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  • Hey Emilio - long time, no talk! Hope all is going well - let me know if you need any seeds. I have 3 different types of Serrano now, just got a couple of different ones from an heirloom seed company. - Tony
    looking 4 sum seeds of dry pepper from different areas of the world if u can please
    take a look at my profile 4 what ill trade thx
    Hi Again. The post is entitled "My First Pods of the Season" in the Growing Peppers Forum. I have a picture of a Red Savina pod from one of your plants. I don't have any Bhuts yet, but my fingers are crossed.
    I still have some 2007 Trinidad Scorpion seeds, send me your addy & I'll
    get them into the mail! No charge, SASE, or postage, I give them as
    they were given to me!

    Thanks for the offer was very nice of you to offer I already
    have 10 rods so I really wouldnt have any use for another but ty for the offer
    Hi Hotpeppa,

    Thank you so much for the seeds. I had a laugh that the packets weren't marked, but no problems...I'll be growing both plants so I'll know eventually. I will definitely let you know how they do.

    Thanks again!
    Hey man, I just got it tonight! Thanks a bunch for the Bhut Flakes & seeds!! Awesome!! You really went out of your way I really appreciate it!! First thing I did was popped a few flakes in and let it burn.:hell:
    Thanks again, I will enjoy the seeds. I have seeds left over from my order from tomatoseeds I have Fatalii&Purple Jalapeno&Yellow Jalapeno and Green Leaf Tobasco seeds, Let me know if you need some. :P Free of charge!!
    Thanks, Brent
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