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  • looking 4 sum seeds of dry pepper from different areas of the world if u can please
    take a look at my profile 4 what ill trade thx
    I apologize, as I just saw your visitor message. I'm still learning the ropes of this forum. I moved here in May, hoping to buy a house, but have had a run of bad luck. So, I'm still living in a hotel an gave most of my plants away. Including tomatoes, I had well over 100 plants in my room, and it was a bit much. I still have a few plants;a Fatalii, a Fatalii cross, Thai yellow,couple of Seven pots, White bullet Hab(not doing that well), couple of Espelettes,Tepin, and a couple of Pequins. I still have 10 or so tomato plants if you want them. They are really getting too big for my room. What are you growing?
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