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  • I'll have to get busy making some sauces, Colon Cleaner and Yikes are on the to do list. Doing yard renovations is keeping me busy on weekends at present.

    Plenty of time after Wednesday I start holidays so I'll get stuck into some cooking.
    And what will happen to your five year plan? Out the window the window, the second story window, with a heave a a ho and a great big throw they threw it out the window!
    Hey dooooood, whats it feel like being a *GASP* married man!? I saw a post of yours the other day saying that you fell in love with MI. You aint gunna do the scarper are you?
    Welcome back mate :)
    Hey Mate...I'd love to come to your bucks but I have a family friends engagement party that my parents reminded me of.....and I'm not even sure if I'll get to that as I have a cold coming on.....Sorry mate but thanks for the invite!!!
    I think that sounds pretty bloody good!!!!!!!!

    I'll let you know tomorrow after I make sure I'm not on a promise...hehe

    Thanks for the invite mate
    Hey Ez i have a mate that is a fruiterer/grocer so i will ask him about corn prices tonight, lemme know how much you can purchase it for and we will see who can get the better deal ;)
    I'll have to work around 6hrs, how many corn cobs can one make in six hours with the available equiptment?
    Sounds killer, but you're gonna have a ton of more important stuff to do on that trip- like gettin married and stuff! That sixer idea sounds kinda tempting... What'd the cost and shipping and handling/finders fee be? It's been too long since I had some VB! I got to see if they sell it over here- I'll check it out later today. Thanks CM
    Dragon fruit sauce could be interesting....I'm getting a guava fruit tree soon. Will be putting it in a half wine barrel.....
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