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  • My seed store is full and ready to make deals…I know which ones I would like to acquire from you!!
    Check in when you’re ready.
    Your friend, Jack
    Sounds like you owe your wife big time…it’s going to be hard to pay that one off!! The Infinity seeds you gave me are the real deal, they’re smoking hot. I have 160 ghost plants that are 4 ft tall and still growing. If you need something just let me know.
    When you get a chance checkout my profile and click the about me tab, more pics to follow!!
    Hey buddy, haven't seen you around for awhile. How is your season going? Since I installed my new irrigation system everything has really been blasting off. My plants in the ground are outperforming the ones in the pots. I will be swimming in seeds soon if you care to add something new to your grow list next season.
    I tried your "Count Douglah" sauce tonight over some stakes from the barbeque.
    Best sauce ever, you have a real winner!!
    I would not change a thing!!
    You make it and I will buy it!!
    Your sauce came in today and it looks like barbeque this weekend for sure!!
    It's like finding gold, thanks a lot buddy…can't wait to try it out!!
    hello rick is ajijoe
    im glad you getting a chance to try those wiri wiri the ones he has are the "Ma" large type and they are one of my top favorite and are the same species of seeds i sent you i think, you wont be sorry they are delicious!! let me know what you thought of them
    my friend should be growing them again this year and should be ready in time f...
    Rick, I saw your post of the soil mix you did last year and I was wondering if you could give me a rough breakdown on the quantities of each. Hey thanks in advance.
    Hey got your seeds today and thanks !If I can ever help or be help in the future just yell.Great harvest Rich
    I'm sorry, I thought I pm'ed you already!I got the seeds saturday!I hope yours arrive soon.I really appreciate your trade.Good luck on your growing season.If you ever need any seeds just let me know and hopefully I can help ya!
    Hey your seeds went out on the the 18th.Please let me know when you get them . Rich
    Mn thanks and will enjoy.Let me know if I can help you out in the future.Great season and try not to hurt-burn yourself! Rich
    Hey and seeds went out today.12- 8- 4.Good season and keep in touch. Rich
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