecking Ball 7 (not) Brown


Fourth, fifth, sixth rows - Wrecking Ball 7 (not) Brown.


Right tray, first through fourth rows - BBG7 Chocolate.


Fifth row, left-to-right, BBG7 Chocolate, Chocolate Reaper/Scorpion.


Sixth row - Chocolate Reaper/Scorpion.






300 pods.

#1587999 alkhall 2018

Posted by alkhall on 17 October 2018 - 04:21 PM



Upper row, left-to-right: Bhutlah BBG7 Chocolate, Apocalypse Chocolate, Chocolate Reaper, Wrecking Ball 7 (not) Brown.


Lower row, left-to-right: NagaBrain Chocolate #2, Chocolate Reaper/Scorpion, Bhutlah, BBG7 Chocolate.