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  • hi there, just a quick question. Did you send me a pack of green T.S. seeds? If so do you know if green is their ripe colour or if it turns another colour when ripe. Also thanks for all those seeds and I now have quite a variety of chillis growing now.
    Shit i just removed you as a friend whilst trying to pm you. Damn android phones! Send me a pm grant, i want your entire line of sauces signed sealed and delivered.
    Hi thanks for adding me. Good to see another grower in Australia. I am in Sydney BTW. Your interests are very similar to mine. I love parrots and i have a little budgie friend. Unfortunately don't have much time and space so can't get into breeding yet. Your chilli grow list in impressive. I wish i could get somewhat close to that kind of grow list. anyways keep in Touch.
    I don't see the Choc Barrackpore on your list. I'll have seeds available next season for ya. Jack
    Did you ever receive your seeds? I had a couple of variations this season. I found some of my Naga Morich with stinger tails and one of my Infinity superhots went rouge on me and grew out monster pods with mushroom cloud nuclear heat. Jack
    Your seeds will be going out tomorrow. The Jukka is the thickest wall Ghost superhot I have ever seen. Thanks for the exchange and good luck with your next grow!!
    Your seeds came in and I'm still working on your order. I have half of them, just waiting on a couple. I will post you when I get them out.
    Thanks, Jack
    Hey Grant did you get my post on your chilli sauce thread regarding my friend. He is keen as so if it is ok with you I'll put some cash across to paypal now for you and you can just send both lots to my home address?? Let me know
    Hey my phone wont let me pm i will do that tomorrow! Put me down as guinea pig please :)
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