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  • well dan thats not right no deeer yet. Me neither but just the last week or so they jus started to swell up and chase the girls. 22 nov is when they start gun so I will be there and grab one I hope I still don't
    have the one to hang on the wall YET but still looking I just like the hunt and the eating Good luck
    Just dropped by to say whats going on. Have you got ya one of them Bambi's yet? Been out once but two weeks got gun season coming up and I hoping for a nice one. Hope family is well
    Hey thanks for the input Dan. I really thinking about it. I been dehydrating almost all my peppers so far. Got a few pickled but nothing outrages yet. I guess I have one sandwich bag full of Nagas already. Thats one thing for sure you just don't need alot of them to make something hot lol. Thanks again and May God Bless You and your Family Joe
    Well I dont own a coffee grinder but the Magic Bullet system
    IMO is awesome the 2 blades (1 for chopping 1 for grinding) work
    great and the sealed gaskets do not let anything get out worth the money
    So hows the country living doing? Have ya got the salt lick out yet? lol Hope all is well and Keep it in the ROAD
    Cool thanks for the info Dan. Also, if I were you in that case I'd be harvesting some deer meat!! I'd say deer steaks sound really good on the grill right about!!
    LOL!!! I would feel the same way about the deer if they were eating my stuff as well. I did hear that a diluted pepperspray on the plants works for that though. If they are getting in there and your plants are still up during bow season though....THUNK....LOL!! Take it easy Dan, have a happy holiday, and thanks for the info on the Purira. I saw what they looked like and I'm actually VERY excited about that one now. The taste sounds interesting as well.
    That's awesome Dan. I sure love to hunt and my wife and I want to get several acres out near the Jackson/Hillsdale area. It will be a few years, but it's definitely something we want. I want a massive garden, chickens, a couple pigs, and of course some lovely Deer which I would consider free ranging cattle....LMAO!!! Good luck on your deer. When it's deer season we should keep in touch once in a while and see how the lucks going. I have a really good spot that is VERY overlooked on state land that looks promising. I'll have to see how it pans out. Also, I just thought of asking it out of curiosity. One of your seeds says puriana and I have it growing, but I can't find it. I can find a purira though. Is that the plant it is? Either way all peppers are good, but I'm just curious. Thanks again and take it easy. Glad to have you as a friend on here.
    Hey, Dan. I just wanted to add you to my friend list. Thank you for your help with my starting out with my peppers as well. I'm treating those babies the best that I can. Feel free to say hi if you want to ever talk about hunting too.
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