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Mixed SFRB $13.00 PDN, Choc Lava, BBG7, & Reaper

21 October 2017 - 09:46 AM

I have one mixed SFRB for sale. $13.00 US and PayPal only. All of the pods are still hanging on the plants and will be pulled when I have a taker. Included will be:

Pimenta de Neyde


Chocolate Lava

Red BBG7


Thank you very much for looking!

7 Pot Cinder F2 (BBM x Madballz) Pod Test

23 August 2017 - 06:42 PM

Hey guys. Here is my first attempt at a video...ever. I was extremely nervous and still don't know how I feel about being on YouTube. Lol. Anyway, this is the 7 Pot Cinder. I crossed BBM x Madballz in 2015, grew out F1's last year and this is F2. I actually got a Caramel, and that's what I wanted. Now I hope it stays that way. And the pheno is pretty consistent on this plant. Some look different, of course. But a lot have the same shape. I'm sorry, I'll have to just post a link. I don't know how to embed videos. Can someone help me out?


A Roomba For The Garden (Robotic Weeder)

09 August 2017 - 06:42 PM

I just happened upon this and I thought I'd share. Here's a kickstarter for a "Roomba" style weed wacker. I'd probably jump right on this if I didn't use Weed Proof plastic in my garden. Could be promising.


Goatsweed...How Many Pods Per Node?

03 July 2017 - 01:11 PM

I'm growing Goatsweed for the first time and it FINALLY has some buds on it after a late topping. I know C. Annuums usually (or always) have one pod per node, but I've had bells in the past with multiple. I just noticed some of the nodes of my Goatsweed have 2 buds. Maybe it just hasn't grown out yet and there are 2 nodes there?? Or maybe it's normal for this variety. Does anybody know?


Bhuter's 2017 Glog

16 June 2017 - 12:49 PM

Hello everybody!

This is my first glog and I know I'm really late with it. I've been growing superhots for a few years, but have never kept a record. So here it goes!

2017 Growlist

Red BBG7 (Ocho Cinco 2014)
BOC (Mine)
Black Naga (Mine)
Chocolate Lava (mpicante)
7 Pot Caramel (PL 2014)
Bishop's Crown
JPGS (Seacowboy 2014)
JRGS (Joefish 2014)
Chocolate Moruga Brain (Butch T)
Brown Moruga (PL)
Brazilian Moruga (Butch T)
BTR (Butch T)
CPR (Butch T)
Red Primo (Troy Primeaux 2014)
Yellow Primo (WM 2015)
CGN 21500 (WM 2015)
Peach Bhut (WM 2015)
Aji Fantasy Yellow (WM 2015)
PDN (WM 2015)
Pimenta Leopard (96Strat)
Aji Jobito (Hogleg)
Goat's Weed (Hogleg)
SB7J (Pex Peppers 2014)
Red Brainstrain (WM)
Brown Rocoto (TGCM)
Aji Limo Rojo (TGCM)
Aji Oro (TGCM)
C. Chacoense (WM)
Pumpkin Bubblegum (Ford's Thanks to BSH)
Big Black Mama x Caramel 7 Pot Madballz F2 (Mine)

I started my seeds in early February and continued starting seeds until April...just couldn't stop starting new varieties...again. I always take the cheap route and use plain old Miracle-Gro potting soil. It has always worked for me. I also start my seeds in paper towels then transfer them straight to 4 inch pots (I thought they were 3 inch, but they're 4). I use a 125w CFL for lighting and I usually grow around 30 plants. Here's the beginning.


I had crappy soil before this pic and some of these are bare-root transplants. But I did lose one...Chocolate Primo. It just looked funky after transplant.

Here they were just before plant out. Pic taken on May 4...with the addition of a few new seedlings and maters.


Peppers planted out May 10.


Then I ran into the bugs. The flippin' bugs. Judging by the damage, I'm guessing broad mites.


But I soaped then neemed a couple times and things are looking up. I'll have to get a pic of what that plant (Goatsweed) looks like now. This is the latest pic with the addition of the nursery veggies.


That'll probably do it for now. Thanks for stopping by!