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In Topic: Moruga Welders 2017 Grow

Today, 10:36 AM

I'm all caught up. Plants looking fantastic. Nothing like bark before heading outdoors. I hope, I get to that point. Glad your on your way to recovery.

Thanks Chuck , glad to see your grow chugging right along ! Once they get outside for real lumens , its gonna get even better !  I'm hoping that these little Pumkin bbg's & neyde x bbg , catch up enough to get a few choice pods from , 

In Topic: Nutrient Deficiency?

Today, 10:33 AM


I was looking for low N because the Miracle Gro fertilizer is 24-8-16 as far as I can tell, and that, coupled with the fact that someone else commented that I have plenty of Nitrogen, made me think I could balance out better with a lower N fertilizer. And it's not so much that the N is low on the tomato-tone and garden tone - if memory serves, they're 3-4-6 and 3-4-4 - they're just *lower* N than MG is.


I had no idea about organics being locked out without a proper PH range. What would I need to do to balance out PH if that's an issue? If nothing can really be done, what should I use instead?

save you some good ol' rain water ,     :party:

In Topic: Bike808's first GLOG

Today, 10:13 AM

nice list !   and remember never to late !   

In Topic: Pests are out of control!

Yesterday, 09:39 PM


Did you DIY the lady bug houses or purchase them? I need more info on the subject of lady bug husbandry!

A DIY ladybug house , found it on pinterest  ,  http://www.apartment...r-garden-169681   , this is the feeder and this is the habitat ,



there ya have it !     :party:

In Topic: BrooksideSuperhots GLOG 2017

Yesterday, 08:42 PM

your gonna love that cbbg7 !

Moruga Welder's Chocolate bbg7:

The late starts - mustard 7's, mustard Douglah, chilli Costa Rica orange, CP115:

Outgrowing the closet and ready for the greenhouse in a few weeks. Just hit them all up with fish emulsion as some are losing that dark green:

Big Mustard Mama: