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  • I'm going to use my perfectly good hangover to go and get me ingredients for my next homebrew so I can continue having a hangover in the future.
    HEY! Clear out your old messages! You have hit your PM limit! I want to send you another PM! (Also delete your sent PM's)
    Ha! Thats great. After reading your post, at least you can understand why i've been looking at ranchland out west so i can build my house and then be left alone if i want. Most people i know just don't get it at all.
    G'day mate. Thanks for being my friend.... I felt so alone in here...:P
    See you on the flip side..
    PURIRA is about 8-9 on the scale. Here in Ohio the land owner or renter can get a permit to down deer if they are destructive but must be proven.I will get some pictures. I use some of my powder on the plants but when it rains they beat me to they. O well I need some more deer meat any how.
    yes it is purira my finger must have been going faster then my brain. Yes we will keep in touch during hunting season. If the deer do not stay out of the graden it will start this week.Have a safe 4th.
    ice Fishing?? How am I supposed to get a fly line into that tiny hole??
    Actually before I became a 100% fly guy I used to spin fish bait and ice fish but havent in some time.
    Yeah Rabbit glad to have you as a friend. I just got settled in to a home on 4acres surrounded by 40+ and have already spotted my deer ans Tom T.
    Have a great and safe 4th
    Hey rabbit! Thanks for the friendship invite! There can never be too many friends!! I do love gardening. If I can ever retire, that's what I would do full time!!!!
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