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  • What do you know.... it's cloudy again and looks like it might be carrying showers! This weather is driving me nuts!
    It's sunny now but who knows what it will be like in two minutes! The last week or so, the weather has been changing so rapidly... almost literally one minute it is cloudy, the next sunny, then the next cloudy again! It hasn't really been raining where I am but we have been getting some light showers. I dunno, cloudy weather just depresses me....
    Not much, bro.... trying hard not to but keeping busy as usual!
    So how are them meatballs coming along? Are they done yet!?
    I haz been gettin it on brother just not around here lol My computer got hacked and held to ransom and is still to be fixed, im using a work computer so my access is limited at the moment. My comp will be fixed soon and im getting unlimited adsl so we can have fun like we used to sharing music and vids i hope you have a few good ones lined up for me :D Howz ya dog going is he still poopin? hahaha
    Yo bitch i come by to say hello and you are a no show! Git yo ass back on here OR I WILL SLAP YOU STUPID!
    Yeah, same here. I don't really come on here much. Too much stuff to do. Still growin peppers though. Gonna start here soon.
    Holy Crap i just watched the black swan. WOW its a must see. Life.Is.Beautiful.-.La.Vita.è.Bella is one I just watched that was really good too. Other than movies how have you been?
    Just finished watching a movie called "the grey zone" logged in just to tell you that its worth the watch.
    Damn, what went wrong? If you want to know what a *complete* catastrophe is, that would have been my last season! :lol:
    This year, apart from weeks on end of no sun to begin with and now dealing with damn bloody mites, the little fellas are coming along quite nicely. Of course, the last couple days have been cloudy and rainy again too..... :scared:
    Work, work, work and a bucket load of gardening.... :
    How did your season go? Got yourself plenty of pods to last you till next season I hope!
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