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    Thank you!!!

    Thank you!!!
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    pests Bugs on my Scorpion plant

    Help please. I found 5 or 6 of these on the underside of my Scorpion peppers. The wife sprayed the plants down with dawn soap and water. Anything else I should try?
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    cooking Honey mustard - cooked?

    Has anyone ever done a honey mustard using the hot-fill method? Everything I see on the internet is just mix everything together and then refrigerate. I'd like to bottle some and avoid the refrigeration part without adding preservatives. I'm thinking the honey and vinegar should keep it shelf...
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    Bourbon sauce

    I'm thinking molasses and honey, and tomatoes with the bourbon. Garlic is a must ....
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    Bourbon sauce

    Oh yeah, love some wild turkey honey. I don't buy the airplane size, I go big! LOL
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    Bourbon sauce

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for some ideas on creating a sweet and tangy bourbon sauce. I have never used  bourbon in my sauces before, so wanted to give this a go. Anyone have any "base" ideas or starter recipes they would like to share? I want this to be a little bit sweet, so maybe use honey...
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    Process Authority Cost?

    In New York I use Cornell University. It's $100 per product and turnaround time varies but generally 4 to 6 weeks.   
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    labels Keywords in labeling

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    Smoked Habanero Sauce

    The color is fantastic!!
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    flavor Flavor & Heat

    Butter is your friend when it comes to a good wing sauce. Most of my sauces are mixed 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 with butter. Real butter too. 
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    tutorial How to determine your hot sauce cost and ingredient cost per bottle!

    I keep one spread sheet for each type of sauce I make. Then I use multiple tabs for each variation with the date. That way I can go back and see what I changed and when. This method keeps everything organized.
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    condiment BBQ with Cherries

    Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't thought of the orange zest and coriander. That gives me something to play around with.
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    condiment BBQ with Cherries

    So a friend of mine asked me to make a BBQ sauce with cherries. The thing is, she doesn't want it hot. No heat.  :(   So that takes me out of my zone. I'm trying to think of what would go into it. Probably tomato based, onion, garlic, vinegar, then the cherries of course. Any thoughts...
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    PH testers

    Thanks for the info. Will do some more research on this.   :cheers:
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    PH testers

    Has anyone had any experience with ThermoWorks ? I am looking at getting one of the following:     Or, what other viable options have you used to test hot sauce?   Thanks!