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  • Hey, looks like your still in Alamagordo. Got another round of chiapas and pene de diablo coming on. Let me know what's up so I can send you some. Now that it has cooled off things are starting to happen. Got the first two pods set on the T Scorp. and Habs are going nuts. You need to delete some messages.
    did you ever figure out how to archive your PMs, if not open up a PM and on the left side in the second box says archive and you can email it yourself to save. by the way I've got a few pene de diablo and more on the way ripening. do you want a few
    Hey, still havn't cleaned out your PMs. Habenero Uman is putting out some great pods as well as the Chiapas. Naga has one little pod and the Fatalli none and no flowers. The two little plants (scorp and brain) are doing fantastic, can't wait to see what they produce.
    You still interested in giving away some of your plants? You can email me logchief@sbcglobal.net
    ok I'll pop em over tomorrow
    To tell the truth sweet millions are all about production- from what I've seen george curtiss spoon tomatoes are the best small tomato- too bad they're the size of a pea.

    na keep your seeds the whatever Maui purple you can supply would be plenty good.

    oh and BTW clear some room in your inbox-
    what up man.. what all you growin in lubbock? weathers been crazy this year.. is it summer or winter? what happened to spring? haha
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