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SOLD!!! Mixed SFRB $18 PayPal To Ship By Noon 8/18 SOLD!!!

Today, 07:46 AM

I have another mixed SFRB for sale.

Cappuccino Scotch Bonnet, PeachGum v3, Haskorea,
Chocolate Primo (from Butch T...looks like a Douglah), Cinder F2, Peach Clavo x Pink Tiger, Peach Bhut WM,
PDN x Bonda Ma Jacques F6 White, PDN x Bonda Ma Jacques F6 Purple, Sugar Rush Peach.


Here's that Primo that looks like a Douglah. All pods look this way.

I would like to send this out today before the post office closes at noon.
$18 PayPal and US only.

Thanks for looking!!!

One SFRB For Sale. SOLD!!!!

16 August 2018 - 11:46 AM

I just pulled my first mini harvest and am wondering if anybody is in need of some heat.

Cinder F2, PDN x Bonds Ma Jacques, Cinder F3, Haskorea,
PDN x 7 Pot Caramel F1, Purple Flower BBG (orangey), Peach Clavo x Pink Tiger, Cappuccino Scotch Bonnet,
PeachGum v3, OrangeGum TigerMAMP (ripened red)


If anybody is interested, please respond here or pm me.

$18 PayPal and will ship out today.

Free Seeds by SASBE!!! Now Closed

05 May 2018 - 07:11 PM

Offer for the USA only. If any international members are interested in these varieties, pm me and we'll try to work something out. For those who don't know what SASBE is, it stands for Self-Addressed Stamped Bubble Envelope. Here's a pinned thread.


I know it's not seed starting season for some of us, but for some out there it's ALWAYS seed starting time. I have an abundance of seeds saved from last year...ALL OPEN POLLINATED. I can offer any or all of four varieties.

Red Brainstrain. Obtained my seeds from Wicked Mike in 2015.

SB7J. Seeds from Pex in 2014.

BTR. Seeds from Butch T. 2016

Bubblegum Pumpkin. Seeds from Ford's 2016-17

I've had a couple problems with crushed seeds in the mail recently, so that's why I'm requesting the bubble envelope. Let me know which you'd like (or all) and we'll get 'em mailed.


Bhuter's 2018 Glog

09 April 2018 - 01:38 PM

Hello everybody! I'm late again to the adventures of pepper growing. Seeds didn't hit the towel until March 6, so I have some still below, some hooks, and some little plants. Not too much to look at right now but how about a growlist.

2018 Growlist

Red BBG7 (Ocho Cinco 2014)
BOC (Mine)
Black Naga x Peri-Peri F2 (Mine)
Bishop's Crown
Brown Moruga (PL)
Peach Bhut (WM)
SB7J (Pex Peppers 2014)
Pumpkin Bubblegum (Ford's)
Peach Scotch Bonnet (WHP)
OrangeGum TigerMAMP (GIP)
California Reaper (Tyler Farms)
Ramirez Stinger (mpicante)
BBG Peach Ghost Jami (Mojo)
Monster Apocalisse (Mojo)
Purple Ghost Scorpion (Mojo)
Chocolate Primo (Butch T)
PDN x 7 Pot Caramel F1 (Mine)
PDN x Bonda ma Jacques F6 White & Purple (PaulG)
Purple Flower Baccatum (Mojo)
Wartryx (windchicken)
Purple Flower BBG (Mojo)
PeachGum v3 (Mojo)
Biker Billy Jalapeño (Tyler Farms)
Cappuccino Scotch Bonnet (MikeUSMC)
Peach Clavo x Pink Tiger (Ford's)
Caramel BBG7 (WHP)
7 Pot Cinder Caramel F3 (also have F2 clone overwinter)

Lots of crosses, purples, & BBG. I also air layered a clone from the Caramel Cinder F2 last year (with the help of pepper-guru...thanks, Rich) and it's been in stasis until recently. Just starting new growth and already set a pod.


And here's the whole lot. I don't have much room...just what I can fit under a card table.


Thanks for stopping by!

Mixed SFRB $13.00 PDN, Choc Lava, BBG7, & Reaper

21 October 2017 - 09:46 AM

I have one mixed SFRB for sale. $13.00 US and PayPal only. All of the pods are still hanging on the plants and will be pulled when I have a taker. Included will be:

Pimenta de Neyde


Chocolate Lava

Red BBG7


Thank you very much for looking!