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In Topic: Growdown Throwdown 2019 Sri Lanka - Chilli Red!

Today, 10:47 AM

Well the last of my seeds have not budged. Same thing with other seeds I got during the very cold snap, probably didnt like the extreme cold with the Mail.

Those that did grow were week and slow and didnt last, so Im out :(

Even the one I transplanted outside did not last.





That sucks! I'm not convinced it was the cold weather during transit though as no one else experienced issues with germination. Good luck on these!


am I allowed to choose a new plant as the first one is dead?





Not really, but I'm ok with it if everyone else is. What say you guys? Should we let him continue on with his only living plant?

In Topic: 2019 - The Farm

Today, 10:13 AM

But speaking of plant pron... I flipped the indoor grow room to get ready to flower last night. Turned the table upside down, potted up 60 plants (20 ea of 5 gal, 7 gal, 10 gal to test yield), ran trellis, and just about wore myself completely out. Some pics I snapped while doing the room.


potting up





screen of green started (SCROG)



5 gal (most of 'em)








7 gal






10 gal left, 7 gal right, some 5 gal in foreground




Cannabis grows so fast. By the time I was working on the last 1/3 of the room (10 gal) the branches on the first 1/3 were already turning up (10 hours later).




Once all of these go out to field I'm going to put pots under the tables, cover with mesh, and do same outdoors. 




There's 48 3'x8' tables and 44 4'x8' tables (going in to next 2 greenhouses, figure I'd build them and use them as trellising now)




In my dreams. Take care of that ulna!

In Topic: Guru's Garden - Traveling the World in Search of Peppers

Today, 08:09 AM


In Topic: Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques

Today, 08:08 AM

Hey, Rich. I really dig the color, even though
they are more yellow than white. I am a little
disappointed in the size. I think it must have
to do with the small pots they are in.

I cant wait to see what your plants produce, buddy!


They are going nuts...


Also out of my two violets the one is showing that incredible fasciation!!! I let her go and she went straight up on once side while the other galaxy spiral apical stem side stalled for a bit and then broke away from its spiral to branch out and is now following the other up to the stratosphere! Very cool plants man. Just wow.

In Topic: Pimenta De Neyde x Bonda Ma Jacques

Yesterday, 01:41 PM

Last of the early rounds of F7W pods beginning to ripen up.

Really hoping for another round of bigger pods.



attachicon.gif IMG_1945.JPG



attachicon.gif IMG_1944.JPG



attachicon.gif IMG_1943.JPG




God, I hope my Whites end up half as good as that! That looks soooooo coool.




no pods yet but some good growth and just started putting out buds, hoping for flowers and pods within a month.



well.... correction I now see some flowers. :dance:










Nice plants!





the most vigorous of my varieties, so far ive seen as many as 6 flowers per node