Aug 28, 1950 (Age: 72)
Real Name
Greg Urban
Wood craftsman/norse recreation
I have a BS in Chemistry and a MS in Physics and worked in the US Military on weapons research doing programs which resulted in the Predator and other targeting weapons systems. Got out in 90 because I sick of waste/fraud/and abuse of the tax payers money.
Started a small company doing building construction and Brewing and after the crash of 2007 went to work at a campground as a maintenance supervisor.
Have worked as a beer brewer and vintner in Door County for on and off 25 years. I have been making fruit wines for 35 years
Favorite Food
peppers stuffed with crab and creamed cheese
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Leinenkugel Brewing Company
Favorite Hot Pepper
Favorite Hot Sauce
Still looking
Favorite BBQ Sauce
Whatever I am making
Favorite BBQ Food
Share a Recipe
Low Fat kick your butt party dip
1 bag frozen shelled edamame cooked
3 tsp chopped garlic
5 Tbsp tahini
1/2 fresh lemon juice
1 pan 12 oz fried pepperoncini fresh
(can substitute pepper of your choice)
1/2 bunch of celantro chopped and ground
Melody pk for fish or chicken chopped and ground (herbs in Econ)
1 tsp salt
1 pack cream cheese No fat
1 carton sour cream No fat
1 carton rittcota No fat
1 pkg fish parts chopped
2 packs of tiny shrimp
(Makes about 3 quarts)
Grow List
2014 Grow List
Trade Winds Fruit
Aji Cito Pepper
Anaheim College 64 Pepper
Bahamian Pepper
Big Sun Habanero
Black Cayman Pepper
Brown Egg Pepper
Caloro Pepper
Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper
Cascabel Chile
Cayenne Mix Pepper
Chocolate Beauty Pepper
Chocolate Cherry Pepper
Chocolate Habanero Pepper
Cubanelle Pepper
Golden Nugget Pepper
Grenada Seasoning Pepper
Golden Treasure Pepper
Guajillo Pepper
Habanero Pepper, Peach
Habanero, Golden
Hot Apple, Alma Paprika Pepper
Jalapeno Pepper, Orange
Jaloro Pepper
Manzano Pepper, Orange
Manzano Pepper, Red
Manzano Pepper, Yellow
Marconi Pepper, Golden
Marconi Pepper, Purple
Paprika Pepper
Paprika, Feher Ozon
Pepperoncini Pepper
Pepperoncini Pepper, Golden Greek
Pepperoncini Pepper, Italian
Petit Marseillais Pepper
Pimiento L Pepper
Purple Beauty Bell Pepper
Red Cheese Pepper
Shishito Pepper
Sweet Chocolate Pepper
Tequila Sunrise Pepper
Tobago Seasoning Pepper
Trinidad Perfume Pepper
Yellow Jelly Bean Pepper

Cmpman1974 Devils Rib
thanks to AjiJoe for
Thanks to Delaney for
Aji Jovito
Aji Llanero
Ghana evergreen pepper
Bishops Crown
Ghana small red

Thanks to Various THP Pepper suppliers
Cumari Du Passarinho
Cuman Du Para
Baileys Tepin
Baileys Tepin Tall
Yellow Wild Tepin
Grande Yellow Roccoco
Manzano Red 2013
Red Roccoco Early
Yellow Roccoco 2012
Peach Scorpian Pulpiter
Orange Scorpian Kraig
Trinidad Scorpian Richardson
Red Scotch Bonnet Dreadic
Yellow Scotch Bonnet Dreadic
Peach Scotch Bonnet
Tobago Red Scotch Bonnet
Jamaican Yellow Scotch Bonnet
Black Naga
Peach Naga
Yellow Naga Pepperlover
Naga Morich
Bombay Morich Lee
Trinidad Douglah
Peach Bhut Jalokia
Chocolate Habanero
Cocolate Congo Habanero Pulpiter
Peach Habanero
Dog Earred Habanero
Austrailian Peach Habanero
Harald St Barts Habanero
White Bullet Habanaro
7 Pot Chang Fish4
Chocolate 7 Pot Richardson
Red 7 Pot Richardson
Yellow 7 Pot
Yellow 7 Pot Richardson
Yellow 7 pot Chaguanas
Red Brain Strain
Yellow Brain Strain
Antillies Fire Fish4
Infinity Fish
Nepali Orange
Squash Mild
Small Red Cherry Fish4
Bahamian Goat
Indonesian Chilli
Lemon Drop
Bishops Hat 4 Lobe
Fatalli Yellow
Devils Tongue Dshlogg
Chocolate Devils Tongue
Seeds Wanted
Aji Cereza Sturdy Capsicum annuum variety that will set pods even under cooler growing conditions. Small upright standing cherry shaped pods with medium heat (Capsicum annuum)
Also Yellow Rocotos/Manzano
AJI ROCOTO (PI 355812)
Species: Pubescens Origin: Ecuador Heat: Mild Red

Species: Pubescens Origin: Mexico Heat: Hot Yellow

Species: Pubescens Origin: Peru Heat: Extremely Hot
Seeds Available For Trade
Most of all I grew I kept seeds from and I have plenty of seeds to share from the 2013 packs and gifts. Message me if you need some.
Anything Else
SCA Event and Ren Faire organizer