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MFRB Of All Unripened Pods. Price Negotiable.

16 October 2018 - 10:59 AM

So I'm sad to say that my season is over and I had to do a plant clean off. Would anybody be interested in an all green medium flat rate box? Some of these have started to ripen, but the majority are still green. This is some of everything in my garden...I think they're all in there.

This is more than what will fit in one medium, so I'll have one or two SFRB, if there's interest.

Here's a Medium full.

Price is negotiable. It costs around $14 for shipping. Pm me if you have any interest in unripened green pods.


Up to 22 Varieties! Mixed SFRB $17 PayPal and US only

10 October 2018 - 03:43 PM

I have yet another SFRB filled with a mix of whatever is ready. There are at least a couple if not more of each of these. They are all still hanging on the plants, but I will pull them in the morning, label them and ship them out.

Judy's Brown Moruga
Red BBG7 OG 2014 seeds
Monster Apocalisse
PDN x 7 Pot Caramel F1
Cappuccino Scotch Bonnet
Ramirez Stinger
NOT OrangeGum TigerMAMP
7 Pot Cinder F2 & F3
Purple Flower Baccatum
Purple Flower BBG
Peach Scotch Bonnet
NOT Chocolate Primo
Purple Ghost Scorpion
Bishop's Crown
California Reaper
PDN x BMJ F6 Purple & White
Maybe a Peach Bhut WM
Black Naga x Peri-Peri F2 Red & Brown

Pick & choose which varieties you'd like.
I'm asking $17. US and PayPal.

Thanks for looking!

A 2nd SFRB Seed Saver! 16 Varieties! $18 US and PayPal

08 October 2018 - 10:28 AM

Hey everybody!

Today, I have a box full of 23 varieties that are all open pollinated. Here's the list:

PDN x 7 Pot Caramel F1
7 Pot Cinder F3
Judy's Brown Moruga
Syrian Haskorea
Peach Bhut WM
PDN x BMJ White F6
Sugar Rush Peach
PeachGum v3
Bishop's Crown
NOT orangegum tigerMAMP (red)
Purple Flower Baccatum
California Reaper
PDN x BMJ Purple F6
Monster Apocalisse
Ramirez Stinger
Purple Flower BBG
Cappuccino Scotch Bonnet
Carolina Reaper
7 Pot Cinder F2
Black Naga x Peri-Peri F2 (Brown)
Black Naga x Peri-Peri F2 (red)


$18 US and PayPal. Thanks for looking!

SFRB Full Of 7 Pot Cinder! $16 US and PayPal.

02 October 2018 - 01:55 PM

Would anybody be interested in a full SFRB of 7 Pot Cinder (BBM x Madballz) F2 &F3? I didn't think that many were ready, but I believe I can fill one up.



I will label one or the other (F2 or F3) so you'll know which is which.

$16 US and PayPal.

Thanks for looking!

Sweet To Medium Heat SFRB $16 US and PayPal

02 October 2018 - 08:51 AM

I really only have one sweet variety and that's Bishops Crown. There's minute heat in the placenta, but barely detectable. But here's what I can put in a box.

Bishop's Crown

Sugar Rush Peach

Purple Flower Baccatum--Sorry it's blurry. These are about 2"-3" long and 1" wide. Medium heat. I originally thought they were orange. But they're red.

Pics of the flowers.

PDN x BMJ Purple

Cappuccino SB--These are small, but have been abundant.

If there's still room, I can fill it with Cinders...

...or anything else I might have.

$16 US and PayPal.

Thanks for looking!