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In Topic: My 2017 pepper progress, yes I have a problem.

Yesterday, 04:57 PM

I feel cheated when I looked at this pic on my phone it actually looked like two greenhouses! (jealous much)


I also feel cheated because all your plants look better than mine QQ.


Good luck you look like you're going to have a very peppery year.

In Topic: Pot size

Yesterday, 04:24 AM

If you have the space and money to fill them bigger is allways better imo.

In Topic: Drip pans/saucers

Yesterday, 03:54 AM

Looks good im sold. I will have to take a journey to poundland and hunt out some washing baskets. Its payday weekend and a bank holiday after all.

I caint wait to see the looks people would give me when i tell them im growing chillies in washig baskets. Think they will either commit me or call an intervention. Unfortunately you guys seem to already be too late to help though...

In Topic: Drip pans/saucers

26 April 2017 - 03:20 AM

So gonna have to give this a go next year.

Did you guys see a massive increase in production of pods?

In Topic: Does my plant look ok?

24 April 2017 - 06:02 AM

It's probably lonely.  You should grow more.  Better seed like 50, just in case 49 don't germinate.  Trust me.  :evil:



Are you sure 50 is enough?


I agree with everybody else here looks fine to me.