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Mega Auction-2 LFRB's over 300 Varieties

02 September 2017 - 09:35 PM

Hi All,


As many of you know I have been raising funds for the Texas Hurricane/Flood victims over the past week. In addition to all profits from this weeks sales, I wanted to further help. All profits from this auction will be donated to Red Cross specifically for helping the Texas flood victims.


Up for auction will be 2 LFRB's, each having over 150 different varieties LABELED! (307 total to be exact)  The first LFRB will be from me and the second LFRB is from Justin from WhiteHotPeppers.  I want to take a minute and thank him for putting the time and energy to label 153 different varieties for this auction.  He has amazing peppers, some of the biggest freshest peppers you will ever find.


This very well may be the most varieties ever put up together in 1 auction.  Though there are a few duplicates from Justins box and my box, almost all are different.




Opening Bid will be $100 - no need to start lower than that, as this is an amazing collection of pods.  Bids to be in $1 or more increments.


Auction will start immediately and go to 11:59PM CDT Monday 9/4.  We would like to send our boxes out on Tuesday to ensure the freshest pods possible. To do that please have payment sent as soon as possible after the auction, preferably by 8am Tuesday so that boxes can be sent out that day.


I recommend that bidders pair up/bid in groups. This is a lot of pods and there is more than enough to split up seeds etc.  Since Justin has 1 box and I have 1 box, we are willing to send the boxes to 2 different people/addresses.  I prefer to just receive just 1 payment please.  Payment will be by Paypal ONLY!  Continental US only please.


Details of the boxes:


Due to the length of this list, please go to the following link to view the varieties  (see below for some pics)




Justins Pics

Attached File  garth_pic_1.jpg   73.21KB   16 downloadsAttached File  garth_pic_2.jpg   69.69KB   16 downloadsAttached File  garth_pic_3.jpg   72.06KB   16 downloadsAttached File  garth_pic_4.jpg   74.98KB   15 downloadsAttached File  garth_pic_5.jpg   70.7KB   15 downloadsAttached File  garth_pic_6.jpg   66.52KB   15 downloadsAttached File  garth_pic_7.jpg   80.36KB   15 downloadsAttached File  garth_pic_8.jpg   111.57KB   16 downloads


Garths Pics (this is a pic of 130 diff varieties from a few weeks ago) There is 154 varieties in my current LFRB.

Attached File  130 diff varieties.jpg   67.42KB   15 downloadsAttached File  7 Pot Congo Chocolate.jpg   49.31KB   15 downloadsAttached File  Apocalypse Chocolate.jpg   37.82KB   15 downloadsAttached File  Bhutlah Mustard.jpg   36.47KB   14 downloadsAttached File  Bloody Riot Orange.jpg   39.07KB   14 downloadsAttached File  BOC Reaper.jpg   27.56KB   14 downloadsAttached File  Brainstrain x Reaper.jpg   35.17KB   14 downloadsAttached File  cappuccino hab.jpg   44.56KB   15 downloads





Auction - MFRB - 105 Different Pepper Varieties - Labeled

20 July 2017 - 11:38 PM

Hi Everyone,


I am putting up for auction a Medium Flat Rate Box of peppers.  There will be at least 105 different varieties, each labeled for identification. The Auction starting bid will be $30, please bid in $1 minimum increments. The auction is available to US members only (preferably continental US so that peppers will arrive in a maximum of 3 days) 


Payment will be via Paypal only. 


The auction will start immediately and go until 11:59 PM Monday night.  I will PM the winner with the Paypal information and if I receive payment by 1pm Tuesday, the MFRB will go out that day. Otherwise will go out on Wed.


If you are not familiar with my fresh peppers/seeds, you can see my reviews in the Vendor Vault.


1 pepper of each variety will be labeled. (The remaining peppers to fill the box will be unlabeled, though I will attempt to keep same varieties "together" in the box).  I will not pick the peppers until Tues AM so they are fresh as possible.


In addition to the 105 Varieties, the winner will have the option to purchase another SFRB for $10 in the next 2-3 weeks with another 25-30 varieties (these are different from the 105 currently available) bringing the total varieties with the two boxes to 130+.


Here are the varieties. After the list, see pics of some of the example varieties that will be received.  There are some really cool crosses and hard to find varieties.

Caboruga Yellow

Bahamian Beast Yellow Pheno

Bahamian Beast Chocolate Pheno

Big Black Mama

Tangerine Hab

P Dreadie SB - Red Pheno (crossed)

Peachgum Tiger Mamp V1

Choc Bhutlah CS (short phenol - may be crossed)

PDN X D 2.3

Moldavian Heart X Purple Bhut

West Indies Yellow

Apocalyspe Chocolate

Butch T Mystery Choc

Favignana Hot

Bhutlah Mustard

Bhut Yellow Assam

Fatalii gourmet Scorp

Unknown Scotch Bonnet


Bhutlah Black X (Red Pheno)

Bleeding Heart Red

Bleeding Heart Yellow

Vladian Viper (Mustard Pheno)

Podzilla Chocolate

Large White BB7

TS Moruga Satan

Bhutlah Scorpion Chocolate

Fidalgo Roxa

Black Stinger (Red Pheno)


Jigsaw Moruga

Bhut Multicolor

CP 115

BB7 Choc X Reaper

Big Caramel Mama (Short Pheno)

Bhutlah BB7 Choc (No Calyx)


Brainstrain X Reaper

Orangegum Tiger Mamp

Trinidad X Strain

7 pot Orange Gig SR

Arseclown Jolokia

Choco Ghost Jami

Orange Fatalii Scorpion

Peach Ghost Jami

Naga Viper Chocolate

Naglah Beast

Reaper X  BB7 (Short Pheno)

Peachgum Tiger Mamp

Jays Chocolate X


7 Pot Jonah

Red Moruga Brains

Sugar Rush Red

Sugar Rush Cream

BB7 Roughrider Chocolate

BB7 Roughrider Red

Choc Bhutlah DM

Yellow Moruga Monster

Lucy Scorpion

SB7J Cross


Carolina Reaper

Carolina HAB Red

West Indies Red – HUGE!

Choco Kokoo

Mako Kokoo

MA Wartryx

CGN 21500 X Barrackpore

Swiss Chocolate

Pimente De Neyde

Pimenta Chris Fat

Sepia X SB7J

Bonda Mahala

Bhut Caramel X BB7

Space Chile

Scotch Brain

Harold St Barts

Yellow Bumpy Hab

Bloody Riot Orange

Reaper X BB7 (Long Pheno)

Choc Brainstrain AU

7 Pot Lava

SB Freeport

Purple Jalapeno X Cayenne

TS X Congo Brown

Ven Tiger X SRTSL Yellow

Ven Tiger X SRTSL Red

PI441598 PEACH F3

Black Bhut Jolokia (ripens to red)

7 Pot Brown Long


Reaper X SRTSL

BOC X Reaper (orange)

BB7 Yellow X Butch T

Hab Cappuccino

Barro Do Robiero

Bhutclah Red

BBG Apocalypse

Nagabon X Yellow Primo

Reaper X Madballz Choc

7 Pot Barrackpore

Long Red Habanero

Kraken Yellow X

Wrecking Ball X 7 Pot brown

CGN 23209

Zimbabwe Bird

Demonic Goat


Here are the Pics:

Apocalypse Chocolate Attached File  Apocalypse chocolate.jpg   56.29KB   35 downloads

Arrowhead Attached File  Arrowhead.jpg   47.42KB   26 downloads

CP115 Attached File  Cp115 2017.jpg   50.78KB   24 downloads

Orange Fatalii ScorpionAttached File  Orange fatalii scorp 2.jpg   48.91KB   25 downloads

Naglah Beast Attached File  Naglah beast.jpg   49.47KB   24 downloads

Trinidad X Attached File  Trinidad X 2017.jpg   50.28KB   24 downloads

West Indies Red vs Macapa Attached File  West indies red vs macapa.jpg   46.15KB   25 downloads

Yellow Moruga Monster Attached File  Yellow monster moruga.jpg   37.71KB   24 downloads

Bhut Yellow Assam Attached File  Bhut yellow assam 1.jpg   35.27KB   24 downloads

Swamp Thing Cross (yellow) - This will be avail on 2nd box! See the huge size of this next to a reaper.Attached File  Swamp thing yellow vs reaper.jpg   49.61KB   25 downloads





SFRB - 24 Diff Varieties - $15 or $19 Labeled

12 July 2017 - 11:31 AM

This is my first box listed this year, peppers are just starting to ripen.  I am offering an SFRB stuffed to the brim, 24 different varieties, including some unique and hard to find varieties.  I will be listing more boxes in the upcoming weeks with many different varieties available.



Here is a great way to sample many different pepper varieties as well as build up a collection of seed varieties on the cheap.
These are open pollinated (non isolated)
I am asking $15 via Paypal - shipping included - US Lower 48 only. PM me if you are interested.  These will be sent out on today if I receive payment before 3pm CST otherwise will go out tomorrow.  I will also label each pepper if interested for an additional $4 ($19 total)


Here are the varieties


Arseclown Jolokia

Farvignana Cayenne

Pimenta Chris Fat

Choco Kokoo (Mako Kokoo cross)

Fatalii Orange Scorpion (cross from Orange Fatalii - really cool looking)

Big Black Mama

Long Red Hab

BOC X Reaper

BB7 Choc X Reaper

PDN X Douglah 2.3 (peach)

P Dreadie Red (cross)

Sugar Rush Cream

Trinidad X (super gnarly)

Fidalgo Roxa

Bhut Multicolor (green to purple to orange to red)

Yellow Bumpy Hab

Yellow Bleeding Heart (crossed)

Sugar Rush Red

Unknown Yellow Scotch Bonnet

Macapa (hab type)

Orangegum Tiger Mamp

Red Lightning Hab

CP115 (a really nice gnarly example)

Fatalii Jigsaw

Yellow Bhut Assam

Bleeding Heart

Arrowhead (long thin Bhut type, really cool)






Attached File  SFRB Indiv 7-121.jpg   56.7KB   19 downloadsAttached File  SFRB 7-121.jpg   105.4KB   19 downloads



Last Chance Mixed Fresh Pepper SFRB's $10

08 December 2016 - 11:08 AM

Just picked the last of my peppers before last nights frost and tonights hard freeze. 


Offering mixed SFRB's (sorry no labeling for these) for $10 postage included, not making much off these.

Payment via Paypal. US Lower 48 only (I can ship to Hawaii or Alaska however there is a potential of longer arrival times). PM me if interested.


Each Box will have at least 15 different varieties:


Some of the varieties that will be in these boxes include: 


Carolina Reaper

Bhut Jolokia

7 Pot Pink

Shabu Shabu

Peach Hab Long

Scotch Bonnet Long

BTR Scorpion

Big Bang Naga Red


SB7J Yellow

White BB7

Red BB7

Chocolate Bhutlah


Mustard BBM

Ebony Giant

Lotah BIH

Ramirez Stinger

Peach Naga

MA Faces

Yellow Hand Grenade


Super SeedSaver MFRB - 130 Different Varieties - $60 + 1 OZ SuperHot Powder

04 November 2016 - 11:39 AM

I am growing some harder to find varieties this year and have most of my varieties ripening currently. I am offering an MFRB (Medium Flat Rate Box) of Fresh peppers, with 130 different varieties, with at least one of each variety labeled (then the box will be stuffed to the top with unlabeled peppers)  The Peppers will not be picked/labeled until I confirm your order in order to keep them as fresh as possible. 

Here is a fantastic way to expand your Pepper seed collection while trying the varieties to know what you'll want to grow next year.
Here is a great way to sample many different pepper varieties as well as build up a collection of seed varieties on the cheap.
These are open pollinated (non isolated)
I have 1 box to start with, may be able to do another similar box but probably with a little less than 130 Varieties.


Asking $60  via Paypal - shipping included - US Lower 48 only. PM me if you are interested.  These will be sent out on Monday so that there won't be any delay sitting at a post office over the weekend.
Here are the varieties: 



Pimenta De Neyde X Bhut Jolokia

Purple Habanero

Bad Brains

Bhut Jolokia Type 1

Bhut Jolokia Type 2

Moruga UV

Barackpore Chocolate

Ebony Giant

SB7J Yellow

Lotah Bih

MA Wartryx

Serpent Noir

Serpent Rojo

Pimenta Puma Cross (Dark plants but pods turn red - humongous producer)

Caramel Scorpion F2 - pods growing true it looks like

Olive Jolokia

Red Douglah

Pimenta Leopard

Habanero Mayan

CGN 22835

Red Rocket F1

Komodo Dragon

BB7 Red cross (no Calyx)

Peach Wasp

BBM Green

Bombay Morich

Congo Yellow

Magnum Orange

CGN 21566

Naga Reaper

Aji Jobito

Genghis Khan Brain



Moruga BB7 (no Calyx)

Moruga BB7 (w/Calyx)

King BOC

Bubblegum 7 Red Large

Bubblegum 7 Red Small

Big Mustard Mama

7 Pot Pink

Apocalypse Scorpion

Big Black Mama

Bido Tacana

Hab Neon Yellow

BTR Scorpion

Shabu Shabu

MA Faces

Reaper X BOC

Ramirez Stinger

Bhutlah Gold


Orange Gambia Hab

Big Bang Naga Red

Red NagaBrain

Big Yellow Mama

Kathumby Yellow

Bhut Orange Copenhagen

Peach Habanero Long


Chocolate Scorpion Long F2

Monster Naga

Devils Heart

Saras Green

Chaguanas Yellow

Big Jamaican Hab

Hand Grenade Yellow

Dorset Naga Orange

Jamaican Scotch Long

Murupi Amarela

Hab El Remo

Habajalokia Red

Habajalokia Peach Lava Lamp

SB Freeport Orange

Peach Bhut Jolokia

Peach Naga - Large pheno

7 Pot Renne

BB7 Chocolate

Trinidad Hornet

White Naga

Carolina Reaper

Brazilian Chocolate Brainstrain

Facing Heaven

Explosive Embers

NuMex Easter

Aji Mochero

Mexican Squash Habanero

Clavo Peach

Mini Chocolate Bell

Chocolate Cherry

Borg 9

Mini bubblegum 7

White BB7

Jays RGS

Jigsaw Gator

Aji Cito

Aji Ominicolor

Aji Crystal

Yellow Trini Bean


Aji Penec

Snow White

Bolsa De Dulce

Black Prince


Inca Red Drop

Serrano Huesteco

Thunder Mountain Longhorn

Count Dracula

Orange Lantern

Puerto Rican Yellow

Orange Carbonero

Yellow Jalapeno

Cumari Pollux

Islan Hellfire Cayenne

Chocolate Lava

7 pot Katie

7 pot Lucy

Numex Sunrise

Numex Primavera

JW's Scotch Bonnet

Trinidad Cola Bean

Shabu Shabu Cross

Caramel Bhutlah X

Stuffing Scotch Bonnet

Aji Yellow

Pimenta Lisa

Trotalino Amaroso

Purple Cayenne

PI 439452