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    event Fifth Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2017 April 22-23 Brooklyn

    And DEFCON Sauces brings home the Gold for the FOURTH year in a row for Best Wing Sauce!
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    event 10th Annual Duffs Brooklyn Wingfest 8/20, 9pm-4am

    Well, it's now FOUR days until the Defcon Crew invades Brooklyn under cover of darkness. Destination? Duff's Wingfest, at the best damn Thrash Bar in NYC, Duffs Brooklyn. 168 Marcy Ave, In the Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn (30 seconds from the Williamsburg Bridge). The most awesome part of...
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    2016 Defcon Sauces Memorial Day Sale ends TONIGHT! 25% off!

    The 2016 Defcon Sauces Memorial Day Sale ends TODAY at midnight! 25% off ALL Defcon Sauces Wing Sauces, Habanero Horseradishes, and Dry Rubs, including the massive QUARTS of Wing Sauce! No coupon code necessary, the savings are automatic upon  
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    event Defcon SWEEPS the Wing Sauce at 2106 NYC Hot Sauce Expo, AGAIN!

    You can keep an eye on it, it'll be in the same place a few years from now. Lol!
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    event Hop Sauce NJ

    The Defcon Crew will be in attendance this year. This should be awesome!
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    event Defcon SWEEPS the Wing Sauce at 2106 NYC Hot Sauce Expo, AGAIN!

    Well, Defcon Sauces struck again at the 2016 NYC Hot Sauce Expo by SWEEPING the Screaming Mimi Awards for Wing Sauce for a SECOND year in a row. This year it was:   1st Place : Defense Condition #3 (mild) 2nd Place : The Curbstomp (our hottest) 3rd Place : Cluckwing Orange (our 2nd hottest)   I...
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    event NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2016 April 23-24 Brooklyn

    Looks like DEFCON will be taking the wing eating contest over again. This year's DEFCON Wing-Eating Deathmatch will have the hottest wings we ever made available. 10 wings/3 minutes and then 5-minutes hands down/palms down on the table. How hard could it possibly be? And unlike the numerous...
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    event Arizona Hot Sauce Expo

    The DEFCON Crew will be joining in the fun for this one. For one, I need a short vacation, two, we have friends in Phoenix we haven't seen in a while, and three, I haven't you west coast chuckleheads in a LONG time! We won't have a booth, so we'll just be hangin' out drinking massive quantities...
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    Defcon 2016 March Madness sale is ON!

      The DEFCON Sauces 2016 March Madness is ON!!!   From right now until Midnight, Sunday, 3/20, ALL DEFCON Sauces products are 20% off!!! This includes all Wing Sauces, INCLUDING THE QUARTS, and our Habanero Horseradishes and Dry Rubs! (Gift Sets and ZERO not included)   Order away, no coupon...
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    Friday, 3/11, FOX Channel 5, Good Day New York, 9:30am,

    Well, the clock never stops within the hallowed halls of the Defcon Compound. If you happen to be awake on Friday morning, and happen to be near a TV, at about 9:40am, you might just get a glimpse of the Defcon Crew on FOX Channel 5 for their Good Day New York morning show in Manhattan, NY. An...
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    event Zestfest 2016

    Yup, the Defcon Crew is in the same boat. WAY too much money to to Zest Fest or that one in NM. A bunch of shows opened up in the tri-state area in the last couple of years, so it has kept us quite busy. 
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    event NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2016 April 23-24 Brooklyn

    It's pretty much our favorite show of the year. The VIP ticket gets you endless booze. 
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    We've had horseradish products since 2006, definitely good sellers, especially in Pennsylvania Dutch areas.
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    Defcon Sauces 2015 Cyber Monday sale extended to Thursday!!!

    Ok, due to the insane response to our 2015 Cyber Monday sale, we here at the Defcon Compound have decided to extend our sale until Thursday, 12/3 at midnight!!!   35% off ALL Defcon Wing Sauces, Horseradishes and Dry Rubs.       We also still have a handful of "Defcon Freebies" left that will be...
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    Defcon takes a 'bye' week. Your time to BUY! 25% off!

    Weird, it's working for me. Here it is again,