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  • Hey. Nice to know another Paradise Lost fan is on here! My favorite band by far! I love every album, even Host. One Second is a masterpiece, glad to hear you're into it. Their new album comes out in a month which I've been waiting for, for over 2 years. I'll have to get your opinion on it once it's out. take care.
    Hey T sorry for the delay getting back to you.We`ve been re-building a barn that burned down friday.Glad you got the package and as more com e round i`ll send them your way.Let me know what you think about the HS.I`m home tonight thank god! Have a great night.
    glad to hear my you think my seeds rock !

    i have been getting great reviews from many lately...

    you should post some pics of the bhuts...i would love to see em...

    cheers Tony,
    I'm feeling quite a bit better today thanks. Ah, those decongestants, I had one at work the other day, that was a mistake as soon as my tissue was put down, it was quite a gruesome sight when I had to speak on the telephone, use the computer and write things down at the same time.
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